Priceless Love

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Waiting for love

Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012



Priceless love, she waits for you,
Priceless times waiting for the moment,
Hear the whisper, and heed the calling,
In the moment, you know what is real.

Priceless joy, waiting to be wanted
Priceless smiles, waiting to be seen,
When will she see you, you begin to wonder,
Wistfully longing, but remaining unseen.

Priceless moments, waiting patiently,
Priceless dreams, they linger and are gone,
Who will he be, and what will he look like?
How will she know, how can she see.

Priceless laughter, on special days,
Priceless happiness, the time has come,
In this moment, new life is springing,
And all they see is the future to come.

Priceless times, forever shared,
Priceless love, is found at last,
Forever and always, they whisper to each other,
No matter what, is their life long vow.

© Christina Cronin 2009

© Copyright 2018 Faerie of the Northwest. All rights reserved.

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