Tear Glass

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A quick glimps in thru the eyes from in a pulse tencing spill of fear.

Submitted: December 04, 2007

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Submitted: December 04, 2007



Her thoughts left her in a gasp, an illusion she could not dismember from in the quenched breeze that sloped down in thru the back of her brain. He sat there in his seat, his knuckles pulsing in on his thigh and the glass in his other held up in front of his chest. He stares, looking at her, thinking she has him in his view, a sight for welcome, a look the other strippers would give a guy letting him know they’ll soon be joining him.
Her next move is to slide, shuffle her self along the stage on all fours, sliding along as her knee’s and hands push the blanket along; She remains froze, looking on to him, her left hand beginning to push down as her knee moves in behind. She looks down, a waitress passes her by; winking her eyes in a quick set of winks, telling her from in the quickness that she needs to get it together and continue her routine. The blanket begins to shuffle; her hands pull it along now leaving her with no more pull or tug as her legs begin to tense, her arms flexed, and her hands pulsing in to grip from fear. She lets her head drop, stares in to the mirrors from on the back wall of the stage, and watches as the blood begins to spill.
The row of men in on the stools in front of her, their heads set up above the stages floor and they watch, looking in thru her long blond hair, under her breast, up along her waist, in thru her legs and in thru the mirror. Her toes beginning to quiver, she feels her fingernail ripping in to the blanket and clenching in to the stage floor; She keeps watching as the blood spills from out of the mirror, moving in, streaming down and on to the stage as it begins splashing up a tingle in on her feet before the streams began to soak in to the blanket from beneath her. She looks on to her hands, flexing them, tensing her arms tiring to raise them up from off the blanket then turns her head up over her left shoulder as the pulse straining nerve from her hands being gripped stuck in to the stage floor ran in thru her neck; She goes eye to eye with him from in the mirror, her toes clench together in the thick spilling blood as she watches him from in the mirror.
He stands in as the blood continues to spill. His left hand comes up holding a corps. He reaches out; holding it as it hangs from off his hand then dangles it out on to the stage from in the glass of the mirror. “Stella” She said, as the blood dripped from off of the corpses face. The man smiles, brings out his left hand and twirls the blade around, sending the glare from the lights off of it and in along the mirror as it shines on in to her eyes sending a breath filling pulse up into her head and sending what nerve she was with out all thru her body.
Her head pulls up, her mouth opened wide as she filled her lungs with a breath for survival then stood up to her feet, looked around, down on to the stage floor; looking for any signs of blood then kneeled down and swept her blanket up off it and stepped back as she looks in to the table, looking for the man, the last one she seen before she had her self stuck in to the mirror; the man she seen in behind her as he held up the corps of her friend out in to the blood soaking stage. She turns as a hand slaps on to her back side. “Stella” She said as Stella stepped in beside her saying. “Come on we got to get things back in motion. Lay out your blanket for me, we have to give these people a reason for being here. I’ll take it from here.” Stella stepped back, and watched as she went weak in the legs, stepping forward, legs shaking as she lays out the blanket, her face goes cold leaving her skin pale, then turns around looks at Stella as her face drops, her lips shake from in her jaws and her hands fall to her sides. “Stella” She said then said it again as Stella walked her by.
She looks in to the mirror, steps forward; looks in on Stella as she is getting down on the blanket then froze; standing there in front of the mirror as the hand reached out from in it, grabs her, and pulls her in.

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