Trial of tribulation

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A tribulation of law from in a firm.

Submitted: December 18, 2007

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Submitted: December 18, 2007



If it was to last any longer Alice would have been laid out flat on the desk as it bashed then laid out on the floor. Jim does up his pants, looks away from her as she releases all and every wind that still shakes thru her body as it did when she was released from in the sexually desire she has finished sharing with him.
“Oh Jim. Your not going back to that filthy wife of yours are you?” Asked Alice, lying out on her desk, fiddling her panties with her toes from on the floor as her breast still under steam from Jim’s hot sweat and breath.
“Get it together would ya Alice.” Jim said using his mean tone, the tone of annoying. A tone he would only use when distressed. He finishes the last button from on his shirt, tightens his tie and rubs his hand thru his hair.
“Well are you?” Asked Alice once again before lifting her back up off her desk, now sitting and watching as she waits for him to respond.
“What do you think Alice? Do we have to go thru this every time after us?” He said standing in at her door, looking onto her then turns away.
“Well fuck you too, you fucking ass hole.”
Jim smirks looking in on her from in the reflection of the doors glass then opens it, steps thru and shuts it behind him.
Jim is at the height of his career and has worked hard to be. A wife, a son at the age of six and all or everything a man could ask for. He has been a attorney for nine years now; Working for the top firm of its class. His latest case was one that was meant to be heard but wasn’t thanks to him. It involved his fellow friend, a scandal that was once heard then later set before the justice of a court. Michael Linear his personal friend and fellow colleague had his clean but dirty paws in under a governmental scandal that has now left him in behind bars, the same bars that hold the other criminals Jim had helped justify and put behind. Michael happen to be his only lost, a case he just couldn’t control. FBI’s and other federal agents had Jim in under any and all taps that related to the case. Michael was well on his way, there was no turning back, and there was nothing Jim could do about it.
He was first introduced to the case when Michael had come to him and asked for a loan. Jim saw himself in no position to grant him a lone, he seen no reason in it and for him it was too down and dirty until he demanded to know why. A government fraud, corrupt officials, outlaws and to back it all was the very building they stood and now stand in. Michael was assigned his duty to control by law claims, real state, and any other issue that was to concern a legal matter while the office buildings were being built. What Jim didn’t know or was ever aware of was Michael had his greedy little hands mixed in with the several others. One of them a major player; the Mayor himself.
Michael had managed to stay out and far from in the lights as they shined well over its case. He stood along side all of the intermediaries. His reputation as an attorney had granted him sometime away from in the courtroom while the Mayor and the rest of the city’s hotshots went down, sent to jail, and pinned up in front off all to see as the government and federal officials exploited the act and all of its major player’s on their way in to Jail.
Jim stood in by Michael’s side, representing him in court, using his spare time to work on it. He represented him as a lost cause, a player that was just doing what he does. Making it seem as if he too sat in and witnessed the buildings go up as did anyone else who had ever set a wonder wile the buildings were flashed all over the city as its next big thing. What Jim didn’t know and was mainly the only reason he was there was Michael had been taking bribes, involved in its insurance scandals, his signature on and signed as approval on documents that too involved the Mayor in a scandal.
Jim then felt his reputation tarnished his future as it was to be drained. His thought of being honored, loved by a friend was his only means of retreat as he stood in behind the defendents desk before stepping out in front of the Judge with out warning or question and in the middle of the case in order to have his name cleared. It would have seemed as if he had backed down from after hearing, seeing the proof that the prosecutor had represented; leaving his client to hang, tip toeing as he stood there before the court. The same court he along Jim too had worked out of and many times during their career. It left Jim standing in front of the judge alone wile the prosecutor was in fury, demanding his objections in respect to it being a federal case. The judge spared himself, listened to Jim’s proposal, and pleads for dismissing, as his client was not with in his expectations for an honest relationship or affair. It left Jim standing strong, maintaining his guard and well represented him as an attorney and fellow lawmen from in its courts.
The morning was left in its dew. Inside Jims bedroom was a essence of hate as it remained, caring on from in the night before where Lisa Jims wife had thrown yet another fit. Jim had walked in; Lisa and Little Jim were cuddled up together in front of the television on their couch in the living room. Lisa immediately stood from off the couch, getting to her feet and preparing to welcome home her one and only man. It was time for affection and Jim knew but was not aware of it when he had walked in. The stench of Alice’s perfume had followed him, the scratches on his back that lead up in to his neck. Lisa stood her stand letting the guilt from in his look lead him away, not to say a word as she watched him walk on away.
Lisa has had her share, she knew Jim was like any other fast paced, hot-blooded man and from time to time, she had learned to cope with his man like behaviors. She had made it quite clear to him that she could live with him doing what the guys do; watch the local show girl, a drink with a stripper but the act from in a affair, affair that involved one of his co workers, That is one thing she could and would not stand for.
The doorbell rang, Jim remained in the kitchen sipping his orange juice, scrolling along the morning news from in his laptop and expecting Lisa to tend to the door. Once again it is rung; Jim gets to his feet stepping in to the counter, sliding the glass in to its sink then steps out heading for the front door.
“Yes” He asked after opening the door and seeing two-uniformed police officer’s staring him then standing in to be squared in his face.
“Jim Novak.” The officer asked and as Jim nodded, the other one stepped in and said. “We have a warrant for your arrest.” And brings out the warrant form from in behind his back.
“What? For what? What in the hell are you talking about?”
“Jim” The sound of Lisa’s voice sets a stir from in-between them. The office slides the warrant form back in to his pocket then brings out his cuffs and say’s “Novak you’re under arrest for the murder of Alice Macklin’s.”
“What? What is this Jim?” Asked Lisa, standing in behind him. Jim holds out his hands, turns his head back over his right shoulder, and says. “Don’t worry hun. Not a word of this. You call my office and meet me down town.”
Lisa stands in the doorway, watches as the two officers escort her Jim in to the back seat of their car then waved him away before wiping the tear from off her cheek.
“So hot shot.” Said the chief investigator, slapping a folder onto the desk as Jim sat in behind. Jim looks down on to his fingers, rubbing the remainder of the print ink on them on to one another then looks back up knowing what he had just been slapped with was the murder case. The one he has been accused of and now about to be questioned – from the looks of it interrogated.
The chief investigator, a old timer, a man in his final years and has been thru plenty of homicides. Jim knows and has also been eye to eye with him before and is now begging to relies that when he has seen the old man in a courtroom it wasn’t on a good term in fact it was a case that he had one and had left the man that now stands himself in front of him to a jury that had disagreed and on his behalf.
“Your prints are all over this. I don’t know who or what you think you are but you’re done.” Said the old man.
“So I’ve been with her, we share the same office, she’s my colleague. What of it?”
“You’re the only spit for it on her and I’ll be setting this as a rape homicide.” The old man said starring down on to Jim, letting him know it was justhe and him in the room and what he said according to how he had represented it is now how it’s going to go.
“So, what exactly do you got on me?” Asked Jim staring right back, able to crack a grin or smile but remains his cool, letting the old man know that it isn’t a laughing matter and he isn’t there to play games. Especially not with an over the hill homicide detective.
“So you had an affair with her.” The old detective said lifting his wind and turning its card into a cooling calmer sense in respect for the young stud that sat there in the same.
“Where and when.” Jim asked lisping it out from in his breath, showing he too was involved and now wants to get into the bottom of it.
“Dumpster, this morning, at her condo.”
“I had nothing there. I was with her that afternoon. It was in her office. We usually get together once or twice a month. We were together for about an hour. On Thursday’s the office gets a free pass for the afternoon, drinks, treats access to the main computer, ketchup time its kind of like home work.”
“So you two were getting it on in her office then what?”
“Then nothing. I was home for six, the wife in a mood and now.”
“And now you got an alibi but you know how it works.”
Jim shrugs his shoulders, looks down in to the print ink as it slips in a sweat from in between his fingers, knowing he’s in for a tough ride, being the only suspect yet and until otherwise then he’s the one going to be accounted for.
“I’ll take it from here.” Said Bob Jims lead man,a mentor and fellow colleague from in his firm. Jim looks up as Bob steps in.The door shuts and the room now holds a different image. The two go eye to eye, Jim watches as Bob stares the chief investigator inhis eye.They go eye to eye as the chief looks back, staring into the eye of a man his age, a man that has also at one time been a colleague of his.
“Robert.” The chief of investigation said, greeting him and standing his stand as he did since Bob had stepped in.
“I see your still working your own books here Jack.”
“This is mine and I’ll do it any way I please.”
“And were dose this put my client.” Bob asked knowing that Jack had nothing only the fact that Jim had been with the victim the day before and with no motive.”
“My job is done here.” Jack said stepping aside, nodding his head on to Jim then stepped on and out the door.

“What did you go and tell that old bastard Jim?”

“I told him what he needed to know.”

“What?” Bob asked letting the wait of brief case slide its self on to the table then stepped in and sat in on the chair in front of him.
“I was with her, in her office during the afternoon then home. I’m all over her.”
“Ya, I noticed, any closer and you’d be next to her in that dumpster.”
“She wasn’t suicidal. It can’t just be me on her.”
“Did he tell you how she was found?”
“Suffocated, her mouth taped, her hands cuffed behind her back as if she was in a kink and with your DNA all over her.”
“I read it.” Jim said letting any and all pressure leap out from in it.
“Read it? What in the fuck is that supposed to mean?”
“Her hands cuffed, mouth taped shut. She killed her self. She cuffed her self left the key on the edge of a counter or table, then as the tape set half around her mouth she kneeled down and licked up the key then rubbed the tape sticking it good and well suffocated.”
“And how in the hell do you know this?”
“A movie, I took her to it. She wanted me to leave Lisa for her as she did yesterday and does.”
“You better hope that key is indeed inside of that woman.”
“Yes.” Said the chief stepping back in to the room, and now standing over the two of them as he did one.
“A crucial piece of evidence.” He said then pointed to the door. In walks, the forensic scientist holding out a bag then sets it down onto the table in between Jack and Bob.
“Is that the key to her heart.” Asked the chief.
“From.” Said the scientist before swiping it back up off the table.
“Ya we know.” The chief said before Bob or Jim had the opportunity to explain then says. “Your alibi checks out besides this isn’t the first. Now get the hell out of here before I hand deliver this piece of evidence to that whimpering young lady sitting out front.” He winks on to Jim then sets a growling stare on to Bob as he stepped on out.

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