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At June 2009 in Moghbazar, Dhaka afternoon, two vehicles came to a rail line by not knowing. Suddenly a train came fast across and the driver couldn’t control it.

Submitted: June 30, 2010

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Submitted: June 30, 2010



At June 2009 in Moghbazar, Dhaka afternoon, two vehicles came to a rail line by not knowing. Suddenly a train came fast across and the driver couldn’t control it. The two vehicles crashed.It was a bus and the car that carelessly went to the rail line. Few days later, a police found a dead body of a woman. He took her to the post-mortem. The doctor from the department examined the woman and took her passport. When the doctor informed the police that the woman had a husband and he called the woman’s husband and after two days, he came to the Dhaka Police Station. He asked the black, tweedy -suited lawyer “How’s my wife?” The lawyer replied “she’s passed away, can you come to my chamber please?” The man replied “sure sir” When he came to the lawyer’s room, the man knocked. “Come in” the lawyer said. “How long you know Mrs. Chaudhory?”The man replied “May I tell you the story as a friend?” “Surely” the lawyer replied.

The man said “In July 1993 in Panchbibi” explained briefly and descriptively:

One day, I went to a tea shop. It was as small as the hut and made of bricks, jutes and tin. Suddenly, I saw a quarrel within. The shopkeeper and a ma with a bike quarreled with each other. When I stopped the quarrel the man with the bike replied “Thank you, boss”. I asked “What’s your name?” The man with a bike replied “My name is Sajeev Khan. You are from a famous landlord family! The descendent of Ezaj Khan Choudhry! Rajeev Khan!” I was surprised that he also mentioned his great grandfather had an excellent relationship with my great grandfather.He was so talkative that I liked him. He was talented and always makes complicated gadgets such as futuristic computers and stuffs. Everyday, I always found out fifteen gadgets in his house. Every day we went to the tea shop and we shared our feelings. Few days later, I saw a man about to rape a girl. I saved her life with non-violence and I took her to my house. I told my mom that I like her. My mom was funny and fat. She was always known as the female-comedian, her favorite comedy phrase was “Jackpot- PEEEERAAA PARA PARA PARAP PARAP, PEERA!” She always sings so loudly that everyday, a fan breaks and table also breaks.Then we got married and went to her house. The house was great and enormous like a famous landlord’s house.I was surprised that Sajeev stood right on the stairs. I hugged him and greeted him. “How are you Mr. Genius?” said I. “I m fine buddy” said Sajeev. My father-in-law’s expression seemed to be strange and irony.I was stared at him a little bit and I asked “Rahima, my lady, what happened? Why he seemed so strange?” “He is just like that when he sees new people” said Rahima. I was not really surprised of this house because it looked like my grandfather’s house. My wife, my friend and I went to DreamPark. I have spent a lot of time there. Then we came back to our house.

2004, quite many years back all away from Panchbibi to Dhaka, I became a successful M.D. in the PRAN Company after my father-in-law. He was quite, a good person indeed to tell me to take care of it. I took care of it properly. Suddenly a call came and I held it “Hello”. The man said “I am from Dhaka Police Department. If you frankly come to our department, you’ll find more information”.I went to the department and found the commissioner sat down. When I knocked he said “Come In”. I sat down in front of him and asked “What happened?”The Former Commissioner replied “Yesterday, at the Mohakhali Flyover, Your friend Sajeev drove a Noah Microbus and pushed a tank. The car exploded. Your friend is in LabaidCardiacHospital, Cabin-109”. I ran to the Hospital and asked the accountants about the cabin. I went to the cabin and saw that Sajeev’s hands were injured. He smiled when he saw me. I was happy that he survived but unfortunately he won’t able to run. He was a successful professional racer. I thought that I would run in his absence.Two days later, I took Sajeev and found my wife, sleeping with my son. I was proud of that because mother can always be with her children lovingly and father also. Sajeev was in bed and I sat down beside him and asked him about the professional race. He permitted me to run to where he incompletes.Then I had joined the racing club and ran all along. I won and won and gave my trophy to Rajeev because we want to prove what good friendship is. I don’t have greed of money, don’t take me wrong. It is all I sacrificed to him. At night I was at the final match, I won. I was searching for Sajeev in the gallery but I can’t find him. I suddenly got a call from the department and found out that Rahima died right after I won. Then I went to my house and found all the papers and contracts written on it to kill. That means he’s into illegal activities.”

“It’s true, I never lie, the accident is one of it” said Rajeev. He was quite-muscular and good looking, white blazer man. He was worried about Sajeev. I saw a girl with Sajeev. Rajeev asked “who is she?” Sajeev replied “She is my wife, one of Ailer Cyclone’s victims. The government didn’t take actions. So I helped them and I was in love with her”.“You have married its okay but why did you vanish yourself?” asked Rajeev. Sajeev replied “I went to Chittagong”. Rajeev and Sajeev saw an insane man, grabbed by police. The insane man said “sorry! Rajeev sory! Sajeev!”. Rajeev said “Shoshur jee, your illegal activities are over, you will be imprisoned”. He went to jail and Rajeev and Sajeev clapped their hands together and Rajeev took the couple to his house. Rajeev’s comedian mother lived in his new mansion. The baby grew up and learned to live. At night, Rajeev was telescoping but suddenly a shot was heard by Rajeev and ran towards the West Wing and saw Sajeev, can’t breathe and saw Rajeev. “Your father-in-law escaped from prison” said Sajeev. He slept forever and Rajeev weep in front of Sajeev’s dead body and suddenly his wife came and drank his blood and weep. Rajeev saw his father-in-law tried to shot his mother. He used his gun and shot his leg off. Then Rajeev took his father in law to the prison.
15th July, 2010, Rajeev saw a woman with burqa. The woman with burqa opened her face to Rajeev. Rajeev asked “Rahima, a year later, how did you get here?” “My husband, I was in a plastic surgery. I was survived and lost my memory. I got my memory back when I saw my father died. I was firstly forced to be hidden in the trees, thanks to Dr. Kabir, your friend” said Rahima. Rajeev was surprised and saw Dr. Kabir came by. “Sajeev, you are alive! Why did you act your death?” said Rajeev.“To test your father in law. He wanted to kill us and he also planned bombing in Kamlapur right after your wife had lost her memory” said Sajeev. Then Rajeev agreed and took them to his family. Then the new beginning held by. 

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