The Britster

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All about ma little sister BRITTANY.

Submitted: June 04, 2011

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Submitted: June 04, 2011



 I have a little sister named Brittany but we call her the BRITSTER. She is my little monkey because she loves climbing trees,and eating bannanas. : P She is my best friend because she never judges anyone but they can just be themselves. She is mostly perfect like Superman, except not as awesome. She always gets straight A's on her reportcards otherwise she would cry, but we still love her. She is an odd one thats for sure. She is always working and I wonder when she ever has fun. There is one flaw for this perfect child though... She passes out at the sight of blood. Seems a little odd to me since it is inside her. Even just talkin about it makes her uneasy and pass out so we have to be careful when talkin' about the medical field or even about my biology. In the end of every day though she always lets us know how much she loves us and cares as she puts my little sister Lisa and brother Luke to sleep.

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