In Deep 4

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A scene from in its scene of investigation. win in wind.

Submitted: July 28, 2007

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Submitted: July 28, 2007



Only one explanation for this one; suicide, it lurks in self-conflicted death. Well I better get on up there before the S.C.I's start throwing their dummy around and I know their just dieing to get on up their. An eighty-story apartment building and I can just smell the temptation. They say that girl was only twenty-one years old. From down there, out in the street I couldn't even see the window that she has pushed her self out of and this elevator feels like its being pushed up a hill by a turtle.

This is going to be fun; reporters interviewing neighbors, an old lady offering the officer's a drink, a mistress in a silk robe. Why haven't these guys closed of this hallway. "Have these people cleared from in the hall," I tell the officer standing the door. I hear him tell them all to get in behind their doors or their all going to be token in for questioning. He must have been standing there all this time just waiting to say that.

Kitchen looks somewhat normal, despite all this pink and fruity colors. The living room and man does this give quite the view;a window from floor to ceiling, wall to wall split into five different sections.

"She was a lesbian" The S.C.I tells me as he scooped in the last of the shattered glass in to a bag. "So why you telling me that?" I ask him. He gets to his feet, looks me in the eye as his hat shades in over them and says. "Well take one good whiff before you ask me anything because theirs only one other clue here and it isn't hers its hers and she's nowhere to be found. Besides wait until you see the toys on the bed." He stepped back and away from the window. I stepped in, leaned over and felt my guts rush to my head as I looked down. Cant see nothing, the lights from off of the patrol cars look like little sparkles from in the end ofits view.

A twenty one year old girl, a lesbian, and she's eight hundred feet down, splattered all over the sidewalk and being scooped up in to a bag. Until the chief gets up here and tells me it's a suicide, I'm stuck. Living room, kitchen, entrance, a hall way to death or the washroom and her bedroom. I'll do the washroom first, not that I'm auguring with a eight hundred foot drop.

This washroom seems piece full, fluffy and calm. Got your big tub, mirrored doors and marble sink and what do we have here; a lotto ticket, well a recite in side the trash can. Its stating today's date. A winner, in the garbage next to the toilet. Yes a winner it is and prize to be picked up tomorrow, a direct drop in to the bank account of Mary and Selice Binstine. I'll run this by a C.S.I for investigation after I go thru the bedroom.

I step into the bedroom and face to face with an officer, he's smiling and he knows he's supposed to be standing the door with the other's or on stand by with a cell phone in his hand. "So watch ya got there?" He asked me, starring down in to my hand. "You got a baggy on ya?" I asked him. "A Baggie" He says then I tell him. "Ya, Here take this. It's a lotto ticket..." A sound comes from under the bed, a whimper followed by a feminine grunt then it shook and out she came as we heard her rolling out from under and in to the wall, sounding as if she had banged her head from off of the night table from the "Ouch" She screamed out. I stand still as the officer steps in, holding his gun out over the bed.

A young girl, same age as the deceased, stands up from in-between the wall and the bed. She looks at the police officer; rolling her eye's all around his arms and hands then turned onto me and froze when she seen the lotto recite in my hand. She held in a breath, her lips pressed in tight, her eyes roll on over her right shoulder, staring in to the window and before the officercould finish off his line; telling her not to move. She shuffled her right leg out, turned her wait for a lean as she busted thru the window shoulder first and leaving her last glimpsein the roomon to the recite in my hand.

She must have landed on a patrol car because we heard what we couldn't see and it sounded like a collision then before I could step out from in the bedroom as the officer stood there in front of the open window, the sirens went off and I'm walking straight in to the chief. I would have liked to tell him to go over it with his men and we could have known that there was another women in here from interviewing the onlookers from in the hall. I slapped the recite on to his chest and said. "Win some, loose some." And walked him on by; leaving him there with the frantic cop who had just witnessed a beautiful young women plunge to her death over a greed for fortune. I guess I'll be seeing her on way out as I would have before she had jumped out.

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