A SURVIVOR- 21st February, Student's War Of Bangla Language

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Students at war................

Submitted: June 30, 2010

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Submitted: June 30, 2010




A SURVIVOR- 21st February, Student's War Of Bangla Language



In December 1951, the students were listening to the radio that Pakistan was under power. Suddenly an university student named Jarif wore a shirt which was clean and the color was blue. He also wore a long loin-cloth. He said silently "Well, I knew it!"

He saw other university students hearing attentively on the radio. He cried "Huh! that's boring!" The other students shushed him. When they ran away, Jarif suddenly saw that a soldier came. The soldier asked in Urdu "Tumhara Naam Kya Hai?" Jarif replied in Urdu "Mera naam Jarif Ahmed, ek Pakistani Politician ka beta". The soldier praised "Toh bahut accha hai". Jarif was bit scared and the soldier went away.

When he went to hishostel room he saw two of his friends praised him. "Jarif! very good! you have fooled the soldiers that you are Pakistani but they don't even know that you are Bengali" one of his friend said. "Oh Rahid! Amar dosto!" cried Jarif and hugged him. Suddenly, Jarif saw a girl entering his room. "Hi Mr. Jarif Ahmed, I am Sarah, your new room mate". She was tall beautiful and just like the Dhallywood actresses. She wore a red, ordinary sari. Jarif and Sarah shook hands.He also guided her to the university.

At night, when they went to sleep, Jarif heard a gunshot and slept. He heard a gunshot again and suddenly he woke up. He was two Rajakars passing his room. Then Jarif walked through the same direction and hid himself. The Rajakars went away by killing a student. He saw the student laid on the floor, bloodstained. He called everyone, even the teachers. After that the professors arranged a program of milad.

Next day, milad was fulfilled and Sarah sang a song

'Maa go, Vabna keno
Amra tomar shanto prio
shanto chele'

Suddenly the Pakistani soldiers came and shot all the students. All are survived and took the wounded to the hospital. Jarif and Sarah became best friends. The room mates also became more closer. Their batch made a political debate club. Suddenly, Jarif and the other students heard the radio that Zinnah said that Urdu must be an official language. The students got upset. When the Professors went to sleep, the students created a banner as a slogan 'Rashtro Vasha Bangla Chai'.

Then all the students came out and the dawn of the 21st February, the student cried the same slogan. After that, when the soldiers shot the students, the students attacked the soldiers. The soldiers shot Jarif and Sarah. They fell down and closed their eyes.

After the attack was over, Rahid saw them dead and called his other friend, Promollam. They were shocked by saw them, blood stained. In 23rd February, Rahid and other leading students went to the location where they were attacked and constructed a Shahid Minar. Rahid said "In the memory of Jarif Ahmed, I will be a professor of Debate". Rahid met a female Journalist named Harmana Rahima from BBC. She was a Bengali and also known to be a famous journalist. Rahid and Harmana went to their village and saw all the poor people without food, skeletal children and some are ill. When they saw that people were sad. At night, a Pakistani Soldier came to one of the tents and took all their food. Rahid took a knife and caught the soldier. Harmaana was impressed that how Bengals are brave. After that, Rahid joined DhakaUniversity as a lecturer. Rahid and Harmana got married. In the marriage night, Rahid was remembering that Jarif, Sarah and Promollam played a prank:

'Rajakars came to the university. Jarif hid himself. When Sarah
wore a widowed white colored sari, Rahid and Promollam hid
themselves in the forbidden library. The rajakars tiptoed. Sarah
saidin a horrific voice "I am a ghost". Jarif made a wolf sound.
When the Rajakars ran away to the Library, Rahid and Promollam
laughed in a roar voice. Rajakars ran away. When they were
together they booed the rajakars'.

He smiled. Suddenly, the group of boys came to the tent. Everyone hid themselves. The group of boys came out when the soldiers came and shoot all the soldiers. Many of the soldiers were killed. Rahid felt something that he never dream. He felt someone was alive and also felt the war will be ended.


Two students, Alif and Rahmat sat on the hostel room where Jarif used to live in. Many of the professors were traumatized by thedeath of Jarif and Sarah. No one told everyone the truth and Alif was one of the students curious about their stories.The duo walked on the corridor. He saw a handsome man who wore a brown blazer and had squared spectacle.

"Professor Haque,in 1948 batch, who died in Ekushey February" asked the duo. The man replied "nine honorable students died in Ekushey February". Alif asked "Jarif and Sarah! after their fourth years in 1952!" The man replied "Yes, but a secret! don't tell anyone! I am actually, the Professor of Political Studies but I am pretending to teach you how to speak in Urdu Language. I am actually, Professor Jarif Ahmed and I pretended to be dead for everyone in this world because when the Pakistanis saw us pretending to be dead, they went away and when I woke up, I saw Sarah unconscious and I took her to the jungle and used water bottle to make her conscious and at night, all the way to the jungle, we saw a candle light and tents and I saw all the people, poor and needy. Sarah and I helped them. That time, my son was born. I came back as a lecturer by another name, Haque as a lecturer.Then I took a break to do my PHD in US.I was successful. The principal and I were planned to help everyone of you secretly.We got married and no one knew it. Your Biology professor, Mrs. Rabea is Sarah. I returned as a professor to help the Bengals.My job is also that". Alif and Rahmat were surprised and kept their secret not to tell anyone. "I hate politics!" said Alif.

"No, hating Politics is not enough. I used to hate it too but when the war begun, we are used to it" said Professor Haque aka Jarif. All the student went out with guns and bamboo sticks. The students hit the soldiers and shot them. Suddenly, the government stopped the war. "Quit our Bangladesh and get out!" said the government in the meeting. All the Pakistani traders went away. It is 16th December. Jarif said "I am still alive and she is Sarah.I am Jarif, the Professor of Political Studies. I always give you notes but I never make any presence and my assistant, Rahid is pretending to teach Political Studies but he was an assistant Professor but he was actually a debate professor and Sarah is my wife, she will sing a song and she is the professor of Biology and I now have an eleven year old son whom I raised in a hidden village. We have to honor our Freedom Fighters such as Motiur Rahman,Zia Ur Rahman and Sheikh Mujib our Dhaka University Students who died in Ekushey February as Salam, Jabbar, Rafiq, Shafiq, Barkat and other honorable students. Honor them and my wife, Sarah will sing for them. JOY BANGLA! Now we call it Bangladesh and the Liberation War is over!". The crowd also gave the same slogan. Sarah came out of the Public and sang a song.

'Amar shonar Bangla
Ami tomai valobashi'

All were charmed by her voice and Jarif sat along with his eleven year old son, Rafil Hamid and hearing Sarah's charming voice.


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