i wish i can turn hatred to love.......

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All about revenge,hatred, love, two destination who couldn't decide to realise what their heart really want....

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i wish i can turn hatred to love...

Submitted: March 18, 2018

he give her a meaningless smile,and turn to the audience who were busy shouting calling his name.(A.D A.D ) he smile looking at the micro that he is holding.

thank you all for the love and support,I really appreciate. one of the journalist look at AD by saying sir we heard that you are going to be engage with miss (laila Deen)so we want to congratulate
you. laila?who is laila? I don't have any girlfriend with that dirty name. oohh I remember I have one cousin sister with that name,but why ll I even think of dating her?am not her class,. for me my
future wife should be beautiful, decent not like laila. I am ADIT do u think I will marry a lower class .I never love her. but yes she love me ,madly in love with me that she keep on following me
every where i go like a dog. laila who was sitting on a chair looking at adit shock,she can't even hold what he is saying,tears rolled down her cheek.

both of them giving each other a hatred look.
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