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I AM ALI TAUQEER!” Razi shouted like a lion and shot Fredric’s secretary.

Submitted: June 30, 2010

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Submitted: June 30, 2010





In 2010, a policeman sat on a chair. He saw a bell beside his desk and clicked it. The bell rang in a strange sound and a man knocked the door. “May I come in, sir?” asked the man. “Please come in, my tea boy” said the policeman. “Please give me a cup of tea”. “Ok sir” said the tea boy. Few minutes later, he got the tea. When he was about to drink, he saw an insect, laid in the tea. Then he rang the bell again and the tea boy came. “Yes sir?” he said.“Why sir? TAKE IT!” said the policeman sarcastically and angrily. The tea boy was scared and took the tea.Suddenly, a piece of paper dropped by the tea boy right after he took the tea and the policeman took the letter. When he opened it, he found out what was written:

Dear Premullah Shahid,
You are promoted to be a commissioner and you are a very talented officer. I appreciate you for doing a right thing but you are too young to deserve it. So if you change your mind, please inform me.

Yours Sincerely
Ashraf Khan
Ex- Police Commissioner
P.S. My address is

Banani Road

, House-2, Block-B and it is named as Earl Field.

Prem was so surprised that he would retire earlier and he was too young, he was just an ACP officer. When he went out, some police saluted him. He drove his own private car and went to a small house. He changed his uniform and sat on an old chair. He saw a newspaper and when he was about to read he suddenly saw a man who was shooting with a gun through a tree but the bullet reached on Prem’s house windows and the man ran away. When Prem came out, he saw another man ran past him. He started to run and he was after the man who ran past him and the man who shot the gun. Prem came and saw all cars were lined and beside the cars, there was Rickshaw and in front of the lined up serials there was a car laid upside down and a broken bus. Now, he passed towards the cars and went to a small road which looked like there were dirty walls. Then he saw the same man with the gun and the man who chased the man with a gun. “I am Razi, I will commit then I will never listen to myself” said the man with the gun.The man who ran said “I will kill everyone in this room”. Razi said “Let’s duel Mr. Gangster”. Mr. Gangster started to shoot but the bullets went up when Razi whistled. Then suddenly Mr. Gangster’s blood came from his throat and slowly lay down. “What is your name?” said Prem. “My name is Razi” said Razi .“Hi, I am Prem” said Prem.Raziand Prem went to a building. In the name board it was written as “Mehrab Fitness Centre”. When Razi and Prem went to a corner where girls were doing aerobics, Razi saw a girl who just moved her head and danced within music. Razi thought of a film called “Monpura (Burning Heart)” where he dreamt that Razi was Sonai a main character and the girl was Pori also a main character. Sonai (Razi) saw his Pori (the girl) dancing and the girl smiled at him. When somebody called Razi, he came to the real world quickly and the man who was calling asked “Hey, Razi. What are you doing in my fitness centre?”
“Learning aerobics with my friend, Prem” said Razi.He was moving his head and hips. “GO!” the man shouted. Razi was parodying his exercise again and Prem pulled him.
Meanwhile, an underworld don sat down and opened a briefcase. It was full of money and illegal drugs inside. He smelled the drug and yawned. Suddenly a phone rang and he hung up the phone. “Hello” the don said.The manly voice said “Musharaf Speaking, Flower Bhai. There will be a meeting in your place and I will call Razi and his new friend at the same time”.Suddenly, Razi and Prem came. Prem wore a funky looking shirt and jeans. They came and sat down. “So what do you do?” said Flower Bhai.Razi said “We are partners in crime. We can do anything for you”. Flower Bhai said “we are against you. What are your requirements?” “I have two requirements” said Razi. “First, I can hit anyone I like and the Second I don’t kill women and children”. “I see” said Flower Bhai. Flower Bhai threw the gun on Razi and he caught it. He went out along with Prem and went to a small tea shop.“Sorav Kaka, meet my friend, Prem” said Razi. “Can you give us a cup of tea?” “Sure, why not Razi?” said Sorav. Sorav gave a cup of tea. After they drank, Prem said “I am going to the Station. Bye dosto”.“Bye” said Razi.Prem went to the station and all the police saluted him. “Commisioner Prem” said man sat in front of his desk. “Yes, Mr. Manzil” said Prem.Mr. Manzil said “The terrorists occupied one of the peaceful areas and want to make a war”. “Ok, so how do I manage all this?” asked Prem. Mr. Manzil replied “For managing all this, you have to take all the police and one of the best police officers named Ali Tauqeer. He is under-covered 24 hours and 200 days and He is the Gold Medalist Police officer. He is the one to kill all the Gangsters”. “Do you have his picture?” asked Prem. “No” said Manzil. “I heard you have loved my daughter. My daughter also loves you because you are still a bachelor and young to be a commissioner and dates are fixed and you will be marrying in 1st July”. “I know, somebody promoted me quickly” said Prem. They had some tea and Mr. Manzil went away.

 At night, Prem prepared all the police officers to target the terrorists. They went to the area, full of sand and some grasses and fallen barks.The policemen shot at the bark and the black clothed terrorists shot backwards. The policemen continuously shot and the terrorists were running and hid inside the fallen bark and the other terrorist shot. The gangster looking Razi suddenly came like a thunder with wearing a bright and light reflected white shirt. He ran towards the fallen bark and it was so dark that Razi used his torch light and gun. Prem came along with Razi and saw two men were guarding a gate. Razi went to a tree and disguised in burqa. “I want to see Mr. Zafar” said Razi in a female voice. When he entered the gate, he saw a tunnel with a silver gate in front. Razi used the terrorist’s code and when the tunnel gates were opened, he saw no one and it was so dark that no one can see. He crouched and suddenly saw a guard. Razi grabbed the guard and used the chain. The guard died. When he went to the main room, he saw the terrorists were guarding their king. “Fredric!” he whispered to himself. The name of the terrorist king was Fredric. He crouched all the way and killed all of the guards. “WHO IS IT!” Fredric cried. “I am” said Razi. He jumped and shot. Suddenly Fredric shot Razi. Razi closed his eyes and fell down. Suddenly, Prem came and shot at the terrorist’s hand. All the police officers came and started fighting. After a while Razi woke up and shot at Fredric’s chest. “I don’t see any Ali Tauqeer here” said Prem. “I AM ALI TAUQEER!” Razi shouted like a lion and shot Fredric’s secretary. All the terrorists died together and no longer terrorists. The police were happy with joy and victoriously killed the terrorists and the shootout was over.

In 2011, Ali got married to his childhood sweetheart and Mr. Commissioner Premullah Shahid married Mr. Manzil’s daughter and had a baby named after Ali Taqueer.Heroes never die.





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