With in Sin. Gothic Tale 1

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Gothic tale;Please read the Introduction before tempting to explore this story.

Submitted: July 10, 2007

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Submitted: July 10, 2007




A Passion of sin.


As for him, being in his one place, having his one means and let alone the one of sins. Aunt Olivia knows and he knows she knows. It is the fact that he has means for displaying it that gives her a means for not discussing or having her self an opportunity to let it be acknowledged. That is from in the eyes of her little man, her Paxcuo.

He him self has it for all to see, and if it were for all then for all it would be. His one means for circumstance has lead in far beyond the depths from in the memory of his. It leads from in the beginning, from were once theirs had no trace of death. From in his long lasting stare, his visuals again have about to be met. For know he lets a wonder, leaving his eye from in its view, knowing its been there from all, for all and from now how it is hung; the hung from upside down is how it is met from as the crucifix had displayed is now for how it will be set.

Once again from after the deep of purple stare in thru a cross as it set, Paxcou has seen him self again, only to be this time from someone who he's for set. She's  been in a gloom from when he's been in under her shinning one eye. A girl once forsaken from in the depths of having a man being placed on to her and along her side. Being a one only daughter of a priest from in town, he knows she is one with a moral and for him that's why she'd be found. Her father, the one of all men, a priest, a man of what is none to be a spoken word and for once a read that's been read.

An ambition has had him in follow, with out a hint or  plead. His life as it lived under the wings of aunt Olivia, for now has been far from in his comfort and knowing she's knowing could only bring in a depth of darkness that he him self as of now, he dose not need. The church as it is in the midnights of the hours has set its cooling calm scene. A scene that from in its own, it its self could not or have an awaking from in its sleep. A walk from passed the holly of waters, for him it had sense as for he kept his being in a thought as from it, he, it couldn't had sensed. A stricken form isle as they line with the bench. It leaves no purpose of his, as for their means for a being seated has yet to be meant.

As his once pass leaves for behind him, in to a springing seed of its lights. If he has once thought of a deepen sorrow then his thought is not the one for in his ways for expressing them tonight. Although he's been struck in place as is his next of men, a man he had once come to know from in all his once grief for its being, is now there for them. As he has him self a moment for silence from being placed as next to a man, the man that now bares the cross that is part a tradition and one from him.

As being misfortunate himself, he broke the silence as a means of grief for him; the one man that has too stood along this misfortunate being from in the gasp of from how a sense being and from him, hung, and so secretly pinned on to it along a sin.

Left alone in the views of their god, as its been possessed from under one man. Paxcou sets down his girlfriend, lays her from in the left of the cross as she lays their in sin; A sin that has had him in its being. A being that has now finally become one; not from in the sin, for now with as he steps over to its right as it bares the one only man, next to him. As for now the ones who are left are left for in the sin, from how Paxcou looks back and she lies there for a being of how they would call a sin.

A candle, a light he could grip, a burning flame as he seen it and a flame that has now become a burn for him. Before he stepped, turned and stood over the one girl, the women, a daughter of its Priest. The church as it was his, as he then say's "I now have her, a daughter from a man, a mother and now how for once I'm a man I have been" to his one final being as the man hung their on a cross was about to become one with a sin.

As he sets for his exit, his thought once again leads him as followed from as if he walked in. A despite in his being, from when the bowl of holly water had sensed and from him it was a nonsense. As for now as his exit, a bowl, a water, could be in meaning as its holiness has washed a blood in sin from off of his hands.

From now, a door swung in a open. He turned and then once again, he looked at his one man as the cross it too for held a stand and the wind that has been blow in is now a breath for him and its meaning was a breath from his man. Despite the blood as fulfillment, because for him not a word was spoken as he stepped on out and licked his lips from his wind.



From in a wind.

The End

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