It's not easy

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A girl who holds on despite the attention she does not get from the man she loves. she is torn in between so many other potential guys but she knows who she wants and who she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

Submitted: April 11, 2016

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Submitted: April 11, 2016



The thought of regret gripped her heart. she wondered if she had done the right thing , she had let go of her fiance because he she really thought he wasnt right for her. they where not compartible no they where not. he had abused her all this while emotionally and verbally. Would she ever trust anyone with her heart again Oh! noooooo. 

Linda had grown so attached to John, financially he was so helpful, he had taken her to school he had done so much but the material was not enough. she wanted to feel so much excitement when they talked, she wanted to feel connected to him if he wasnt even around, she wanted to be a friend and not only just an intended wife. The thought of him would make her sick and all the time she hoped he would screw up and call it quits but alas she had had enough oh yes she had had enough.

Elaine her cousin was distraught when she told her they had broken the engagement with John had it not been for blood relations she would have gone after him and married him herself. But it was done and dusted over, over for real she would hear none of it. And hear she was again a year later asking herself if anything was wrong. It was now six good days and Micheal had not called or texted and she was worried. Worried she had been dumped, worried something was wrong with him, or worried she was going to loose him. Not this time she kept telling herself.

Micheal was that guy that was all she had ever wanted, he drove her crazy his smile, his voice, everything about him. Yet she had tolerated all his nonsense, she tolerated everyhting he did. The moments of silence that would happen after a sudden period of joy and love, the moments of letting her down she had grown used to it. But all the time she would wish he could change because she wanted him and nopbody could replace him. He was so much in love with her at least she thought but she was way over board she loved him she really did. She hoped and  prayed they would spend the rest of their lives together.

They had met at a park in Kylesgroove whilst she was with her friends. Micheal and his friends had come to do a little of having fun and cacthing up as the biys. Linda and her friends ahd come to get Linda away from the thought of John it had been a year but her mind was still pained. Elaine noticed one of Micheal's friends and they were so happy to see each other. It had been long they had grew up together in Hilsbury down Oakley lane and they began to reminiscence about old times. The boys felt left out and came closer to join in and obviously look at the ladies. As soon as Micheal saw Linda his heart began to beat as fast like a cheetah chasing deers for lunch. Linda was fully annoyed and didn't want to hear any of it. His persistence and his kindness made her look at him in a different perspective and her heart told her why not.

Micheal was so determined to get her he was so determined and he wouldnt let anything stand in his way no he wouldnt.That day not only made them close friends but their hearts bit as one and they only realised how in love they were three days later. Linda could not let go no she couldnt. Not now she would always say.

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