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The tempting fate in Grim,realesed for Jackel.

Submitted: November 29, 2007

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Submitted: November 29, 2007



Eye to eye, breathe for breath, unpulsed and only sincerity for alert. Grimson lets Jackal have his way for tonight as he has been doing for the past several. Letting the eight legged critter take its place up on his window ceil. Jackal, with his scented eyes set in on the pigeons below nesting, his back leg in a twitch as he feels the smoke blowing in under him and out in to the wind from the split crack from in its ledge.
Grimson, watches as his criterion friend is in a twitch from the smoke of is cigarette as he blows it is way. The rattles from in the floor as the fridge hums to an empty beat, playing its rhythm to the hums and moans seeping in from the pigeons outside.
“Hush hush” He says as his eight legged friend begins to hiss, tapping the glass with his front leg and watching as the birds begin to nest in under the ceil. 
Jackal’s been setting him self onto the window for days now, waiting for its will to give in, setting the tips of his fangs on to the shattering splints as they cracked and split. Grimson turns his head away, slides his arm along the kitchen table, grabs hold of the boxed cigarettes, sliding on out as he reaches his hand in; grabbing the lighter then fires it up into the unexpected taste for blood as it sprinkles on to his face from in the flame he held in his eye.
Blood as it sprays in to his face, licking it on to his tong and lets it drip from off of his chin as he leans in over the fire escape and watches his little friend grip a fang claw in to the nest of birds. His one lust for faith has him once again in for a drip of lust as he follows the blood spill down along the fire escape stair well and drip on to the face of the girl from the apartment below. His crouching reaction, following the sent for blood, his nails un claw the gasp they had into the ledge of the window. His back sends the window into shreds as his wings expand; shadowing the walls above, leaving the stair well in its pitch black glow and landing him in to the ledge of the girl from below.
A scream was in question for the girl; wearing her silk white nightie who had stepped out from in below after hearing the feathers  ruffling from her little friends from out side of her window. Now releasing the one only breath she had been left into the fangs of darkness as they suck the wind along with the blood from in her neck. 

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