Shadow of Dark vol 8

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A season greeting.

Submitted: December 24, 2007

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Submitted: December 24, 2007



The cold winter’s storm blew on. It sent more then its chills in thru the valley’s side, streets closed, storefronts barricaded and if there was light then it was only from an inside. That for the very few who maintained its power.
His hands went from numb to stiff, keeping them hot then letting them cool. His car alike the others, cover in snow, the parking lot is now a glade. He stepped into the airport as he did hours before. The airport now empty only its locals stayed behind from in the vibrant warnings and that occurred during the day when the building it self was letting way for all to leave, to be gone before it too sunk from in its defense. Yet it still stands, the snow in around its entrance has been worn off, melting and the airport stands it stand from in the blistering snow storm that is yet to be unburden from in its airspace winds.
The airports lobby is in a mess for him its all part of the thrill. He sets for amuse knowing he is alone. He had seen the two girls in behind the front desk, they gave him sign, looked at him with out question as he did them knowing they were gathered together like a set of free spirits using this time to kick their feet up and to discard any and everything that would have them hunched over their desks. The amuse follows him on leading him straight into the Hard Rock Café the one bar that remains lit and from out of the airports emergency lighting as it blinks marking its way to the emergency exits as it would for any other occasion such as the one it sits in tonight.
She sits; minding her own although she is alone she seems to posses a meaning from being alone from in her lonely self. To him it seemed odd. A women alone yet not from in or with her self, with out an outfit that could tell him yet what or were she is from. Only that red dress, matching heels, her pink blouse that lets her brown hair prick its ends down in to its silk. He nods, turns away then shuffles his feet in along the bar before turning in behind. Whiskey, he shakes his head. Rum, it had him, he knows he drink too much of it, more then two shots and he’ll be doing the hula hula. He grabs it, rubs his left hand over its seal and cheers him self to weather as he grabs a glass from in the rack above his head.
“Scotch.” The voice of the women, it stands him on his ground leaving his stuck from where he stands in behind the bar as he was about to step out. He stares over the rows of tables, straight in to the booth he not intended to be a part of or tend to mind its unknown relation to the storm that has the airport striving off its one only beat for a life support. He lifts his right hand up, points it in to the row of bottles on the shelves behind him with his finger pointing from off the glass then brings up his other hand holding the rum bottle.
“That’s it.” She said leaning her face in on him from off her hand as she sits at the table leaning her upper body off her elbows. About to set his down and grab the bottle of scotch then seen the trey on the bar top, sets the rum bottle on it, grabs the Scotch bottle and with the trey he walks both bottles over to the booth that sits in along the back row and only row that gets a feel from in behind the window of its airports main strip its landing strip.
“I’ve been here for hours.” The women said.
“Oh, I don’t work here.” He said then sets her with her drink. He looks at her matching the green of her eye with the image of pink and red he had seen from when he walked in. He hesitates, wanting to turn and walk away, leave her to her self, as he would have but her stare it now has him.
“Are you going to sit?” She asked. “I’m no alcy but it is said not to be drunk alone.”
He leans in over the trey, lifts off the rum bottle, and then sets his glass in front of it before sitting down at the empty side of the booth.
“Well do you work here?” She asked staring deep into his baby blue eyes then slowly scrolling them down onto his black sweater before letting them roll in around his neck and now on his clean shaved head.
“Not yet.” He said after watching, letting her get in a good glimpse of him as he caught a feel for the seat.
“Not yet? Is that meaning your do and your going to be?” She asked slurring her voice, giving sign that she was willing to play along from in the drunkenness of her slurred slowing speech as a jester off being from out of a time.
“You?” He asked snapping it out quick, letting her know he was enjoying the mood then grabbed the rum bottle slipping its cap off and pours himself a drink.
“Me? No. Do I look like the type to be working in a airport. God.” She said. “What a timing. Like we haven’t been warned all week about this freaking storm.” The snow made its appearance, welcoming its self on to the window as she turned to her left and stared out thru. He too turned, watching the snow from in his right as it swished in on their booths window.
“Remarkable.” He said.
“Ya, remarkable, cold, dangerous, rudely interrupting, and unpredictable.” She said turning away from the window then grabs the bottle of scotch and refills her glass.
“I’m a Lawyer.” She said before bring the glass to her lip.
“A Lawyer.” He said holding his eye on hers. “Strong, willing, adjusted, justifying, and remarkable.”
“Hey.” She said smiling as she lowered the glass.
“Lynx.” He said introducing him self to the now Lawyer who was once another being from out of its storm.
“Melina.” She said bringing her right hand up over the table and he matched, meeting her half way.
“So Lynx is there a Miss Lynx?”
“No, cant say there is.”
“Tell me about.” Melina said showing off her ring finger, raising it up off the table as she stared down.
“A lawyer that can be tough, tough on time.” He said then lifts up his left hand saying, “and tough on the ones who once had there hand occupied.”
“Well.” She said grabbing the glass, twirling the Scotch in side it around and says. “That does happen, it will and well that’s how.”
“Is that from experience? Inside that big courtroom?”
“Inside yes.”
“Is that where you’re off to? A big case. That’s where you’re from?”
“Not quite.” She answered brining the glass up to her lip, looking at him and knowing, enjoying and pleading his look of interest from in her slow slurping sip.
“Murder.” She said as she brings the glass back down to the table. “I’ve been doing this all month. New York to Chicago.”
“Murder. I never heard about it.”
“It’s a few moths old now and it’s Mafia, gangster stuff. It is not to well highlighted from in the paper’s.”
“Are you prosecuted or defending?” Lynx asked then garbs his glass up off the table, looks to his left over onto the bar to see if he could spot any chips or anything quick that he could munch on.
“I’m defending. This case is going to be along one.”
“Long one.” Said Lynx nodding his head, thinking about the bag of nuts he seen on the racks in along the side of the bar next to the jars of pickled eggs and sausages. He slides his hand back away from his glass, off the table and in to his waist then brings the gun up saying. “Well it’s over and a lot sooner then you think.”
“Wait.” Melina asked staring deep into the barrel of the gun, her noise shining off its chrome, she witness a breath as it fogs on. “I know what you want.” She said. “I out ran one of the other’s a few days ago. I don’t know if you know. Let me explain.” Lynx stands up, slides the gun back in to its hold on his hip then say. “You stay here, right here. Are you hungry? I’m stepping to the bar to grab something to snack on. If you move your dead. I’ll feed you to the snow.” He steps away from the booth slowly; watching her then stepped in to a step straight for the bar.
Melina was left with no clue, not knowing that the handsome young man sitting in front of her, the man who bran her a drink was related to the case. She shuffles around for her purse, watches out from in the corner of her eye and continues to stretch her hand down in then slides it out quickly after hearing Lynx snap the lid from off the jar of pickled eggs.
“Its not full course but it dose for me.” He said, stepping in to the table, holding out the trey of pickled eggs, sausage eggs and a mix of chips. “Now slowly bring that pepper squirter out from your purse.” He said after setting down the trey, standing in over her and taking a quick glimpse in to the emptiness of the lobby way. Melina dose as he asked stands in over her then slides him the pepper sprayer from on the table.
“What is this?” she asked as he sits him self in.
“You should know?” He said, setting the pepper sprayer down next to his leg then begins helping himself to the snacks from in the trey.
“Know what?”
“We had a good thing going.” He said then takes in a pickled egg with a single bite.
“Really,” Said Melanie sitting back, raising her right brow as her emotions from in the relation she had expressed with him earlier. “How long is this going to take?” She asked, sits back in to the table and looks down in to the trey, sets her hand over and begins fidgeting with an egg.
“From the looks of it.” Lynx said staring out the window in to the snowing storm. “My car is some where out there, in there under this storm.” He looks at her, stares her dead in the face, her eyes, lips, the wrinkles as they begin twitching in around her noise. “So where you.” He tells her.
“Doesn’t a lady get her last requests?” She asked staring him right back.
“And what could that be.” He asked then reached for his drink. She joins him, grabbing her glass up from off the table, brings it up under her chin, and then turns her shoulder in towards the window saying. “A holiday spirit.” The glass from in her hand smashes in to the window, she followed thru with a duck and roll in under the table, and grabs the pepper spray from off the floor as Lynx went flying from in the burst of wind and snow that leads him in to the row of tables from in front of the bar.
“I’ve been thinking of this all day.” She said, leaning her over him, her right knee in to his chest with the table that he rolled in under on his legs as she holds him down by the head from in the wait she leans on to her hand; gasping her nails in to the skin of his skull. “God, I sat thru with a fat fucker snoring on my shoulder the whole flight in. I watched, waiting the whole time, going dry, refusing my drinks just waiting, almost doing to the fat fucker what I was planning to do to one of you. His head was too fucking big for me to break in to the window.” She digs her nails deeper in to his skull, watching as the blood began to drip from out then turns her head back, looks in to the breezing snow, taking deep breaths as it blew in to her face then seen the gun next to his leg as she leaned down and released a lung full of cold air. “Well and here we are.” She said reaching for the gun, setting her hand from in his skull in to his chest then brings the gun up saying. “You should have done the job when it was meant to be done.” She sits her self on him, saddling in as the table held him down, his arms twitching from in the pain of each being broke, twisted from out of their joints and leaving him with only the lung fills of wind as it seeps in. “Oh waiter, waiter.” She said, calling out, looking up over the bar as if indeed there was on there. “A pickled egg please.” She asked then looked down and drips a spit down in to his face. “Get up lets go.” She said, gripping her hand on to his belt, lifting him up as she shoves the table back and out of the way using her backside then says. “Now so are you.” Lifts him up, turns him over her hip, hip tossing him back in to their booth and he goes tumbling in to the blown over chairs, his right arm out in to the snow and holds the rest of him up as his head rest in under his arm just inches from on the glass shattered edge.
“Now here we are.” She said dragging a chair in behind her as she stepped in then asks. “Where were we?” Lynx watches as the blood from in the glass cutting in to his skin, leaking down from under his arm, down around his neck and drips on to the snow covered carpeted floor from off  his chin.
“Ya a long case.” Melina said sitting her self down, sitting in along the window from in the booth behind him, starring down on him then asks. “Would you like a drink? Something to snack on.” Lynx tries yet he remains in his pinned up place from in the shattered windows ledge, feeling what he is left with begin to freeze, biting in on him as it would if he were to be out from in behind the wall. The same wall where he had once sat, sipped his drink, interviewing his kill, enjoying the means of his contract for it before he had lead it to be compromised.
“Oh this must be my night.” Said Melina, looking up in to the blur of snowing wind after noticing the red lights flashing from in. “Santa clause.” She said then looks on to Lynx asking. “You believe in Santa?” Lynx’s head drops, getting wade down from in the snow that has built around his head and on his shoulder leaving his arm as it blows from in its wind looking like a candy cane from his blood as it soaks out.
“Oh waiter.” Melina called out, waving her hand up from in the cloud of snow as it blows in. “What took you so long.” She asked, looking on to the police officer as he steps back from in the lead he had walked in with, looking on to Lynx and begin to shake, his face gone cold. “Look around.” He said as two more uniformed police officer stepped in then from in behind them a planed clothes officer steps out, his hands in behind his back, the snow as it begins building up on his chest and shoulders, turning his grey suit in to a dashing ware of snow. “Merry Christmas.” He said bringing the gift-wrapped box out from in behind his back, shrugging his shoulders in to the officer next to him. “Merry Christmas.” The officer said, kicking his heels in to the officers beside him and sending the cheer out from in them, “Yes, ya, Merry Christmas.” They said. Melina turns from in her seat, looks up in to the blurring snowfall, and says. “Ya Marry Christmas.” Looking up in to the flashing red lights as they begin to shine from in the view that sits from in the wind from out side of the window as Lynx sticks, stuck frozen on to the window ledge as is the blood on his face.

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