Memories of Nobody

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#5 - Memories of Nobody

Submitted: July 06, 2009

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Submitted: July 06, 2009



I have a hard shell, much like a beetle

I love nobody, now that just sounds evil

But what's more absurd and causes such upheavel

Even with all this hate, I consider myself feeble

Sounds like a screwed up position

Out of place, strange, normal standards hindered

There's nothing I can remember

Except the lost that I had in December

The day my very being became isolated

After I look at my life, and how I negated

I guessed me being here became overrated

All the calls for my success were even belated

Where was I at, the first color that I saw was black

Pitch dark, in a room filled with chains

And the voices around me, whispering my name

Over and over again, driving me insane

I can't even tell nobody what made me act this way

Cause people these days wouldn't care what you say

Like you're invisible, watchin life as it carries out its day

And no one can see you, the thought of dissary

Just keeps you alone, away from everyday happenings

A previous recapping, or a beginning unwrapping


"A nobody living with a purpose

So why do I feel so worthless"


If I do better on a solo journey

Would that mean the world would be a better place

If people were lonely

So when we pay for affection

Do we always refund our money to achieve perfection

Or did I take a step in the wrong direction

And this is just a mirror of my life in a clear reflection

Well what about my memories, I have none

I look in my mind, and they are all gone

Well is it possible to regain the wanted thing I lost

Or does that also cost

A penny or dime, whatever is left in my mind

Which is really nothing important to me at the time

Nobody left me, I mean, at least he was some body

I wish I had somebody to replace this nobody

I don't care who I have, I just need someone, anybody

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