The Feed

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A feed that has fed as it feeds from life.

Submitted: July 02, 2007

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Submitted: July 02, 2007




A depth in sorrow is being shed. Not because of a love one but because of it being shed. The love he holds for his Oprhals is one of a life; a life that held no other virtue. With the long and steady glimpse he held over the front page of the city's newspaper as he walked on by laid him in his depths. From once being able to hold his head up high as he wondered, the street's is now possessed on him as if he himself will be left to feed and for one last time; entertain the love he holds for his Oprhals.

As the moon light comes to it's stand still, providing it's lonely gloom above the city as it shines bright with in it's self. Dionus fights with his cautions as they try to explain to him that his long-lived life is now coming to a end. With the city's waving it's paper for a display of the Body snatcher and displayed well it is as he comes to relies after seeing the same head line running thru the weekly and world magazines. Dionus looks to the sky, sets his head back against the side wall of the record store and centers his sight for the moon. A begging plead as he sighs, holding his breath; thinking ‘Am I one to be set for a feed. My Oprhals; with only three left and being the three that lead its way.' The scent passed from under his noise like a fruit as it where set on to his head; the same fragrance he had held himself against from in the week before. In his eye's she was a star as he looks her on by; a star that has been set free from out of his sky; a dark sky that left him in despair from in his own breath before it could be let out in to the fume that has now lead him his night.

She walks on; not a sing of a being in her, no remorse, pay's no attention to the on walkers and has not set her head from out of it's place from in her walk. She walks on down the street holding a firm grip in her stance and keeping her self in balance in a refrained from being lead in to the crowds of people as they shuffle her on by.

Dionus with his arm scratching along each street post, sliding his hand along every newsstand and watching as the people walk her on by. He can taste her saliva as he sets his mark on the blood that he's going to be ripping from out of her face. His Oprhals as they offer him a slab from her fleshed flesh; smiles, cheers and raves of thanks as they again indulge in another worthy fulfillment. A thought that set it self-high along his face as the people walking by couldn't stand but to smile from the look's on Dionus's face as he walked them by.

As the street comes to it's end; no longer in the lights of coffee shops and the bistro bars that lit it up; Dionus gets a good idea for a understanding for where she lining her self to be. He show's her no signs of interest as stands by her side; breathing in his own sense for air, looking on to the traffic as it passes them by and not giving any means of being on the street with her from when the light turns a go.

She also is keeping to her self, giving no attention to the man standing next to her, not knowing that she has been followed and that the man there standing at her side has token interest in her fragrance. The fragrance that has now spilled it self along every news's stand and over top of all the city's paper's as it reads in a awareness of, for the notorious body snatcher, that has set in the city.

Dionus himself knows exactly where this lady is headed but only the slightest of doubt has him in it's consideration for she might just be continuing on and not be attending the market he has set his hopes on from at the end of the next block.

As she steps in to her last step before setting her path along the sidewalk from away of the people as they turn in to the tunnel leading in to the subway's. Dionus steps in behind, lifts his head as the crowds make their way in to the tunnel then with a one two step he takes in a breath that layered it's self along his face, filled with the exotic fumes from in her fragrance as he stepped the crowd on by. His hunger washed it self in, over standing the sight of being in a public domain, giving him that feeling he got as he's we watch Oprhals growling in hunger and showed their sings of a non being; only a living breath for a flesh and it's blood as excuse for keeping their tongs wet.

With no longer having a crowd to be walking in or with, she decided to stop, lean her self-back against the wall of the apartment building and have her self a cigarette. As she turned in to her purse, reached for her box then pulled one out for a light; Dionus walks her by'; looking her up and down, taking in one last look for measurements.

Then as she caught his eye as it rolled on up her neck; catching it there from over the flame that was being set in her eye; he stopped. "It could there be a night as this one; so cool and calm, it's like their couldn't be a calmer night from in it's place." She looks at him, lets out the smoke she had puffed on as he spoke his word; a word to her that meant nothing. Only the creep, creeping feeling she felt as what she had heard, to her was a poet who has been holding his head in to the sky for too long.

Thinking he was going to be passing her by; she takes in another puff as her hand set still from over her mouth, sucking back on the cigarette and waiting for him to walk on as if he was; how she thinks; a poet in his own art for sticking his head into its sky.

Drops of blood slid along his tong as the wetness fulfilled with out a taste; only the signs for it as he stared her on. The beauty of the nature has always been far from his eye; knowing he was set to serve and nothing else. Flesh for a flesh is how he's always seen it. Not knowing that one day his manhood would be taking its toll; after collecting and handling all of his prey; the hounded or so he has seen all this time for the Ophals as they were set free into their arms from the hands of his father. Is now taking its place for a set; a set that has him staring into the eyes of the women he now sees as it's nature and no longer for it's flesh.

"Maybe you're a daytime women?" He said to her in his brightest of eyes as they performed a charm that has her laughing from in her smiles in his very eye. "Cute, cute. You know, you are right. Tonight does seem like it sets a calm from over it's sky." She told him as she looked up into the darkness of the sky then looked back onto him as she took in another puff from in behind her hand.

As Dionus over came his overwhelms of being in the pleasures of a women's eye. His hand begins to react to the pulse aching attempted of unleashing his iron pin and letting her fall into his arms after setting it once again in to the heart of another being.

"I was getting my self ready for a night cap. Would you like to join me." Dionus with his pulse tempting strike that lead his nerve into a resistance for mercy; As she stood their in clue for wanting to know if he was going to be going along with her or not.

She shines in his eye and not a shine that he had set himself out for tonight but the shine he has now come to seek; his only motion for a response is the motion that has set him there in the first place; his turn as it took its toll on his manhood other then a blood in flesh.

"Yes" He tells her. She looks on to him, steps her self off the wall and slid her purse on over her shoulder as she stepped on to the sidewalk. "Emily's my name" She told him as they begun to step; sharing the same light as the moved on. "Emily, is a pretty name. I would have imagined. My name is Dionus." He said with a great passion, using his chest as he sucked in a wind that lead to his head; giving him strength for appreciation as he slipped it in under his name as it was said.

With a hum then from a point of a finger; she had lead him straight into the bar after stepping by a few shops and boutiques. From in the entrance Dionus could sense all of the poisons and the fumes that would go along with it; beers, liquors, smoke and the hint of filth that sets in. It was all a means of waist to him. He could see her from in the back of his mind; a beuty, a fesh soul, with out a polluted vein in her body. Then as she walked him in; passing the bar, walking by all the tables then in thru a doorway that lead them in to a tuning set of stairs.

As she shock the key's from out of her purse she explained to him. "I'm only staying here for a short time. My apartment is being painted and this is all they had around here." Then opened the door to a world Dionus could have only imagined.

"Hold out your hands," yelled one police officer.

The kick as it landed him onto the ground from the swing she had landed on him; setting him square in the center of the four men as they stepped in and handled him into a restrain.


For Dionus; being set into a glass box as rows of people stared on, while he was placed there in front of what he relates to as; the victim of the one hungry God.

The Judge holds up the bagged samples of manure in a fesses that was collected from after the death from the autopsy's that have been performed on the cannibal men that were retrieved from in the home of what they now leak into the city as ; THE BODY SNATCHER'S LAST FEED AS IT'S HUNGERD. He looks into the bag then looks over on to Dionus and asks. "Do you have anything to say" Dionus stood to his feet as the judge looked on, looked into the rows of people then down to his own feet.

The judge; as he looked on to Dionus standing there, looking down into the stance that has lead him there from after giving the crowd one last look then said. "A God could hold mercy on your soul as I sentence you to death."

Dionus lets out a breath of a virtue for his own then from the left side on his cheek a smile broke as he turned his face to the crowds in their rows, and fulfilled his virtue with the breaking smile that shined along in thru the cheek of his right side.

The end

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