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Genre: Young Adult



Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



These heroes are not ordinary nor extraordinary because heroes are the ones who not only protect our lives but they can experience the ways of natural and supernatural effects. Short stories are not only focusing on heroes but they are focusing on the message and moral lessons that we should have to learn.
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These heroes are not ordinary nor extraordinary because heroes are the ones who not only protect our lives but they can experience the ways of natural and supernatural effects. Short stories are not only focusing on heroes but they are focusing on the message and moral lessons that we should have to learn.


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These heroes are not ordinary nor extraordinary because heroes are the ones who not only protect our lives but they can experience the ways of natural and supernatural effects. Short stories are not only focusing on heroes but they are focusing on the message and moral lessons that we should have to learn.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 27, 2010




The Soul of Rabindranath Tagore

In a lovely afternoon, I and my friend Govinda were sitting on the red bench beside Tagore’s Museum. Govinda asked “Yesterday, I heard that young poet Shahjahan lives in Jessore, which is our village” and I replied “yes, that’s true; let me tell you his story”.

Six Years ago, 14th January 2003, There was a spectacled, slim boy named Robin (Robin’s ‘n’ cannot be pronounced in this story). He was simple and sweet as a chocolate and he wears white Panjabi regularly and always takes his blue shoulder bag as a regular bag. One day, Robin and I went to the grocery store, we brought some vegetables, when we have returned to our houses, Robin sat down and started to read some books. Suddenly, three boys went to Robin’s house and when I was about to come to his house, I saw them. Then I was hiding inside the thick walls. “Your poems are good!” said one of the three boys sinisterly. “Oh-h-h, thank you!” stammered Robin nervously.The two boys laughed at him and Robin has started to weep and cried “MADHAV! THIS IS TOO MUCH!” Madhav angrily said “Being so smart, na! IDIOT AND SAIKAT HIT HIM AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!” I can not come out because Madhav would hit me too. Madhav took a large bamboo stick. He hurt Robin severely and the three bullies went out. Then I came out of the thick walls and saw Robin, filled with blood and unconsciousness. Then, I took off his spectacles and took a bandage, cotton and some liquid medicines. I took off his shirt and prevented him with the cotton and medicine. After the evening rose, Robin gains his consciousness. “MADHAV YOU!-’’ cried Robin angrily. I said “It’s me dost, Mehraab! You got hurt many times from Madhav and why don’t you fight him back?” Robin said “Dosto, amar mair ditte iccha nai” He meant that he does not wish to fight him back “Don’t you remember, he persuaded you for cheating and everyone does not like your poem but I like your poem, you have to improve my friend” I said.Robin said “I will soon improve my poem, my dear friend”. We came out and we are playing football in one hour. I have suddenly seen a door, locked with a golden lock. “Why is the door locked?” I asked strangely.Robin replied “It must be the old room of Tagore. Whatever, I heard that only the true poet can open the door. Let me see if I can touch the door”. When Robin touched it in a sudden, the door was automatically unlocked without any key.Then he entered the room strangely and quietly. He suddenly heard a squeaky sound and he said “Who is it?” I was hiding quickly at the thick walls. “Aaj Amader Chooti!” said a bold voice. Robin asked “Is it Tagore?” The bold voice replied “yes, I am Tagore. I have heard many of the conflicts happened to you. Today (for your virtue) I will possess your right hand and tomorrow I will possess your left hand”. The Spirit of Tagore quickly entered inside Robin’s right hand and Robin slipped and lost his sense. I ran quickly and suddenly saw a girl with ‘salwar kameez’. “Nahida!” I cried.“Robin is unconscious!” Nahida asked “Why?” I replied “He’s possessed!” Nahida anxiously said “Let’s go! What are we waiting for?” We ran towards his house and after we reached his house, I knocked the door. “Mehrab baba is that you?” Robin’s nurse asked. I said “Yes, I am”. The nurse opened the door and we asked “How is Robin?”The nurse replied “He have to take rest for two weeks until he is not cured”. “Mehrab, Come in my friend!” said Robin in a loud voice. Nahida and I went to his room and I saw him lay on the rich bed.“Nahida, Long Time No See” said Robin in a weak voice.
“How are you?”
“I am also fine” said Robin.I said “Madhav is a bully, he bullies even girls too. He wanted to poison your mind to bully others”.
Robin said “I will take my revenge with my upcoming poems”.


The trees grew big and the sky turned dull grey.At home, Robin and I were discussing about the poems. After two minutes, the rain started and we felt cold. Robin went out and took me to Nahida’s house. We saw that Nahida felt cold and miserable and Robin put a blanket to Nahida and warmed her. Then I said “my friend, you are so kind and helpful, I will never forget. If you become a famous poet, will you forget me?” Robin said “Nope. I will never forget you”.He patted Nahida beautifully with his hands. Nahida slept and the evening rose, Robin took a torch light and put all the poems in the trees and walls.

Meanwhile, when I reached my house I saw two men side by side and one girl in the middle and I hid in the bushes. When I saw them clearly, I whispered to myself “Is it Madhav’s partners in crime! What are they doing with the girl?” I saw the girl took Saikat to her house and I saw Idiot was crying. I came out of the bushes and Idiot thought that I was a black ghost and scared of me. Then he ran away from me and I threw some bricks on him. I went to my house and I changed my parrot colored shirt. Then I went to sleep.At midnight, when I woke up, I saw every villager running excitedly, even the minister. “Hey let’s go!” said Nahida suddenly. I asked “What happened?” She replied “Let’s go and celebrate with Robin and his poems”. I said “So what re we waiting for? Let’s go and celebrate!” We ran towards Robin’s house cheerfully and when we reached, we saw the minister was knocking the door. He was fat, stubborn looking but friendly and pony tailed mustache. When Robin opened the door, we saw that the villagers pulled him and dancing around. I saw his glasses slipped and it turns out to be broken. Now he looked better than before. I saw his eyes, flashing like a bulb and his eyes turned little bit clear I saw that the villagers praised him. He said “ALL HAIL SHAHJAHAN”. Then the minister took Robin to the minister’s royal chair and he said “Experience matters, the age doesn’t matter. You are no longer the fool Robin anymore and you are right that my son, Madhav is a fool.”I saw Madhav was sarcastic of Robin’s poems. Then, I ran over the crowds and I asked “May I take Robin to my house?” The minister replied “sure!”Then Nahida, Robin and I went to my house. “It’s safe here!” I said. We have planned that we have to give an itching powder to Madhav’s regular shirt but I did not spoke of it very loudly to them because if Madhav hears that. Then we went to Madhav’s house secretly and when we reached, I saw Madhav was pulled his ear by his father and took him out and his partners in crime were sitting romantically. Suddenly the same girl came and took Saikat to her house. Then, the house became empty and Robin, Nahida and I took an itching powder from his father’s room. Then we put an itching powder on Madhav’s shirt. When we ran away, Madhav came back. Then he wore the regular shirt and a blazer. Robin and I saw him walked far away and suddenly one girl and two boys were passing Madhav and we were hiding in the bushes. Then Madhav suddenly jumped and danced in front of them.Madhav shook his hand and took his other to his hips and his legs were jumping like a grasshopper.The girls laughed at him and Robin came out. Then Robin kicked Madhav’s hip and he slipped. Robin laughed and threw him to the river. He tore his Panjabi and I saw his normal body turned out six packs. He went to house, bear-clothed and black jeans. The Next day, Robin took some money from the minister and took me to the book-publishing press. When we reached the press, we saw Madhav’s eyes were injured. “Forgive me Robin Bhaiya! I shall not do it again” he begged. Then he took his walking stick and passed us. When we entered, Robin asked the publishers to read his poems. When the publisher read Robin’s poems, he said “Your themes are more like Tagore! WONDERFUL!” Another day, Robin took today’s newspaper and saw all his poems are published. Then he called one of his cousins from America. “Hey Julie, How’re you?” Robin asked.
“I’m fine! I think you have turned smart, Mr.Shahjahan Robin. When I read your English poems, I felt like, you are Tagore. Bye dude!” she encouraged.
“Bye” Robin said. Robin was surprised that even in America; his poems were published and then he slept in his bed. Later on, Tagore came out while sleeping. He said “you are not in your old-self anymore. You got a gift from God, goodbye, Robin”. When he woke up at the evening, his eyes became clearer and he has muscles. He became taller much like an adult.

“This is how he became rich and he recently live in Dhaka, marrying Nahida” I told Govinda. Suddenly, a huge car came and I saw a man, wore a blazer and took his beautiful wife towards us. “Mehrab! My friend! My Jaan! How can I forget you?”He hugged me. I saw Madhav’s partners in crime were weeping for the girl they loved. They howled like wolves because the girl ended up married to Madhav. I recently do a job to take care of Robin’s old and rented house as a Tagore museum. The soul of Tagore is inside us.
This story was about when we were fifteen and now we are twenty-five.



Remember me, the writer?I afraid you will not remember. My introduction was told by Mehrab, my best friend and brother. Well, The Soul of Rabindranath Tagore was the part of my story.My story begins with 2024, the time my son became a legend. But how? Know it!

My son’s name was Rahil Khan. He was quite a rock star. Well, this begun as when I went to his school, I saw him got beaten up by a bully. I was about to stop them but they ran away. His mouth was bleeding and I took him to my house. He was filled with unconsciousness. I made him lay on his bed and took my first-aid box and gave him some band-aid.When he woke up, he saw me curiously. “Dad!” exclaimed Rahil. “My son, I saw that you got hit by your foe, Roger! If your mom was here, she would protect you more than I do. She was passed away after your birth”. Rahil said “I am sorry Dad! I didn’t mean to hurt you”.I said “Don’t be sorry. So what’s up with your project?” Rahil replied “Well, I had just finished it. I researched the brain a lot”. I announced “Tomorrow, we will go to Rainforest”.Rahil agreed because he wanted to explore the rainforest.

At night, Rahil sat on his computer and started to chat. Suddenly, a mysterious ID added him. He typed with his own way of greeting. Rahil was surprised that his ID has dots and no e-mail address. The color of the computer changed after 10 minutes of chatting. He felt strange and he chatted more. He mentioned his name as Rocky.He said that Rahil would meet him on the rainforest where we were visiting.

Next day, Rahil and I went to the Rainforest. I met a forest ranger named Oli and his brother Abdul. They had experienced a lot of vampires in the rainforests. At night, we three were camp-firing, talking about ghost stories and what happened in the rainforest. We went to the wooden cabin and slept. Suddenly, Rahil woke up, I saw him went outside the rainforest but it was so misty that he could not see anything. He went back to the cabin. He heard a mysterious voice singing in a girl’s voice. He went out of the cabin again; he saw that a shadow went to an old hut. He crept inside the hut and saw that a deer slept. When Rahil was about to touch the deer, he saw that the deer became blue and cold. The shadow glowed and came out of the deer’s body. The body vanished and the shadow turned out to be a text written as:



He went back to the cabin and saw that we were still sleeping. So he slept with us. After that in the next morning, he woke up and followed us to a lake. The lake was so hot that everyone could be dead. I had forbid him to swim in the lake. “Everything happens in the night. Such supernatural things we haven’t experienced before” Oli said. We were surprised except Rahil because he got the information from his ‘unknown’ friend Rocky.

At night Rahil put his writings on trees and went to the hot lake. He saw that the lake became a sea and its waves came up and reflected with blue crystal color. He was curious and the shadow came again turned out to letters:




Rahil put his fingers to the wave and wrote the same password. He went inside the wave and suddenly saw that there were the same trees from the forest. He saw a red paint and he followed through it.Suddenly, he saw a body of a girl laid down. The shadow came out. “I am Rocky” the shadow suddenly said. Rahil cried with surprise “A girl! Rocky!Are you a ghost or something?” The shadow replied “I am Eqra Habib. May be you would not recognize me but I recognize you. I had died when we were fourteen year olds. I was a kid too. I was obsessive with you once but when you left Bangladesh, I planned to find you in Canada. I was looking for you all over but I never know you have passed me with your new face. You had grown so older but I was started to hate you. When I went to the trip to the forest, I just committed suicide and I kidnapped many missing people. I want you to challenge me with a mythological battle. Now I will kill you as a spirit.” She was about to stab Rahil but a torch reflected the spirit that she went away.

It was none other than Oli, Abdul, my friend Mehrab and I. Oli used the torch light and I called Mehrab on phone and he came. Next day, Rahil wrote something about mythological creatures. I just doubted him about that. Next night, I saw a page glowing and all the strange creatures came out of the pages. When I called Rahil, he saw and he exclaimed. There were unicorns, gryphon, centaurs, giant scorpions, dragons and werewolves. We all went to the lake and Rahil opened the lake wave with the password. We had followed the red trail and we saw the shadow and all the powerful creatures stood on the opposite side of us but a meter distance. Rahil commanded us to charge. The battle had begun. Rahil wrote everything and he even called people from his relation with his writing. Suddenly, they came by fading out. The battle grew more powerful. Everything combined and all became pure white light.They enemies were destroyed and all faded away. The wave and the lake busted out and we flew away. All the missing people were tired and we all helped them. Even Oli and Abdul’s missing wife, Sheena and Abdul’s wife.


Everything of Rahil’s books had been published and even the adventures of him in the forest.I was proud of him. He had performed in a school program by singing, dancing and playing guitar. I wished Nahida would be here to see his rock star son with a new body and everyone praised him especially girls. This is the end and Pump It Up!

Obsessive Father

12th July 2007, a gardener named Jalal was planting a tomato plant. He was shorter than a child, barefooted and dressed as a dirty yellow shirt, brown coat and three quartered pant.He went out to play cricket with his nephew, Hellal. When he called Hellal, suddenly a boy came. “Yes uncle” he said. The boy was taller than his age. When they were playing, the suddenly heard a cry. They went to an old apartment. The apartment was dirty red. When Jalal and Helal came through the apartment, they saw flood of blood. They went upstairs and saw a boy laid down at the front side of the apartment. There were five doors at the side of the apartment. “Rahid!” cried Helal. Helal took Rahid’s body and went to another apartment.

When Rahid’s parents saw the dead body laid on Helal’s hand, they were surprised. “Helal! Who killed him ?” asked Rahid’s father. Helal said “Psycho killer killed him! I don’t know who the Psycho Killer is!” Helal went downstairs and saw a door opened. He said “Mom, I am home!” His mother came out. His mother asked what happened to him and why was he upset. Helal said that Rahid died. She became surprised. She warned Helal not to go to the apartment.

Afternoon, Helal went to play outside with his uncle and his other friends. Suddenly a cry was heard. Helal went to the parking lot and saw a boy lay down and full of blood. Helal took the dead body to his parent’s house. His parents were surprised and they didn’t want to admit and asked “who is the killer?” Helal replied “I don’t know whether it’s a psycho killer or a ghost. Though somebody killed him”. Helal went to his house and listed the deaths of the children from the other apartment. His mother was surprised at all deaths. She called the police. The police came and went inside the apartment.They were searching for the psycho killer but one of the cops found to be dead.

At night, Helal went out and saw the apartment glittering and shining. He went inside the apartment and saw a long haired, tall man sat down. When he went near, he patted the man’s hair. He was shocked when he saw the man’s disfigured face. The face was grey and he had sharp teeth, snake tongued, snake nosed and green eyed. He had claws instead of fingers. When Helal ran the man chased him. He jumped through the window and went to his house. Helal was worried and sketched the man. When he sketched it, the drawing became vanished, not the paper.

Another day, Helal went to his uncle’s garden. He said “I want to consult with you about something. What happened in this apartment? Why children were killed?” His uncle replied “5 years ago, when you were in class 1 there was a man who had a daughter. He loved his daughter so much that he spoiled her. He doesn’t want her to be friends with boys. The daughter is non other than your favorite senior sister, Jani Apu. She liked you, that’s why her father killed himself. Jani wanted to sell the apartment but everyone was killed because he was looking for you. Jani went to London. Now the spirit was known as the obsessive father”.

In the other night, Helal and his uncle saw the disfigured man dancing. When the spirit saw Helal, he said “You have changed my daughter and Helal, you are the devil and you also tell lies!” Helal cried “I NEVER TELL LIES!” Helal ran and made the spirit go out. The spirit was laughing and running. The powerful sunlight came. The spirit turned into dust and Helal laid down. His mother came and took him to bed. The sky turned orange and the apartment was exploded to dust. The sky turned blue. Helal woke up. “Are you all right Helal?” asked Helal’s uncle. “Yes” said Helal. No spirits and no ghosts but supernatural is having more years.


In 15 July 2004, there was a forest ranger named Oli. His body was much like an adult and eight packed bodied man sat down in an old chair wondered for the nature of the foggy forest of Canada. Suddenly, a woman came and said “Oli, Breakfast is ready!” Oli replied “Come in, Mom!” When he came inside the cabin-like wooden house, he picked up a newspaper and saw today’s date.Suddenly, a cell phone rang and when he saw it that was an unknown number, he received “hello”. “Ranger Oli, the kids are hijacked by the three dacoits” said the man with a bold voice. “I’ll come ranger Roger, my friend” said Oli. He quickly wore his uniform and he ran through the forest and suddenly saw four tents and three short men bind the three kids in an orange tree and guarded them. He threw the numbers of fake dollars. The dacoits thought that it was the original dollar and released the kids. Then Oli made a sound of a werewolf and the dacoits became scared and ran away from the camp. The kids laughed when Oli came out of the bushes. He hugged the kids and took them to an enormous wooden house. He took the phone numbers of their teachers and parents. When he called them, he played with kids and forbidden them not to go outside the house.

At foggy night, everyone was slept in their beds and floors. The kid woke up and he went outside the same wooden house. In the middle of the forest, the kid shivered and suddenly a white man came. He talked to him with a strange language which was a language of nowhere and opened up a large sharp tooth. Suddenly, Oli jumped and grabbed the kid. Oli switched on his powerful torch light and the man turned out to dust. Next day, many people came to Oli’s house and took the kids off. He went to the club and saw everything was empty. He came back from allover his club to his wooden house. When he went inside the house, he switched on the torch light. The house filled with blood and it was dark. Suddenly a parrot with a paper came and said “Ufff! Crackers again! Here’s your message!” It dropped the paper to Oli’s hand and He said “Thank you, Raja, my king”. He kissed the parrot embarrassingly and the parrot said in a cracked voice “Polly Want A Cracker”.After that he called his mother but there was no response. When he opened the wrapped paper, he read the strange words he knows but he could translate it:

Your mother is kidnapped by a vampire. You have three conditions to fulfill:

•Find friends

It also said:

The rest of it will come automatically if you fulfill the condition. Your Brother is the head of vampires.

“They got to be kidding me, I don’t have any brother” said Oli. “Yes you have” said a voice. “Your brother is a vampire. I am not kidding, I am from the sky”. When he looked up the sky he saw only clouds.“Who are you?” he asked curiously. The strange voice replied “I am the Ghost of Your Father”. “My Lord, BABA!” He cried. “What happened? Why did you leave us alone in the gloomy forest!”“Ask your brother if he is a human” said the ghost. “You mean he is a vampire!” Oli asked. The Ghost said “Yes. But he is a head and king as you say. You have to make him a human until his weakness is not found”. He thought and ran in a highest speed that never happened. The dawn rose and Oli stopped when he heard a cry of a girl.-HELP!- Suddenly he saw the four vampires surrounded the girl with a silky hair and pink dressed jacket. Oli switched on the torch light and turned the vampires to dust. “Your torch light is in a use, Thank you Ranger Guru” said the girl. “Oh Ranger No-33 in Pink Ranger Team in our club, right?” asked Oli.“Sheena” said the girl. “I know” Oli said. When Oli and Sheena went on, Oli saw a man running like a cartoon. When he came towards them, he saw Oli surprisingly. “Oli, you are just like your father, strong and brown haired and developed muscles! Which grade you are in?” said the man “I’ve finished all my colleges and university life when I was fifteen” said Oli. The man said “I am Lola, your ex-butler, also known as Cartoon Network”.Oli laughed “LOLA! It’s a girl’s name!” Lola said “Cartoon would be friendly”.Oli saw the vampire surrounded them and Oli was sharp enough to know that the vampires suck kidneys. Then Oli used his torchlight, Sheena used her yellow gun and Lola used his fake kung fu.Some vampires turned into dust, some of them ran away and some of them turned into humans. One of the vampire-turned-human made friends with them. Oli opened the paper and saw it written as:

•Find friends
•Steal some diaries written by Zohon.

Oli was surprisingly tensed about where to go. The vampire-turned-human asked “what are you thinking about? I know where Zohon’s forbidden diaries are!”
“Um! What’s your name?” asked Oli. The vampire-turned human replied “My name is Rabbi”. Oli exclaimed “RABBI! You’ve physically grown up but I’ve seen you as you lost and your vampire’s physique was as same as when you were seven but you’ve turned sixteen like and your physique! WOW! Muscular and your hairstyle are quite changed!”. “Thank you, Oli, Senior Forest Ranger!” said Rabbi. “I’ll show you the way”. Then Oli, two friends and the parrot followed Rabbi over a picturesque, cave. There were pine trees beside the caves and the sea. Then Oli and Sheena went inside the cave and saw there were skeletons and the dead vampires and they suddenly saw that there were three books, guarded by stones and eyeballs.They walked through and came near. Sheena picked up her sword and tried to slay the stones and eyeballs. Then they have seen five vampires surrounded Oli and Sheena. Oli used his torch-light and Sheena used her gun and sword but Oli’s torch became battery low. When Sheena saw Oli’s torch became powerless, she used her gun. It’s light was as powerful as the sunlight and all the vampires turned into dust and the dark cave turned out light. The stones and eyeballs turned into dust and Oli took the three books away from the cave. The cave was about the break down and they fled out and ran on to sea which was light. They went back to the forest and Oli helped three friends to stay in the forest. Oli was the fast reader and read his two diaries and he couldn’t find the missing link. So he slaughtered a diary written in blood and found out his weakness. The blood was grey and silver and it was bleeding. Oli opened the paper and saw:
•Find friends
•Steal some diaries written by Zohon
•Go To an old talking tree
Oli and three friends went to a mountain which was not that high from the other mountains and there was a tree. It has goofy mustache and two blue eyes.“Hello” said the tree. “Oli, it’s me, Parvez, your old friend’s ghost”. Oli said “Hi Parvez, can you show us the way to Zohon’s castle?”Parvez jumped from the roots and picked up Oli and three friends with his long hands.When they reached the castle, Parvez’s hands laid down. They jumped a little and crept up inside the castle. It was made of moonstone and they saw humans were blocked up in a large, green cell. Oli suddenly saw a kid with large coat and sharp teeth. The kid commanded the guards to know who the intruder of this castle was. Oli crouched and told his three friends to stay. Armies of vampires were searching for them and he crawled. When he saw one of the vampires, trying to surround him, he used Sheena’s gun-rays and turned the vampire into dust. He went to the great-hall and saw Zohon cried “Prepare for battle!” Oli became furious. Zohon was physically a fourteen year old kid. So he used Sheena’s gun and every part of his skin turned into dust and slowly turned into a tall, brown bearded man with long hair. All the vampires turned out to humans and their kidneys were refreshed. “Who exactly are you?” Zohon asked.Oli replied “No time to explain! We have much work to do!”Sheena used her sword and broke the glass cells. Men were bear shirted and women were bear footed. They jumped when the glass broke down. Oli saw his widowed mother fell on the floor and huffed.Oli and Zohon ran towards her and Zohon asked “Mother, sorry that I have lost you! I don’t remember any of those murders and when I was a vampire. I and My father went to fishing and suddenly we found a green stone. I did not know that the green stone has a curse. When I threw it to the cave, some dragonfly-like insects came and killed my father. The insect’s blood-group matches mine. It sucked my blood and I felt weird, that’s all I remember, by the way, who is he, mother?”Oli’s mother said “He’s your baby brother, I lied that he doesn’t have any brother but I have a feeling that somebody suggested Oli and you, were back from the dead turned out twenty. When you were a vampire and physically you were same as you were fourteen and now your physique became tall and muscular~ and look! You have a beard, Abdul!” Oli said “Ma, the ghost of my father suggested me and I took it seriously”.Oli, Sheena, Lola, Rabbi, Abdul (Zohon) and Their Mother went back to their wooden house by avoiding risks.
~Five Months Later, 16 December 2009 the fireworks blasted off. So many changing moods, fog, mist and vampires were no longer.Lola was dancing and also the parrot. Sheena and Oli at the bridge, Abdul and some of his friends were gossiping and also known that Abdul grew mature and his vampire intelligence still works but he was no longer a vampire. After that, her mother announced “For the joy of brothers! I especially announce to celebrate my sons’ birthday officially! I am happy not only about get together but for twenty years, my younger son, Oli found his lost brother with the risk and also the marriage of my two sons!” Everyone at the party clapped and the party had begun. Oli has married to Sheena and Abdul has married to his high school sweetheart. ~

Journey to Jarratpur

Once, there were three brothers and their names are: Ali, Maqbool and Rashed. They were the sons of the Landlord of a village named Prachinpur. It was between Jaipurhat and India. Ali, the eldest son was on a farm and he was planting a rice plant. Suddenly, a Maqbool, the younger brother called him “Hey, bhai!” He came and asked “what happened?”Maqbool replied “a pity man came on our house”.Then Ali and Maqbool went to the drawing room. He saw a wheel-chaired man. “Let Peace be Upon You, two Muslim living decedents of Gopi and Bagha” said the man. Maqbool said “sorry, we are three. The third one is coming from the market”. Suddenly, Rashed the youngest came with the bags full of vegetables. “May I know you sir?” Rashed asked. “Let Peace be Upon You, the third descendant of Gopi and Bagha. I am Mrivanoti Farid Moharab. Address me as Farid Uncle”. The three were shocked that they could not recognize their uncle. “Let peace be upon to you too kaka” said the trio.

“Baba, I am sorry, I haven’t seen you since your parents passed away in a car accident (Dhaka). Ali was born in Jan 1994, now its 2019 Maqbool was born in July 1994 and Rashed was born in December 1994. You three were born in the same year. Your parents died in 1997 in New York. Your young maternal aunt who took care of you three that time she was 18. I used to visit you in Prachinpur and your aunt was vanished because of many reasons we cannot share of but she is still young physically and now she needs you and go to a place called Jarratpur. You will find her” said the Wheel chaired man.“Kaka, I am sorry to hear that. After we came from London to finish our Honors, I doubted and I found a letter from my vanished aunt Rahida. It says, she was in peace and wanted us to visit her in Jarratpur”. Their uncle decided that they have to go to Jarratpur. The three brothers packed their bags. They went to the garage. Later on, they used a car and when Ali switched it on, the wheels were packed and the wings on the jet came out of the car. It flew up the sky and went forward towards the mountains.They passed and suddenly, the car shook and all the red lights from the car were vibrating. The trio looked furious about those and they knew that the brakes were jammed. Then the car went down fast and crashed. The doors opened and they fell down. The car blasted and the fire sparked. When they gain consciousness, they found their bags were not burned and it was still with them.They were gained their consciousness that time and Ali saw that his guitar was with him. He suddenly saw that there was a round door on the mountains.

“Vol-1 The Passage’’

Then he led the two brothers to the round door. When Ali knocked the door, he saw that an old but short man opened the door. The time was night. “Excuse me, who are you, three brave young men?” said the old short man.

“We are the Muslim descendants of Gopinath Gyne and Baghanath Byne” said Ali.The short man laughed. He said “the kids whom I used to love, grown so old! May be you would not remember me because after your parents passed away, I used to visit you and how was your kind aunt, Rahida?” Then Maqbool said “We are in quest, searching for her. She’s in Jarratpur”. The short man said “Oh, Allah, what have you done and in Jarratpur, many terrible things happens whatever I hear from the villagers from Khattamuni means our village. Oh, my name is Kabir Joselam and I am your godfather and the uncle Farid is my friend. Come in.” The trio came in and took their dinner together. They slept in a very tall room with tall bed but rest of the rooms was short. At dawn 6, Ali woke up and he felt that the winds came. He saw that there were natural farms and scarecrows made of pumpkin and the under hill doors were beautifully shaped. There were carriages of a horse-like eagle and the fish like creature. Suddenly, Kabir came. Ali asked “What are these?” Kabir replied “Those are Fishorsan. They are very good hunters. They are the warriors of the great sea. I think you would like to ride it”. Ali and Kabir went to the house again. Later on all came out at afternoon and went to a mountain rest house, taking parathas and vegetables. Behind the under hill house,Kabir and the trio saw a Fishorsan eating a jelly fish. “Bow” said Kabir to Ali. Ali slowly came near the Fishorsan. He bowed down and he went there rode on it. When he said fly, the Fishorsan flew upwards through Rock Mountains and sea.

“Vol-2 Underwater”

When they returned to the land, Ali saw Kabir and the two brothers stood beside them. Later on, the others tested except Kabir. “It’s in our blood” said Kabir. “Today, you have to go to the sea because it is the way to go to Jarratpur”. “Thank you” said Ali with tears. “I missed my aunt and she is in terrible danger! I will find her but she is still young when we saw her. She is still 18 but mature enough to help us.”Kabir took them to his house. Then gave them an old map “This is where we live, The Hall of the Earth. You have to go to Jarratpur across the sea city named Sagorahati” said Kabir. Then the three brothers prepared for swim in the sea. When they swum inside the sea, they saw a large glass-covered and gold buildings and a broken ship with gold. There were green human-frog legs like creature stood on the main gate. When they went to the main gate, the creature asked “Who are you?” Ali replied “we are the sons of Ibrahim Kazi, descendent of Gopinath Gyne and Baghanath Byne. We want to see your king”.

Then the creatures opened the door. Rashed asked “who are they?” Ali replied “they are the creature called Bangmanob. They like music. We have electric flutes and glass guitar to persuade the king. I think we could stay one night with him”.When they followed the guards to the broken ship, inside, they found a ‘Bangmanob’ wore a crown and looked handsome. “Well, sons of Ibrahim Kazi! I welcome you and I am King Ramon. I want you to take rest and before that, please I want to hear some Rock and Roll music”. They used the electric flute and guitar. The king was so impressed that he gave food to them. “Well, there are many stories from your parents, your maternal aunt and your Kabir uncle. How are they?” Maqbool said “our parents passed away by car accident in Dhaka. Our maternal aunt, Rahida is in a terrible place named Jarratpur, Kabir uncle is fine and Farid Kaka is allright but in the bus accident, his legs were paralyzed”. Ramon said “Sorry to hear your parent’s death and sorry to hear about Rahida and everything that I heard”. Ali asked Ramon to go to Jarratpur with them.

“Vol-3 Desert Island and Jarratpur”

Another day, they swum through the north and saw that there was a desert. It was quite and cold. They suddenly saw that there were camel-like horses with sharp-teeth creatures. “Yaud, the fastest camel” said the trio. The trio, Ramon and his armies rode on the Yaud. The Yaud rode faster than a car but when they reached the sea, the Yauds stopped. They realized that Yauds cannot swim. Ali used the electric flute and called all the Fishorsans at the time. Many of them came and grabbed the Yauds. At night, they went to the place full of tress and thorns. They suddenly saw a huge manor which looked like the witch’s castle.Ramon and the other creatures, made their tent with leaves. Then the trio went inside the manor. In the entrance, it has a huge stair and the glass made chair. The woman who wore a crown and a man who wore the crown sat on the glass chair. “Who are you strangers?” asked the woman. Ali said “We are from Bholapur, the Khan descendant, your highness, Queen Transta”.“Come in, my guests” said the woman, Queen Transta.

Meanwhile, the trio, the king and queen took their dinner together. After they slept, Ali sneaked out and saw that there was a prison. All the prisoners were the creatures and human races. Somebody knocked Ali. When he looked back, he suddenly saw a young girl. “May I know you stranger?” asked the young girl. Ali was shocked that she couldn’t recognize him. “Your face is same as before. I know you since from the beginning. You have been taking care of us but you have vanished. Why?” asked Ali.

“Khoka?” said the young girl.“Well, I am a jailor here now. Are you Ali?”Ali replied “well, correct! But I miss you so much that I want to take you. What are the terrible things in Jarratpur?” The young girl said “After your parents passed away, we had planned to take care of you three but Queen Transta was a cruel person that she used to torture me and you three in a persuasive way because she thought that we are slaves of her and everyone in Prachinpur hated me for her. Before you three were born, we were in Dhaka. Your parents, Ibrahim and Anis, I Rahida, your paternal uncle Farid and Kabir, your godfather were friends. One day, when we were camping, we found strange creatures indeed and we went places and places we had never seen before. The terrible thing in Jarratpur is there will be a war between you and the queen but thank God that you had hidden your identity. I was sure that one day you three will come with Ramon’s armies, Fishorsan, Bangmanob and Yaud but our armies are full of vampires and un-dead.” Then the grey clouds rose that time was morning. When Ali went to the castle, he woke the two brothers up and Ali used his electric flute to call up all the creatures. Later on, they went to the battlefield. Two sides stood on. Opposition and Proposition. They made a cry and the battle begun. All fought and blood came out of the creatures. Humans are red, Fishorsan are pink, Bangmanob are glittering green and Vampires are grey. They used all the bows and cannons. Ali stabbed the queen and all the undead armies are turned into dust. The race of men came back and all the creatures bowed the three brothers.


They got married to their high school sweethearts and they became kings and queens. The aunt was always with them and got married to Farid. Kabir stayed with them and all are reunited and Jarratpur became a peaceful, technological city.


Sergio and Maria


During the 12th Century (France), I was driving a horse carriage. The forest was dark at night. I suddenly saw three wolves bit and drank a man’s blood. I jumped down from the right side of the carriage as fast as possible. I took a wooden torch and showed the fire. They all ran away. When I looked at his face in a proper way, I cried “DROMIO!” I carried him and kept him in the carriage safely. Dromio’s blood was cold and it was bleeding. I drove fast and reached the Notre Dame cathedral. When I entered the cathedral, I was encountered with the priest. I told him to cure Dromio.

I went to the city and reached the King’s castle. I saw that the guards glared at me. I apologized to the guards that I was too late. I went inside the castle and found out that the entrance room was clear. I went to a small cabin and looked at my parent’s small portraits. Then I went to a large but cold room. It was decorated with a brick made chimney and the bed was relaxing but small and there were beautiful portraits of fruits and there were also large windows and enormous curtains. It was a room for French aristocrats. I slept there relaxingly. The day rose seven hours later and all woke up. When I woke up, I went to the great hall and had a feast with the king. I took loaf bread, roasted beef and chicken eggs. When I went to an enormous room, I saw that it was decorated with tiles and there was a huge lamp made with candles. There was a chimney and a bar. I never drink wine nor even smoke but still I was the in charge of the bar. It was empty and no one was here. I am also a merchant.

When the King went out of the city, I came out of the castle as a commoner. I walked in the crowded streets. I was suddenly knocked by a girl’s shoulder.When the girl passed me I looked back. She also looked back to me and smiled at me. I charmed her with a smile. The girl’s hair was straight at the top and curly at the end of her hair.

When she went away, I went to a bakery. I saw my friends were drinking grape juice. They were smoking as well. I greeted to them. When I convinced my friends to go to the mountains, they all agreed to go there. I saw beautiful mountains and lakes. The sun was going down and the cloud rose. I took a horse and went to the castle. When I entered the castle, I found out that the castle was crowded. I went to the ball room but almost full for dancing. I saw the same girl sat on the bar and she felt alone. Suddenly, Dromio came towards me and asked “You are right on time, my friend”. Dromio put his hand on my other shoulder. He said “this is Maria.” When Dromio pointed towards Maria he said “Maria, this is Sergio Devito”. “Oh I’ve seen him” said Maria.I said “I also saw her. She smiled at me”. She smiled again. I had danced with her.

Then, I slept. Next day, I went out with Maria to show the city because she came from the village. I showed the city. We played hide and seek and I followed her all the way to the bridge sang about love:

Love is in birth by birth
Kills the hell, Finds the Heaven,
Find the love that you found before
Do not defy your true love.
Love is age by age
Help and try.
True love does have no bounds.

She was free like a bird and her eyes were honest. I started to be friends with her. Next day, I shaved my round beard and visited all the townspeople, the bookshops and bakeries with Maria. I gave her white roses and I put one of them in her hair. She was impressed and supported me a lot.I was a lot happier than before.

Next day, I went to a wooden dockyard beside the sea. I sat down and talked to my friend who was also a part time bartender. In the window, I suddenly saw a large wooden curved ship. “This ship is from which city I am familiar to that ship?” I asked. The friend replied “From Venice”.I suddenly saw a man from the ship entered to the dockyard. He asked “Which one of you is Sergio Devito?” I replied “I am”.The man from the ship took off his hat and bowed “I am Delacroix, the son of J’Albe De Tour. I am one of the Venice merchants and your distant cousin”. “I thought I was an orphan but I don’t even know I have a family!” exclaimed I.

I took him to my carriage and showed the city, castles and cathedrals. He took rest and slept. I went near Maria and convinced her to go to the Notre Dame cathedral. We went there with my horse; we prayed to God that our love will know no bounds and we will be lovers forever, by life and death and love will never be wrong. Maria went to a pet shop and she brought me a parrot. We went to the castle and asked the guards about Delacroix.They told us to go to the ball room. I saw full of people, dancing. We went to the bar and sat down. Delacroix came and asked me “Who is she?” “She’s my partner, Maria” I replied.His handshake with Maria was suspicious. He was always sarcastic as I suspected. When we go out, he always wanted to go with us. I always saw him thinking. Next day, when I alone went to a meeting, I heard from Delacroix that Maria was the one to steal my properties.

I was upset and the evening rose. I went to the bar and saw that Maria glared at me and I missed her smile. She said she no longer loved me and she love Delacroix. The Next Day, I went to the mountains. I saw birds and all the animals stared at me. I played with animals and I was still upset.At night my parrot came with a message. He said “Master, Castle will fire!” He repeated the message. I was shocked and took a horse. I came to the city as quick as possible. I saw there was no fire in the front side. I went to the backside of the castle. It was locked. I saw through giant windows that Delacroix threw the torch light upwards and the lamp fell down. The fire started to increase. I jumped through the glass window and it became broken. I fell down and the blood of wound came out from me. When I saw a girl’s hair, I cried “MARIA!”She said “Sergio, my love. Delacroix is rude and violent. He blackmailed me separating from you. He is the one to
Steal your properties”. “I shall be a man of new religion,
New name, new nationality and new language in my next life” said I as my last words.“The same” said her last words. “I will re unite true love in next life.” The fire exploded and I was feeling like dying.


They were died and Delacroix buried their dead bodies in the corner and made them hugging to each other. 2007 February, an archeologist came and dug up the mud. He saw the dead bodies hugging. They thought that the couples were from 2000 BC. They named it the ‘Skeleton Couples’.Some people thought they were disappeared, some people said they were reincarnated and many people don’t know the story of the Skeleton couples. This story is a new language of love.

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