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Naughty or Nice?

Submitted: December 16, 2007

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Submitted: December 16, 2007



Gracie doesn’t mind she’s been hit on before. Its what Alex dose not yet know although he try’s. Its not like he hasn’t before or ever been turned down. Wait? But he cant wait he would like to but his motions are clear. He swings over sliding his feet along the floor, letting the sound of his feet make as if he was up on the bar and sliding on along in front of her.
“Have you been naughty or nice?” Asked Alex after sliding in, clicking his heels on to the bar rest and sitting him self next to the women in the red dress, the blond hair and now with those bright blue eyes that are glowing in bloom and set straight in to his.
“You got me.” She replied.
“Well.” Alex said rolling his eyes around then stopping and setting them right on to the gothic punk look girl sitting in at the corner booth left to then from the bar.
Gracie brings her glass up to her lip bringing her eye from off the girl and down in to the red of the wine and sips. She’s had other’s as any other does but from in the pick up line she has just encountered it’s a tis the season and she does repeat it.
“Tis the season.” She said. Christmas had already passed but not long enough to be left with out its cheer, News years eve is just days away and as she’s concerned his line had just sparked its shine from in the lonesome dim inside the bar with only them to count for breathing where as the only other soul from in their view was one of a dark.
“You know my mother always warned me about it.” Alex said then waved the bartender over with his right hand as he sits in at the register.
“Is? Was that in a naughty sense or for the good?” Gracie asked, getting in a good look of the guy who is now making himself comfortable next to her at the bar. A lawyer? No a lawyer wouldn’t be here, in this bar during this time. He looks more like a businessman, a traveling business man to her then he would a lawyer. His brown pants, the blue shirt and his scruff that looked at least a day old or from this morning as the smell of his after shave seems to be giving it away. His seemed to spark more of a emotion, an emotion she had been waiting for, it’s as if she’s known or been with and from with out his kind of humor for sometime now.
“So?” She said, admiring how his brown eyes matched with his brown hair.
He kept a stare not knowing if his remark was going to be interrupted with the feeling of waiting for a fresh drink before getting back in to the feel he had entered in with. His eyes open wide, lips puffed out and his finger comes up from in his hand as his arm lifts from off the bar. Gracie excepting his motion, his sign, the way someone tells some one to hold the thought so it can well explained or pronounced.
In stepped the bartender sliding a bottle of wine onto the table then brining a fresh glass up from under the bar. He tilts his head wanting to know if Alex was going to go along with the ladies drink or if he was going to request one of his own. Alex nods his head, smiles then looks to his right to see if Gracie agreed and she does.
“I don’t know” Alex said after wetting his lips with the red wine.
“You don’t know?”
“What do you think?” He asked then set his sights on the gothic girl sitting in the corner. Gracie had set wonder then followed in on his view.
“She could just be naughty.” Said Gracie.
“We should ask.” Alex said, suggesting, “Ya, lets ask.”
“You mean pick her up.”
“What do you mean?”
“I don’t know?” Gracie said wondering, staring on to the Goth girl.
“What if she’s in to the kinky sex?” she said bringing the wine glass up to her lip.
Alex sits, sitting him self in on the stool as if he has just received a little naughty gift and along side of it he’s being entertained by a woman he would usually have to pay for or see the type in a escort brochure.
“So how are we going to do this?” He asked then asks, “Doesn’t this feel sneaky?”
“Ya,” Gracie answered, her breath blowing, licking her lips. “It’s like tampering with the gifts before Christmas.” She said then turned away looking down following her fingers as they grab at the glass.
“Is she still looking.” She asked, whispering it, using the glass to cover her lips as she stared down in.
“She was.” Said Alex saying, “I couldn’t really tell from in behind that eye make up.”
“Are you going?”
“Me I thought you were.”
“Alright.” Gracie said, turns her head so she could face Alex as it rests on her hand, her elbow sat up on the bar and her drink in under her chin.
“Naughty or nice.”
“What?” Alex said, letting it wisp from out of his mouth.
“We shouldn’t use that line. What if she’s not in a cheer?”
“You mean celebrate Christmas.”
“Ya.” She said feeling that naughty feeling, sneaking her words out as if they were and are intended for a sneaking for thrills.
“How about trick or treat?”
“No” Gracie said covering her mouth, her eyes widened as the laughter of thrills shook thru them. Alex watched knowing he is in on the game, having a player by his side, feeling a feeling he has not felt in years not since he was a teen and the intentions aren’t for teasing or poking fun. For him its his only shot at having a drink with two women, two very interesting ones and a time where he is and indeed full of cheer.
Alex sets his wine glass down on the bar.
“I’ll ask her to join us for a drink.” He said nodding his head.
“How do you suppose? Should I greet her, welcome her, welcome my self. Ah I know I’ll ask her to join us, say it’s a drink were toasting the bar.”
“The bartender.”
“Ya that’s right then you go.”
“That’s kinky.”
“Kinky, I’ll get kinky.” Alex said, waits for Gracie to say something. Gracie rolls her eyes slowly over to her right. She gets a quick glimpse of the gothic girl then turns back as Alex steps to his feet leaving her there in her seat and begins walking towards the corner.
“I don’t do drugs and I don’t have any.” She said. Alex is left with out a breath the breath if he would have and were to use. Leaving him in his place as he stands in over the table over the bars corner booth, staring on to a woman in total black. Her hair pitching a shine from in the dim lights glow, skin pale, her eyes dark and lined in black, lips shimmer as does her hair leading a pitched black down along her body with only her hands as a sign of her actually being and having a drink there.
“No, no.” Said Alex after realizing she too was having a drink after staring in to the silver shine that blurred on her nails from off the glass.
“I want ta by ya a drink, for you to join us.”
“Ya, me, and my friend.” He said, looks back over his left on to Gracie and she remains resting her head on her hand, back turned to them as if she was not aware.
“Well what is that you do?’
“I’m Alex I’m doing business here in town.” He answered, looks at her, and then asks. “And you?”
“I’m a model actress.” She said, waits for Alex to ask another or to say something – from in the looks on his face something that is going to make a fool out of him.
“Elle.” She said brining her hand up over the table. Alex’s eye light up getting a glimpse of her breast as it shook from under her arm.
“Will ya.” He asked, holding her hand then releasing his grip as she says. “Why don’t the two of you join me here?”
“Yes” He said quickly turning his back to her and stepping back towards the bar. It was everything he could have asked for. She was beautiful and in a way that he knew rang bells for kinky sex but had no idea that it could have been as real or sexy as she was from in the view he had encountered from in his stance.
“I told her you were naughty.” Alex whispered in to Gracie’ ear from behind before he got in on his seat.
“What.” She asked, eyes wide open, her mouth opened as the remainder of winds blows in to his face.
“Her name is Elle, very charming, an actress model.”
“Ya and she wants us to join her.”
“Join her.”
“What do ya say?” He asked, asking, “Where’s the spirit?” Gracie quenches her lips together, rolls her eye on to her drink.
“Well.” She said breaking a smile then turns in her chair as Alex reached for the bottle of wine and glasses.
“Elle this…”
“Gracie” Gracie said before Alex could introduce her in on a seat then sat her self in, sliding over against the wall leaving a pace for him.
“Wine” Alex said sitting him self in beside Gracie after setting the bottle and glasses down on the table.
“Actress?” Said Gracie looking on to Elle, trying to read the art its self from off of her pale skin.
“Yes. And you.”
“I’ve never acted before.” Gracie said then huffed, laughed brining her hands up over her face then said. “I’m, excuse me. A bookkeeper. I’m a book keeper. A big firm from Lawyer’s to Insurance brokers. It’s such a bore.”
“This place is in a bore.” Elle said, lifting her glass of whiskey up off the table, shaking it and twilling the whiskey around in side then says. “And its almost closing time.”
“Naughty or nice.” Alex asked, holding a grin and waiting for Elle to answer or respond to his surprising holiday cheer. Elle brings up her brows, shaking her head in a slow tilting motion as the glass begins to rumble from off the table.
“He asked me the same thing.” Said Gracie giggling it out.
“That’s between me and Santa.” Elle answered brining the cup up to her lip, wetting her mouth as she smirked raising her left brow and drinking it back.
“Why don’t the three of us go back to my place?” Gracie said smiling and in cheer saying. “Its just down the block, we can have a few drinks, I have some goodies?”
Alex lifts up his hands laying them back in front of his shoulders signing he was willing and it was worth the drink let alone the ringer that shock up in to his gut wile he waited for Elle to answer.
“Whiskey?” Elle asked, holding out her glass.
“Yes.” Said Gracie maintaining her cheer.
Alex stood back after swinging the bar door open, holding it for the two and watches as two beautiful women step out in front of him in under the nightly sky. Oh ya you really went and done it this time. He congratulates himself, staring up, looking for a star to cheer him on and does as it set a twinkle for him and twinkle it did as his eyes twinkle down along the backsides of Gracie and Elle, giving him sign to continue on and step in.
“Here we are.” Gracie said swinging her arms around, twirling her self in to the doorway of her apartment building then swing’s her left arm up, winks on to Elle and says, “Lets go on up.”
Alex follows in behind, watching as Elle swung her hips from in each step then winks on to Gracie as she swings open her door.
“Whiskey.” Gracie said as she walks in thru her living room, Alex steps in, looks around then stepped in for a seat on the wall to wall couch thinking it’s a perfect size for the three of them along with hopes that it soon will be.
Elle stands her self in front of the big tree as Gracie sets out glasses and bottles, rings as she sets them up on her bar along the far wall that leads into a hallway with her bedroom and washroom.
“It’s dieing.” Alex said watching Elle set a stir of her own on to the big plain tree in front of him as Gracie mix’s the drinks from in his left.
“Ya dead.” Said Gracie hitting Alex over the head with a full bottle of whisky.
“I thought you were planning to sleep with this one.” Said Elle, turning around to see for her self.
“Sleep sex what ever.”
“Oh please, I seen the way you looked at him.”
“Me, he was eyeballing me the whole time. If you would have hit him any harder his eyes would have been stuck up my butt.”
“And he was so cheery.”
“Ya, now let’s set him up.”
Is this some kind of joke? Thought Alex waking up, tied up to the tree, its pine needles pricking in with his very breath and the one image that stands him there is the wall to wall couch that his eyes roll along. He looks on to the door he walked in, the couch as it spreads out along the wall in to the back wall where Gracie was and still is at her bar, not fixing the drinks but having one for her self.
“Naughty or nice Alex?” She asked, stepping out from her bar.
“Well.” He said then feels the pain on his head from where she had hit.
“Hello” Said Elle as she steps into the living room from in the hall then asks. “Kinky?”
Alex looks at her, she no longer possessed the look she did. Her hair is the only thing letting him relate to the person she once was.
“Have a seat Elle.” Gracie said then stepped up to Alex as he’s tied to her tree then pulls down her dress, pulls off her blouse and reveals to him all her tattoos. Alex stares on, getting a little more then he would have or could expect. Her skin, the ink it could only resemble the look that Elle once had. He looks onto Elle sitting in front of him on the couch. Her hair black as it was but her skin was no longer pale, her braw like any other; white and her panties were far from that Goth look, they too had the everyday every women look in a dark blue.
“You, you. The two of you? You too” He said, his breath being interrupted from each as the pine needles pricked thru his skin.
“Ya.” Gracie said tilting her head then turning her back to him asking, “Naughty or nice?” Alex is left with out a breath knowing it would cost him so he watches, calming his breaths before he’s stuck from in the stare of Elle holding out a remote control.
“Lets start the show.” Said Gracie as she sat her self down next to her.
For a kink game he was in to much pain, it hurt too much and as for Gracie the once civilized blond that sat next him at the bar and now witch a character he could only see from in a horror film leaves him to believe it wasn’t Elle they were getting silly about its now him that they’re about to get sill with and they do according to the lights that begin flashing around Alex in the tree.
“Naughty or nice.” Gracie asked once again then before Alex could here it, the cheer he had presented come from out of the one girl that he had used to cheerily hit on. He is flashed in a glow of light, dazzled, cheered upon by Elle and Gracie and now left to dead or until Gracie and Elle decide to ask him again. “Naughty or Nice.”

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