Days of Violent Youth

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DAYS IN VIOLENT YOUTH, focuses on eve teasing.

Submitted: June 30, 2010

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Submitted: June 30, 2010





My adult grandson got married and I, the old man never told about my days of youth. I also respect the days of dignity and my job in the days of youth. At night, my grandson came to me and asked “What have you done in your College years?” I replied “there are too many things to tell you. Listen to my story:


In January 2009, I was celebrating New Years with my parents. After 12, I slept and when I heard an alarm, I ran to EastWestUniversity. I saw a boy sat alone. No one was here in the class. When I came to him, I said “hi, I am Rafik Ferdous and what’s yours?”

He replied “I am Habil Morshed alias Jimmy”.  I asked “was anyone here yet?” No one replied. Suddenly, a girl came sat on a bench beside me. She was tall and fair but shy. “Hi, I am also in first year, Regina Akhtar” said the girl. I was a full handsome young man but I never done anything bad. We sat there, waiting for more students. Suddenly, a fat boy came, eating sandwiches by walking. When he saw me, he exclaimed “Oh Man! Rafik bhaiya!” We laughed because he wore an under pant. He didn’t even wear his pants. When he showed the pant was torn, we laughed so much that I couldn’t recognize him. When I saw him clearly, he reminded me of the school where I used to study in. I used to call him fatso. His real name was Adnan Sami. He went to the bathroom and changed his pants.


Many students came and we started off the class.  Another girl came beside Regina but a latecomer. In the lunch time, the girl and I were introduced. Her name was Hashi Janarat. I saw that Jimmy and Hashi were challenging for a race. So I challenged Regina for a football match.  At night, Adnan and I went to a stadium. I saw many audiences cheering Jimmy and Hashi. Two cars were stood by. The race manager whistled and the cars started. The cars went through four laps in the field. In the final lap, Jimmy’s car went ahead and the Hashi’s car was still on the same speed but Jimmy was almost on the finish line but Hashi won. For this race, I often saw them arguing but Adnan always push Jimmy lovingly.


Day-3, Basket ball match: there were two teams separated as boys and girls. The boys were lead by the principal and the girls were lead by the principal’s wife, our English Teacher. Both were young. The coach was about to drop the ball when the match started. We took the ball but the girls were cheating to win in round one but in other round we won but in the middle of the match, I felt that I am somewhere. Adnan was eating popcorn and happily dancing that we won. In the final round, one of the boys pulled Jimmy’s legs while jumping but at the same time, both fell down. Some teachers took them to the hospital wing. We saw Jimmy smiling while he was on the bed with a plaster on his hand and leg and had a dark circle on one of his eyes. We five became best friends.



I saw three boys from the fourth year singing when Regina was walking by. Then they followed her said “Oooh! Please sing!” The three boys took the bike and went on a circle but Regina was in centre. I suddenly heard her cry and ran towards the ground. I saw that the three boys were throwing bottle at her. I took a large bench and threw it. All the bikes fell down and the boys got injured except Regina. She was crying and I consoled her.


At night, Adnan, Jimmy, Hashi, Regina and I sat on a hostel bed. “What’s wrong with you?” asked Jimmy. I replied “I saved the girl’s dignity. Do you understand that?” Jimmy said “well said! What’s their reaction? Look, all the fourth year students are making a curfew!” I did not answer. In dawn we went outside the ground. All the fourth year eve teasing students beaten us four friends except that Adnan was hiding under a tree and we were wounded for death.


“Is anyone dead?” asked my grandson. I said “Find the rest of the story from your grandmother”.




“(Now Narrated by the older Regina)’’- Season 2


My grandson wanted to hear the rest of the stories. So my story was that:


Well, we four friends were at the hospital bed and we gained our consciousness from our wounds. “Now, we have to ban the eve teasers” said Rafik. “We will make a band!” We were shocked that he got a brilliant idea. He also planned to donate clothes for cyclone affected people.  We went to the music room and made an audition. Jimmy was good at guitar, Adnan was good at drums and Hashi was good at keyboard. We named it ‘Mosto Jothil’. Our first concert was in Graduation program for the decent students who were leaving the college. We also donated the clothes to the poor people. Our lead singer Rafik took me to the canteen and gave me a ring.


I wasn’t refused because I was always with him. Most of the eve teasers came and crashed the canteen.  The leader of the eve teasers was a man named Anthony. “Your parents are shot dead at my hands, Regina, I love you” said Anthony. I was scared and slapped him with my purse. He tried to throw an acid on me but Rafik roared and pulled his shirt and whispered something. Then Rafik took Anthony to the police station. After that, the police jailed Anthony. The police thanked him and shook hands with Rafik.


At night, I went to coaching for practicing Math and I saw most of the boys saw me and teased me a lot by blackmailing. Suddenly, Rafik came along with the police and caught all of the eve teasers. I was impressed and when the teacher came, he saw only fifteen students and he didn’t even know that four students were arrested. When he heard it, he was happy, dancing.


In July, 2012, at night, the BDR s came for university security protection because of our graduation ceremony. Suddenly, everyone ran away because of the bomb. BDR , Police, Armies and CID came in the auditorium. We also ran but Rafik, Adnan and Jimmy vanished. I was so scared that I couldn’t go anywhere. I saw an underworld don, the famous Harney Bhai came to our favorite Political Studies teacher, Mr. Tausif Uddin.  “I have killed your son” said Harney Bhai. He showed the dead body of a police officer, Atif whom Rafik shook hands. He said “if it is Atif, who is your real son? Tell me! Because I always send the eve teasers because I am obsessed of Regina.” Mr. Tausif shouted “YASEEN KHAN UDDIN, CADET NUMBER: 45078, BATCH: 2003-2009, TRAINED AS A CBI OFFICER IN SAN FRANSISCO! AGE-25! SON OF LT. GENERAL TAUSIF UDDIN AND HE’S ON A TREATMENT TO KILL THE VIRUSES LIKE YOU EVE TEASERS” I became shocked that Harney shot Mr. Tausif dead and took me away to a large, rotten building. I saw a police car and Rafik, Jimmy and Adnan came out of the car.


Rafik wore a police uniform and looked handsome. I was tied on a rope. Rafik came like an action hero and hit all the henchmen of Harney Bhai. Jimmy made him deaf by breaking a glass and threw towards him. After that, Rafik killed Harney and I asked “Rafik, why did you wear a police uniform?” Rafik replied “well, I am Yaseen Khan Uddin and Adnan’s real name was Rashid Khan, my younger adopted brother”.

We got married after our fourth year exams. All eve teasers are finished and Rafik and Jimmy was the winner of our batch and Jimmy got married to Hashi”.



“Well this is the complete story!” said Rafik and I to my grandson. His name was Rizwan Uddin. Well, he’s got a wife and his youth days were cheerful. We as Jimmy, Adnan, Rafik, Hashi and I were reunited as joint family. Now, it’s 2044, the future.

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