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My teacher...I miss you

Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011



There are many teachers who are not specific but favourite. One of them is really specific and attractive. Her name is Syeda Mohsina Muhit. She was the eldest daughter of an honorable cop-according to my personal view.

At first I was not really attracted to her. I met her when I arrived from Thailand. She was an English Literature teacher. She might be rude but I saw her softer side one day when she slipped from the stairs.She was crying so much that she had reminded me of my mother. When she shouts, she had reminded me when my mom shouts. Furthermore, I always inspired with reality like how to 'tame a shrew'. Nowadays, I always tame each of the 'shrews' but ended up as 'Prospero' a character in Shakespeare in 'The Tempest'-quite literally.I still remember to have a photograph taken by her but I lost it.

I do not know how good I do in her subjects but she claimed that I do good in all her subjects.I had memorable time like inviting her to the restaurant along with her colligues. Her softer side remind me of my mother. I always feel that I would call her 'didi-muni' which means sister lovingly. After my own misunderstandings, I realized that I should consider her as a sister. That is my honest comment. I always think that she is the one who inspired me to write. (for booksie people please thank her for position now I am in). I mean she also inspired me the interest of English Literature and more of History. It is also claimed but true that I used to pass in her exams of all her subjects. Even she was my class-teacher I still love her as a sister. My respect to her had grew more.

The best part is that her face shows some of the things from reality quite literally. It is such as her character, both her soft and harder side and the way of teaching. She is quite strict but a sweet person at heart. I also remember, she was the permenant substitute of a teacher named Namira miss. Namira Miss is also another favourite teacher. I do remember when I misunderstood her, I was painfully sad and distracted as she was also sad. Then she had forgiven me. Namira miss was a friend of Mohsina miss. I wish both of them lead a good life and I miss them all. Mohsina miss is the first teacher/woman who literary taught me the values of life and reality. She is the best teacher alive.



Someone cares about you but you donot care about them does not mean that you force to love them or nor do they. If someone truly cares about you they always let you to move on your life.

Never Play with anyone's feelings

Thank you for your great support Miss.

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