In Deep. 2

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A scene from in its scene of investigation; Under the heat.

Submitted: July 23, 2007

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Submitted: July 23, 2007



I don't swim and I can see why. It wasn't until I walked in thru the front gates, when I seen the Doberman pinchers being rolled away on the stretchers. One with his muzzle crushed in to a mush; if that thing were to stand up then that muzzle would be rolling around on the ground by its feet and the other one; from what I've seen; it looked as if what ever they used to crush that muzzle was also used to bursts a rib cage. Leaving it looking like a shotgun has been used; from close range.

Those dogs must have been some thing of a beast; leaving all these bloody paw prints behind before they fell to their death. The chief trying to tell me it was a robbery when I stepped in on this deck. This is no robbery and I know any minute now one of his men are going to be out here; tripping all over these paw prints and telling us nothing's been touched. The barbecue still holding a red coal, two beers on the table along with what food these two have ingested before who ever or what ever left them here in their pool. From looking at this guy's head I already know he took the same plunge as the dogs. I always thought we were to float but from the looks of it; chunks of his scull are down in the bottom along with his jaw bone and what looks like to me; a slab of brain.

Well it's a good thing they wrapped his arm around the stair railing; wouldn't want the poor guy to get swept a shore. Now the women; she lays here half in and half out; they must of wanted to keep her cool; her legs any way or this sick perverts thought they would put on a show for their own before I got here. Well they can explain it to the S.C.I along with why they had the dogs removed from this scene. It must be the heat; it's been boiling all week.

I ask the one officer to roll the women over; so I could get in a good look at how and what exactly caused her death. From the blood swirling around the pools filter on the right of her; I should have known. She turned over in a spill as her guts and stomach slid from out of her and now dangling around in its own cause in waves. I would have thought this women could have been pregnant from the slice that she has in her but she wasn't. This woman was in excellent shape. She must have swum this pool two or the times a day.

I don't under stand why she could have been sliced and the other's punctured. She could have been last or first. My guess is she was last and the struggle must have ended in a slice. Now see if this tool of destruction has been found yet.

It wasn't until the S.C.I got here wile the chief and his men were still inside. He tells me I'm looking at it, after I asked him if he got any word on the tool. I followed his arm as he points his finger on in to the center of the pool; a shine of blade laying square in the center. Then he laughs at me and say's, " I just passed the team out front; they were pulling a two pound sledge from out of one of those dogs and yes; this women is wearing pink nail polish.." I follow his eyes down on to the women's hands; seen the polish then I heard it from him. "Another domestic call from in the heat. Man. So what do they got going on the grill?"

I turned my back on the wet scene from in a heat of disturbance and I know he's going to see what's on that grill for him self then the Chief walks out from in the patio; I wave my hand at him and kept on walking as he says. "Where you going? We're just getting started here." "I'll be in Alaska" I yelled out back to him and take the long way out; walk my self in under these tree's and let the shade provide an interest for entertain.

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