All Izz Well

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Who is the real fiancee?

Submitted: June 30, 2010

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Submitted: June 30, 2010



All Izz Well


(pronunciation- All is Well/ All ij well comedy of errors)

At a rainy night, a man walked down to a field. In the field, there were 5 houses and the field has seesaws. The man was walking but suddenly a woman came. She wore a black t-shirt with a military pant and had a basket on her hand carefully. “Professor Harry” said a woman. “Yes Ms. Halima” said the man named Professor Harry. “How did you get this basket?” Ms. Halima said “I got this baby when the house was about to be destroyed. His parents are passed away. But who will take care of them?” Professor Harry replied “His paternal uncle will take care of him”. “I hope so but the baby is she” said Ms. Halima. “Sorry” said Professor Harry. He took the basket from Ms. Halimaand kept the basket in a house. Professor said “Better be, Hariya Yasmeen”. Professor Harry rang the bell.

 Eighteen Years Later, a girl sat on a stair beside the boarding school ground. She saw all the boys were playing. Suddenly a girl shouted “Hariya!”When Hariya started to walk she said “Yes Mrs. Kumkum”.Kumkum said “Why are you calling me Mrs.?” “I thought you are married” said Hariya. Some of the girls laughed. “You!” Kumkum said angrily. Then Kumkum walked away from Hariya. “CATCH HER GANG!” said Hariya. The girls caught Kumkum and hit her severely. Hariya jumped off. Later on, a man came saw that the girls hit Kumkum. “YOU IDIOTS!” shouted the man. Hariya said “Sorry professor Harry”.“Shame on you!” said Professor Harry. “Shame of all of you! I would be nice to you doesn’t mean you would be indiscipline. I didn’t expect you like that. I thought you are nice”.Hariya was laughing. She said “Oh professor! What a drama”. When she closed her eyes, all boys and girls from the campus walked away from her. She was a little bit upset. She always stayed outside the hostel and she never eats food or drink after Professor Harry scolded her. Her exam ended and came to Bangladesh by train. In the train, when she saw a boy played a flute she was angry and shouted “GIVE THE FLUTE TO ME”. The boy ran and the passengers were disturbed. When she reached to Dhaka, Bangladesh she came out from the train and saw a man and a woman glared at her.“I heard all of your complaints that you have passed in your exam!” said a man.“Oh Uncle” said Hariya. Hariya hugged the man was her uncle.They went to their house. The house was just like a bungalow.“How is Darjeeling?” said Hariya’s uncle. “Fine, Uncle” said Hariya.Hariya’s aunt said “Tomorrow, we are going to Rangpur”.

 Hariya was not so surprised because she didn’t like villages. Next day, she took all her friends with their private bus and spent time singing and playing. After that when they reached Rangpur, they went to a house made of stones, bricks and wood. They went inside and went through. She saw all the golden things that she was surprised of and also their friends. When they went out, they saw a man playing a flute beside the farm. She doesn’t like the sound of the flute. So she went near the man and said “Very good! Can you play more?”“Why on earth I will play more?” said the man.They laughed. She said sarcastically “look, look the village boy is crying. Oh”.The man said “Oh, Mrs. Hariya Yasmeen , look, there is a big lipstick on your face and you always love me misses!” All her friends laughed but Hariya became angry. “Look Mr. Trojan Virus! I am in charge” said Hariya. “You think you are a queen! Hahaahahahaha!” said the man. All the friends laughed again and Hariya left angrily. She was crying like a child. “CHACHI! Hmhmhm! I don’t know what to do. A guy named Mr. Trojan Virus just teased me!” cried Hariya. They laughed. “Oh! Trojan Virus?” asked her uncle funnily.Hariya went to her room and slept.

Few Minutes Later, Mr. Trojan Virus came inside opened the door. He wore a large Arabian loin cloth and a white vest.“Hey look! How dare you? By the way, how do you know my name?” said Hariya.“I know it because…….nothing” said Mr. Trojan Virus. Hariya said angrily “Hey Mr. what’s your name?”Trojan replied “I am Trojan Virus!” “No, seriously” said Hariya.Trojan Virus replied “I am Badhon Jeebon you can call me Jeebon”.When she went to search something from her wardrobe, suddenly Jeebon vanished.Another day, she sat in a drawing room, hearing her aunt’s gossip with her uncle she heard about that she was about to marry a rich man. Suddenly, she burst into tears and her aunty suddenly asked “What happened, my dear child?” “Nothing” she said. Next day, Hariya, her friends and her uncle and aunt came to Dhaka. She was lost in her mind and realizing the reality and missing her new friend, Jeebon.When they reached Dhaka,Hariya and uncle and aunty went to her house. Suddenly, a door was opened and Jeebon stood in front with a sack. Hariya took Jeebon to her room and asked “Jeebon! I don’t know what I am doing”.“May be you’re in love” said Jeebon. “LOVE, HUMBUG!” shouted Hariya angrily. Jeebon said “Hum-Bug, I am familiar with that word”. “How do u know?” asked Hariya.Badhon left away.Then Hariya shouted “uffff!” Hariya went downstairs but saw their uncles and aunts gossiping about her marriage. “Hariya muni, we have decided that you have to marry your childhood friend Rafiqul Ali” said Hariya’s aunt. Hariya said “Rafiq, that Rich Industralist, who teased me a lot in my childhood and I didn’t see him for twenty years! But I love Badhon”.“That Trojan Virus!” laughed her uncle. “He’s illiterate! You cannot marry an illiterate person”.Hariya was crying and went upstairs. Suddenly, the handsome Badhon climbed up the tree and opened the window. “Hi” he whispered. “Let’s go! Hariya. We don’t have time.”Hariya jumped down with Badhon. They went to a black-bricked house. When they went inside, everything was dark. Suddenly, the lights were on and saw the crowd of people cried “SURPRISE!”Hariya was surprised. “Oh my lord! Badhon, What is that?” exclaimed Hariya.“Guess who?” asked Badhon.Hariya exclaimed again “RICH INDUSTRIALIST, RAFIQ AL-MAHMUD! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT”.“Recognize me? Chottu muni!” said Badhon jokingly. Badhon was the industrialist Rafiq Al- Mahmud himself. They had married.


Hariya realized that how spoilt was her but she has turned good by falling love with the rich guy disguised as poor village boy.They now had a baby boy who was just six months old. The baby boy has supernatural powers. This story will continue as Demon-Master.

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