With in Sin. Gothic Tale 3

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Gothic tale;Introducing Sylvie.

Submitted: July 11, 2007

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Submitted: July 11, 2007




?????? Today would have been, could have been, and for once should have been. For Aunt Olivia, having her young Paxcou exposed to the lust of a women, in reach of a passion that every women has in hold and along of all her thoughts with in her self of being also a women. Has once and will. For how she is concerned, never be happening in the midst that it will.

?????? Little Sylvie, the sweet little girl, girl from next door, a girl from in a one only nature next to the darkest of pit that Olivia has held her young Paxcou from, from the day he has never come to know. The one-day, a time from when he also has been within grips. A grip as it once had him until the one early morning that his parents were exposed.

?????? Sylvie has had her eye on Paxcou, she has been watching from in under the yellow stares from when its moon has set for full. Paxcou, let alone his being from when he could have known, when his blood lusting child hood was brunt to an end and from when he's now been with aunt Olivia asa mother from in the need of his soul.

?????? Sylvie has kept wonder from how she would know. Her life as a daughter, having no brother's and within a family that has also a yet for expose. She kept to her self as Paxcou held for his own, knowing he has always had a girl for a neighbor yet they both lead a?different soul.

????? It had started at sundown and form then Aunt Olivia she has always known. As the moon had its being, a light was soon to be shown. A dark gloom as it struck from the night, passing with in winds, calm sense of its darkness, until yet the sun was set to begin. From in memory from cries, a long stare into its night, the one thing she was not waiting for has left its strike and?into her eye. She lets it is, thinking any mother would. Little Sylvie and Paxcou had no idea aunt Olivia knew they have been wondering from in this night and they never could.

????? Sylvie had Paxcou as Paxcou held her in good. The two had come a custom to how she though he never would. She say's "Its over and I think they'll be done. It's a father and mother. It's what I'm left with out." As She held in her glare as it seeped onto the moon's ending light.

Paxcou sat him self-still as the once and final howl had set for end from in under its moon. He looks onto Sylvie, softly and lone. She lets her one with a grip she had, letting it soak into her tong, sucking on the blood for its juices as she sensed it blessed and enriched. Paxcou leans forward, looks at her once more from when the moon it had, from him it couldn't and for now how it could. He moves in towards her and she lets him, his lips, a soak onto the flesh they together had manage to pull from in the moons grip.

A kiss as it softened, their soul as its met and for now Aunt Olivia from how she has been watching; the young werewolf she has warily been seeking, together with her paxcou and for how she has now been met.

As in a romance from in the End.

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