In Deep 3

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A scene from in its scene of investigation. street lights.

Submitted: July 25, 2007

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Submitted: July 25, 2007



What a day, right smacked in the center of traffic. Well the timing couldn't have been any worse; two am. Hot chocolate; they decided to go with hot cocoa tonight. What I wanted to know is why did they move the corpse and I should have known; She had been hit by a car and now their here with their flash lights trying to figure out where she was dropped. Her body, from how the S.C.I is explaining it; from being on the right side of the road she was driving up then placed in to the center and banged on toits side.

Hit twice; once rolled over and that explains her jawbone snapped; leaving her guts on the road before she was banged up off it. No tire tracks, only the ones in blood from after a dozen of them passed her by. No purse, no pocket changed and as of now no identification. She looks like some sort of adult entertainer, a stripper or a model because her midsection is well groomed and from the silicone implant that'sdown next toher from after the officer hadretrieved from off the road and the other one is splatter all over the street along with her guts.

They're suspecting a car jacking or prostitution. A couple of officers are on foot searching for any sings of her belongings being thrown out of a car. Her pitcher on the news's isn't going to be doing us any good; its just as bad as the pile of guts we got here on the road and the captain is going to want to wrap this up soon or he's going to be having the Mayor up his ass over this road blocked.

Hit two times; one must have been on her way out and the second and or third had knocked her in to the side. From her guts; being compressed had her jaw split open from them being pushed out along with her gut and chest being crunched in. She must have been on her feet then knocked in under the next blow and rolled on over to the side of this road. If she was driving and stoppedto get jacked then she be smacked all over this street. If she was with a John and he thru her out then that explains her guts being rolled along as she got bumped in to which would mean a struggle rather then at gun point where she could have stepped out and got her self to safety. My guess is that smile on the chiefs face along with that cocoa spilling down his tie explains one or the other. What ever it's explaining I want...

"We got the clown down town. Fucking idiot. She tried to roll him over for his car. She spayed him with pepper spray. He's at the hospital right now. The car belongs to him and the officer's aren't buying one word of it. His wife has been pulled away and sedated from after punching his fucking face in and we know she's a hooker. I say that guy wanted to play ruff with our doll here then ended up as road kill. So go get your self a cup of hot cocoa. I got the word to scoop her up and turn out the lights." The chief tells me as his voice got darker and darker from in every step as that hot cocoa splattered and dripped from off of his tie. I wave my hand over him and stepped back before I ended up under that spit splattering cocoa and walked over to the body.

Her hair looks as if it has been ruffed up, if was caught in under a tire then her head would have been torn clean off. I ask the S.C.I to spread her legs for me. He looks at me then realized that they've all been eye balling this women's well groomed vagina. Her outer legs are all scratched and internally bruised but her inner legs; her up thigh. I'm sure were going to get more then a print from off of them. I can see her undies have been torn off just from the pattern of the scrapped flesh from off of the pavement. I tell the S.C.I to document the scrapes on her upper thigh along with the strains of her hair that have been pulled out and mixed in around her head then stepped out in towards the Chief; remembering the last unsolved case we have had; a rape and murder.

I step in behind him then stepped aside; I don't need any hot cocoa being splattered on to my face then said. "We got our selves a rape and murder. We need to hold that guy, we need him downtown. I think this can be our case; the unsolved rape we have been leaving on ice and she lays there spelled in it all." "Hey have a cup of coca." The chiefs says to me as I walk him on by then waved my hand out and kept on walkingas i hear. "All right, let's wrap it up. I want two men at the hospital and bring in that idiot. I want his car and I want that doll there stripped from top to bottom."

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