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Heroes give messages


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Heroes give messages

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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At June 2009 in Moghbazar, Dhaka afternoon, two vehicles came to a rail line by not knowing. Suddenly a train came fast across and the driver couldn’t control it. The two vehicles crashed.It was a bus and the car that carelessly went to the rail line. Few days later, a police found a dead body of a woman. He took her to the post-mortem. The doctor from the department examined the woman and took her passport. When the doctor informed the police that the woman had a husband and he called the woman’s husband and after two days, he came to the Dhaka Police Station. He asked the black, tweedy -suited lawyer “How’s my wife?” The lawyer replied “she’s passed away, can you come to my chamber please?” The man replied “sure sir” When he came to the lawyer’s room, the man knocked. “Come in” the lawyer said. “How long you know Mrs. Chaudhory?”The man replied “May I tell you the story as a friend?” “Surely” the lawyer replied.

The man said “In July 1993 in Panchbibi” explained briefly and descriptively:

One day, I went to a tea shop. It was as small as the hut and made of bricks, jutes and tin. Suddenly, I saw a quarrel within. The shopkeeper and a ma with a bike quarreled with each other. When I stopped the quarrel the man with the bike replied “Thank you, boss”. I asked “What’s your name?” The man with a bike replied “My name is Sajeev Khan. You are from a famous landlord family! The descendent of Ezaj Khan Choudhry! Rajeev Khan!” I was surprised that he also mentioned his great grandfather had an excellent relationship with my great grandfather.He was so talkative that I liked him. He was talented and always makes complicated gadgets such as futuristic computers and stuffs. Everyday, I always found out fifteen gadgets in his house. Every day we went to the tea shop and we shared our feelings. Few days later, I saw a man about to rape a girl. I saved her life with non-violence and I took her to my house. I told my mom that I like her. My mom was funny and fat. She was always known as the female-comedian, her favorite comedy phrase was “Jackpot- PEEEERAAA PARA PARA PARAP PARAP, PEERA!” She always sings so loudly that everyday, a fan breaks and table also breaks.Then we got married and went to her house. The house was great and enormous like a famous landlord’s house.I was surprised that Sajeev stood right on the stairs. I hugged him and greeted him. “How are you Mr. Genius?” said I. “I m fine buddy” said Sajeev. My father-in-law’s expression seemed to be strange and irony.I was stared at him a little bit and I asked “Rahima, my lady, what happened? Why he seemed so strange?” “He is just like that when he sees new people” said Rahima. I was not really surprised of this house because it looked like my grandfather’s house. My wife, my friend and I went to Dream Park. I have spent a lot of time there. Then we came back to our house.

2004, quite many years back all away from Panchbibi to Dhaka, I became a successful M.D. in the PRAN Company after my father-in-law. He was quite, a good person indeed to tell me to take care of it. I took care of it properly. Suddenly a call came and I held it “Hello”. The man said “I am from Dhaka Police Department. If you frankly come to our department, you’ll find more information”.I went to the department and found the commissioner sat down. When I knocked he said “Come In”. I sat down in front of him and asked “What happened?”The Former Commissioner replied “Yesterday, at the Mohakhali Flyover, Your friend Sajeev drove a Noah Microbus and pushed a tank. The car exploded. Your friend is in Labaid Cardiac Hospital, Cabin-109”. I ran to the Hospital and asked the accountants about the cabin. I went to the cabin and saw that Sajeev’s hands were injured. He smiled when he saw me. I was happy that he survived but unfortunately he won’t able to run. He was a successful professional racer. I thought that I would run in his absence.Two days later, I took Sajeev and found my wife, sleeping with my son. I was proud of that because mother can always be with her children lovingly and father also. Sajeev was in bed and I sat down beside him and asked him about the professional race. He permitted me to run to where he incompletes.Then I had joined the racing club and ran all along. I won and won and gave my trophy to Rajeev because we want to prove what good friendship is. I don’t have greed of money, don’t take me wrong. It is all I sacrificed to him. At night I was at the final match, I won. I was searching for Sajeev in the gallery but I can’t find him. I suddenly got a call from the department and found out that Rahima died right after I won. Then I went to my house and found all the papers and contracts written on it to kill. That means he’s into illegal activities.”

“It’s true, I never lie, the accident is one of it” said Rajeev. He was quite-muscular and good looking, white blazer man. He was worried about Sajeev. I saw a girl with Sajeev. Rajeev asked “who is she?” Sajeev replied “She is my wife, one of Ailer Cyclone’s victims. The government didn’t take actions. So I helped them and I was in love with her”.“You have married its okay but why did you vanish yourself?” asked Rajeev. Sajeev replied “I went to Chittagong”. Rajeev and Sajeev saw an insane man, grabbed by police. The insane man said “sorry! Rajeev sory! Sajeev!”. Rajeev said “Shoshur jee, your illegal activities are over, you will be imprisoned”. He went to jail and Rajeev and Sajeev clapped their hands together and Rajeev took the couple to his house. Rajeev’s comedian mother lived in his new mansion. The baby grew up and learned to live. At night, Rajeev was telescoping but suddenly a shot was heard by Rajeev and ran towards the West Wing and saw Sajeev, can’t breathe and saw Rajeev. “Your father-in-law escaped from prison” said Sajeev. He slept forever and Rajeev weep in front of Sajeev’s dead body and suddenly his wife came and drank his blood and weep. Rajeev saw his father-in-law tried to shot his mother. He used his gun and shot his leg off. Then Rajeev took his father in law to the prison.

15th July, 2010, Rajeev saw a woman with burqa. The woman with burqa opened her face to Rajeev. Rajeev asked “Rahima, a year later, how did you get here?” “My husband, I was in a plastic surgery. I was survived and lost my memory. I got my memory back when I saw my father died. I was firstly forced to be hidden in the trees, thanks to Dr. Kabir, your friend” said Rahima. Rajeev was surprised and saw Dr. Kabir came by. “Sajeev, you are alive! Why did you act your death?” said Rajeev.“To test your father in law. He wanted to kill us and he also planned bombing in Kamlapur right after your wife had lost her memory” said Sajeev. Then Rajeev agreed and took them to his family. Then the new beginning held by.
In 2010, a policeman sat on a chair. He saw a bell beside his desk and clicked it. The bell rang in a strange sound and a man knocked the door. “May I come in, sir?” asked the man. “Please come in, my tea boy” said the policeman. “Please give me a cup of tea”. “Ok sir” said the tea boy. Few minutes later, he got the tea. When he was about to drink, he saw an insect, laid in the tea. Then he rang the bell again and the tea boy came. “Yes sir?” he said.“Why sir? TAKE IT!” said the policeman sarcastically and angrily. The tea boy was scared and took the tea.Suddenly, a piece of paper dropped by the tea boy right after he took the tea and the policeman took the letter. When he opened it, he found out what was written:

Dear Premullah Shahid,
You are promoted to be a commissioner and you are a very talented officer. I appreciate you for doing a right thing but you are too young to deserve it. So if you change your mind, please inform me.

Yours Sincerely
Ashraf Khan
Ex- Police Commissioner
P.S. My address is Banani Road, House-2, Block-B and it is named as Earl Field.

Prem was so surprised that he would retire earlier and he was too young, he was just an ACP officer. When he went out, some police saluted him. He drove his own private car and went to a small house. He changed his uniform and sat on an old chair. He saw a newspaper and when he was about to read he suddenly saw a man who was shooting with a gun through a tree but the bullet reached on Prem’s house windows and the man ran away. When Prem came out, he saw another man ran past him. He started to run and he was after the man who ran past him and the man who shot the gun. Prem came and saw all cars were lined and beside the cars, there was Rickshaw and in front of the lined up serials there was a car laid upside down and a broken bus. Now, he passed towards the cars and went to a small road which looked like there were dirty walls. Then he saw the same man with the gun and the man who chased the man with a gun. “I am Razi, I will commit then I will never listen to myself” said the man with the gun.The man who ran said “I will kill everyone in this room”. Razi said “Let’s duel Mr. Gangster”. Mr. Gangster started to shoot but the bullets went up when Razi whistled. Then suddenly Mr. Gangster’s blood came from his throat and slowly lay down. “What is your name?” said Prem. “My name is Razi” said Razi .“Hi, I am Prem” said Prem.Raziand Prem went to a building. In the name board it was written as “Mehrab Fitness Centre”. When Razi and Prem went to a corner where girls were doing aerobics, Razi saw a girl who just moved her head and danced within music. Razi thought of a film called “Monpura (Burning Heart)” where he dreamt that Razi was Sonai a main character and the girl was Pori also a main character. Sonai (Razi) saw his Pori (the girl) dancing and the girl smiled at him. When somebody called Razi, he came to the real world quickly and the man who was calling asked “Hey, Razi. What are you doing in my fitness centre?”
“Learning aerobics with my friend, Prem” said Razi.He was moving his head and hips. “GO!” the man shouted. Razi was parodying his exercise again and Prem pulled him.

Meanwhile, an underworld don sat down and opened a briefcase. It was full of money and illegal drugs inside. He smelled the drug and yawned. Suddenly a phone rang and he hung up the phone. “Hello” the don said.The manly voice said “Musharaf Speaking, Flower Bhai. There will be a meeting in your place and I will call Razi and his new friend at the same time”.Suddenly, Razi and Prem came. Prem wore a funky looking shirt and jeans. They came and sat down. “So what do you do?” said Flower Bhai.Razi said “We are partners in crime. We can do anything for you”. Flower Bhai said “we are against you. What are your requirements?” “I have two requirements” said Razi. “First, I can hit anyone I like and the Second I don’t kill women and children”. “I see” said Flower Bhai. Flower Bhai threw the gun on Razi and he caught it. He went out along with Prem and went to a small tea shop.“Sorav Kaka, meet my friend, Prem” said Razi. “Can you give us a cup of tea?” “Sure, why not Razi?” said Sorav. Sorav gave a cup of tea. After they drank, Prem said “I am going to the Station. Bye dosto”.“Bye” said Razi.Prem went to the station and all the police saluted him. “Commisioner Prem” said man sat in front of his desk. “Yes, Mr. Manzil” said Prem.Mr. Manzil said “The terrorists occupied one of the peaceful areas and want to make a war”. “Ok, so how do I manage all this?” asked Prem. Mr. Manzil replied “For managing all this, you have to take all the police and one of the best police officers named Ali Tauqeer. He is under-covered 24 hours and 200 days and He is the Gold Medalist Police officer. He is the one to kill all the Gangsters”. “Do you have his picture?” asked Prem. “No” said Manzil. “I heard you have loved my daughter. My daughter also loves you because you are still a bachelor and young to be a commissioner and dates are fixed and you will be marrying in 1st July”. “I know, somebody promoted me quickly” said Prem. They had some tea and Mr. Manzil went away.

At night, Prem prepared all the police officers to target the terrorists. They went to the area, full of sand and some grasses and fallen barks.The policemen shot at the bark and the black clothed terrorists shot backwards. The policemen continuously shot and the terrorists were running and hid inside the fallen bark and the other terrorist shot. The gangster looking Razi suddenly came like a thunder with wearing a bright and light reflected white shirt. He ran towards the fallen bark and it was so dark that Razi used his torch light and gun. Prem came along with Razi and saw two men were guarding a gate. Razi went to a tree and disguised in burqa. “I want to see Mr. Zafar” said Razi in a female voice. When he entered the gate, he saw a tunnel with a silver gate in front. Razi used the terrorist’s code and when the tunnel gates were opened, he saw no one and it was so dark that no one can see. He crouched and suddenly saw a guard. Razi grabbed the guard and used the chain. The guard died. When he went to the main room, he saw the terrorists were guarding their king. “Fredric!” he whispered to himself. The name of the terrorist king was Fredric. He crouched all the way and killed all of the guards. “WHO IS IT!” Fredric cried. “I am” said Razi. He jumped and shot. Suddenly Fredric shot Razi. Razi closed his eyes and fell down. Suddenly, Prem came and shot at the terrorist’s hand. All the police officers came and started fighting. After a while Razi woke up and shot at Fredric’s chest. “I don’t see any Ali Tauqeer here” said Prem. “I AM ALI TAUQEER!” Razi shouted like a lion and shot Fredric’s secretary. All the terrorists died together and no longer terrorists. The police were happy with joy and victoriously killed the terrorists and the shootout was over.

In 2011, Ali got married to his childhood sweetheart and Mr. Commissioner Premullah Shahid married Mr. Manzil’s daughter and had a baby named after Ali Taqueer.Heroes never die.
In the bus, there were three boys, gathering, singing and laughing at their jokes. “I heard that Coxes Bazar is a beautiful place” said the middle of the two boys named Rafid. He was an US born Bangladeshi and he lived in Bangladesh for five years and tries to explore. “Yes bro, really beautiful” said the right side of the other two boys named Jamal.The left side named Tausif was listening to a song on his cell phone and humming.
They reached in a handsome hotel. They were tired and booked their room. When they went upstairs, the three boys saw there was a man with a mustache, healthy physique and he wore a formal shirt with a brown pant. The man gave a pleasant smile. “Well, Good Morning! I am Mr. Hasif. I am the owner of the hotel. I shall guide you to Coxes Bazar and be careful, many strange things would happen in the hotel beside ours” said the man. They took it lightly because they did not believe in supernatural things.
In the lovely afternoon, they went to the beach. Suddenly, Tausif saw an advertisement, written as:
Tausif called Rafid and Jamal. “Hey look, there is an advertisement” said Tausif. When they read it, they were surprised. Rafid said “There is no factory in Coxes Bazar. Why they put it?” Tausif said “I have no idea. Whether there was a factory or not, I just have to go to the hotel beside the hotel they were staying. Rafid went to the reception and asked the accountants about the hotel. “What happened in this hotel?” asked Rafid. The young lady in the accounts replied “there used to be a shoe factory. It was destroyed when the owner of the shoe factory came from Australia but he suddenly disappeared and no one knows and everyone got scared and killed”. Rafid expressed his suspicious face and he went near Tausif and Rafid. They asked about the happenings at the hotel but when they took it seriously, they got rid of their vacation and thought about it. They were amateur detectives.
At night, they went to the hotel and suddenly saw that lights were flashing in their glass windows. They went downstairs and saw that those lights were flashing and it was pointing to the beach. They split up and Rafid went through front. The seas were waving in the front of the beach. He saw a white smoke and he went to the left side of the beach. Then he saw a black figure ran. Rafid ran and went to the tree side of the beach. “HEY!” he shouted. Suddenly, Tausif and Jamal came and Rafid asked “Have you seen a shadow man?”Jamal replied “no, I just saw the white smoke, honest!”
Next Morning, they went to the neighboring hotel and saw all the dead bodies and flood of blood. When the young lady from the accounts came, she was shocked. She asked Rafid about the killings that happened now. Suddenly, he saw a golden locket. The locket was expensive and made with real gold. They looked for the owners of the locket. No one admitted it. In the locket, it was written ‘R’.They had looked for the names listed in ‘R’s.
Then at night, they went to the beach, Rafid saw a man who has long beard and long hair with a brown blanket sat on a bench. Rafid went near him and he asked “How did the owner of the shoe factory disappear? You are the eldest and wisest, you can tell me what had happened in the hotel?” The old man replied “Yes, that happened in 1999, when I was 124 years old, I was old but I was tall and looked like 24 years old and I was an English Language Professor. It was a shoe factory before it was a hotel. The owner and I were friends. She had a daughter named Reshma. She was 16 that time. She was in love with a man named Armaan Karim. He was the hero of the college. Armaan was also in love with her. Her father also liked him but when Armaan’s cousin, Yasin came to the hotel, he hired some terrorists. When Armaan and Reshma encountered with the terrorists in the corridor,the terrorists shot Armaan’s spine and they became unconscious. The two lovers were separated, not knowing their conditions. The Shoe factory had been destroyed and the father had been committed suicide due to the shoe factory was destroyed. The killings were done by the owner of the hotel”.Rafid was shocked.
When Rafid went to the hotel, he, Jamal and Tausif were discussing about it.Next day, Rafid saw that the neighboring hotel was empty. The young lady accountant came behind. “Sir” said the lady. Rafid looked back. He said “Reshma, is that your name?”
“How do you know sir?” asked the young lady. Then Rafid said “Oh, you haven’t seen Armaan for 11 years. He once saved my life from an accident and told me all the emotional stories about you two. He was non other than Tausif. His face surely changed but he told a lot about you. The shadow man was Tausif. He wrote you a letter, right? When you were sleeping? I knew it all because I saw it very clearly and the killer wanted you to trap us was non other than Yasin and he had a plastic surgery and changed his name. I am Detective Rafid Al Musharaf”. Jamal was surprised and young lady was very surprised. Suddenly, a man came. “Mr. Yasin, you are arrested” said Tausif and Rafid. The police came and behind Yasin and took him. He was acting like he was staggering. Rafid and Jamal went to the bus and bid Tausif (Armaan) and Reshma goodbye.
A Year later, Tausif and Reshma got married and they had a baby. Rafid stayed with them forever.
Days of Violent Youth
My adult grandson got married and I, the old man never told about my days of youth. I also respect the days of dignity and my job in the days of youth. At night, my grandson came to me and asked “What have you done in your College years?” I replied “there are too many things to tell you. Listen to my story:
‘In January 2009, I was celebrating New Years with my parents. After 12, I slept and when I heard an alarm, I ran to East West University. I saw a boy sat alone. No one was here in the class. When I came to him, I said “hi, I am Rafik Ferdous and what’s yours?”
He replied “I am Habil Morshed alias Jimmy”.I asked “was anyone here yet?” No one replied. Suddenly, a girl came sat on a bench beside me. She was tall and fair but shy. “Hi, I am also in first year, Regina Akhtar” said the girl. I was a full handsome young man but I never done anything bad. We sat there, waiting for more students. Suddenly, a fat boy came, eating sandwiches by walking. When he saw me, he exclaimed “Oh Man! Rafik bhaiya!” We laughed because he wore an under pant. He didn’t even wear his pants. When he showed the pant was torn, we laughed so much that I couldn’t recognize him. When I saw him clearly, he reminded me of the school where I used to study in. I used to call him fatso. His real name was Adnan Sami. He went to the bathroom and changed his pants.
Many students came and we started off the class.Another girl came beside Regina but a latecomer. In the lunch time, the girl and I were introduced. Her name was Hashi Janarat. I saw that Jimmy and Hashi were challenging for a race. So I challenged Regina for a football match.At night, Adnan and I went to a stadium. I saw many audiences cheering Jimmy and Hashi. Two cars were stood by. The race manager whistled and the cars started. The cars went through four laps in the field. In the final lap, Jimmy’s car went ahead and the Hashi’s car was still on the same speed but Jimmy was almost on the finish line but Hashi won. For this race, I often saw them arguing but Adnan always push Jimmy lovingly.
Day-3, Basket ball match: there were two teams separated as boys and girls. The boys were lead by the principal and the girls were lead by the principal’s wife, our English Teacher. Both were young. The coach was about to drop the ball when the match started. We took the ball but the girls were cheating to win in round one but in other round we won but in the middle of the match, I felt that I am somewhere. Adnan was eating popcorn and happily dancing that we won. In the final round, one of the boys pulled Jimmy’s legs while jumping but at the same time, both fell down. Some teachers took them to the hospital wing. We saw Jimmy smiling while he was on the bed with a plaster on his hand and leg and had a dark circle on one of his eyes. We five became best friends.
I saw three boys from the fourth year singing when Regina was walking by. Then they followed her said “Oooh! Please sing!” The three boys took the bike and went on a circle but Regina was in centre. I suddenly heard her cry and ran towards the ground. I saw that the three boys were throwing bottle at her. I took a large bench and threw it. All the bikes fell down and the boys got injured except Regina. She was crying and I consoled her.
At night, Adnan, Jimmy, Hashi, Regina and I sat on a hostel bed. “What’s wrong with you?” asked Jimmy. I replied “I saved the girl’s dignity. Do you understand that?” Jimmy said “well said! What’s their reaction? Look, all the fourth year students are making a curfew!” I did not answer. In dawn we went outside the ground. All the fourth year eve teasing students beaten us four friends except that Adnan was hiding under a tree and we were wounded for death.”
“Is anyone dead?” asked my grandson. I said “Find the rest of the story from your grandmother”.
“(Now Narrated by the older Regina)’’- Season 2
My grandson wanted to hear the rest of the stories. So my story was that:
“Well, we four friends were at the hospital bed and we gained our consciousness from our wounds. “Now, we have to ban the eve teasers” said Rafik. “We will make a band!” We were shocked that he got a brilliant idea. He also planned to donate clothes for cyclone affected people.We went to the music room and made an audition. Jimmy was good at guitar, Adnan was good at drums and Hashi was good at keyboard. We named it ‘Mosto Jothil’. Our first concert was in Graduation program for the decent students who were leaving the college. We also donated the clothes to the poor people. Our lead singer Rafik took me to the canteen and gave me a ring.
I wasn’t refused because I was always with him. Most of the eve teasers came and crashed the canteen.The leader of the eve teasers was a man named Anthony. “Your parents are shot dead at my hands, Regina, I love you” said Anthony. I was scared and slapped him with my purse. He tried to throw an acid on me but Rafik roared and pulled his shirt and whispered something. Then Rafik took Anthony to the police station. After that, the police jailed Anthony. The police thanked him and shook hands with Rafik.
At night, I went to coaching for practicing Math and I saw most of the boys saw me and teased me a lot by blackmailing. Suddenly, Rafik came along with the police and caught all of the eve teasers. I was impressed and when the teacher came, he saw only fifteen students and he didn’t even know that four students were arrested. When he heard it, he was happy, dancing.
In July, 2012, at night, the BDR s came for university security protection because of our graduation ceremony. Suddenly, everyone ran away because of the bomb. BDR , Police, Armies and CID came in the auditorium. We also ran but Rafik, Adnan and Jimmy vanished. I was so scared that I couldn’t go anywhere. I saw an underworld don, the famous Harney Bhai came to our favorite Political Studies teacher, Mr. Tausif Uddin.“I have killed your son” said Harney Bhai. He showed the dead body of a police officer, Atif whom Rafik shook hands. He said “if it is Atif, who is your real son? Tell me! Because I always send the eve teasers because I am obsessed of Regina.” Mr. Tausif shouted “YASEEN KHAN UDDIN, CADET NUMBER: 45078, BATCH: 2003-2009, TRAINED AS A CBI OFFICER IN SAN FRANSISCO! AGE-25! SON OF LT. GENERAL TAUSIF UDDIN AND HE’S ON A TREATMENT TO KILL THE VIRUSES LIKE YOU EVE TEASERS” I became shocked that Harney shot Mr. Tausif dead and took me away to a large, rotten building. I saw a police car and Rafik, Jimmy and Adnan came out of the car.
Rafik wore a police uniform and looked handsome. I was tied on a rope. Rafik came like an action hero and hit all the henchmen of Harney Bhai. Jimmy made him deaf by breaking a glass and threw towards him. After that, Rafik killed Harney and I asked “Rafik, why did you wear a police uniform?” Rafik replied “well, I am Yaseen Khan Uddin and Adnan’s real name was Rashid Khan, my younger adopted brother”.
We got married after our fourth year exams. All eve teasers are finished and Rafik and Jimmy was the winner of our batch and Jimmy got married to Hashi”.
“Well this is the complete story!” said Rafik and I to my grandson. His name was Rizwan Uddin. Well, he’s got a wife and his youth days were cheerful. We as Jimmy, Adnan, Rafik, Hashi and I were reunited as joint family. Now, it’s 2044, the future.
A SURVIVOR- 21st February, Student's War Of Bangla Language
In December 1951, the students were listening to the radio that Pakistan was under power. Suddenly an university student named Jarif wore a shirt which was clean and the color was blue. He also wore a long loin-cloth. He said silently "Well, I knew it!"

He saw other university students hearing attentively on the radio. He cried "Huh! that's boring!" The other students shushed him. When they ran away, Jarif suddenly saw that a soldier came. The soldier asked in Urdu "Tumhara Naam Kya Hai?" Jarif replied in Urdu "Mera naam Jarif Ahmed, ek Pakistani Politician ka beta". The soldier praised "Toh bahut accha hai". Jarif was bit scared and the soldier went away.

When he went to hishostel room he saw two of his friends praised him. "Jarif! very good! you have fooled the soldiers that you are Pakistani but they don't even know that you are Bengali" one of his friend said. "Oh Rahid! Amar dosto!" cried Jarif and hugged him. Suddenly, Jarif saw a girl entering his room. "Hi Mr. Jarif Ahmed, I am Sarah, your new room mate". She was tall beautiful and just like the Dhallywood actresses. She wore a red, ordinary sari. Jarif and Sarah shook hands.He also guided her to the university.

At night, when they went to sleep, Jarif heard a gunshot and slept. He heard a gunshot again and suddenly he woke up. He was two Rajakars passing his room. Then Jarif walked through the same direction and hid himself. The Rajakars went away by killing a student. He saw the student laid on the floor, bloodstained. He called everyone, even the teachers. After that the professors arranged a program of milad.

Next day, milad was fulfilled and Sarah sang a song

'Maa go, Vabna keno
Amra tomar shanto prio
shanto chele'

Suddenly the Pakistani soldiers came and shot all the students. All are survived and took the wounded to the hospital. Jarif and Sarah became best friends. The room mates also became more closer. Their batch made a political debate club. Suddenly, Jarif and the other students heard the radio that Zinnah said that Urdu must be an official language. The students got upset. When the Professors went to sleep, the students created a banner as a slogan 'Rashtro Vasha Bangla Chai'.

Then all the students came out and the dawn of the 21st February, the student cried the same slogan. After that, when the soldiers shot the students, the students attacked the soldiers. The soldiers shot Jarif and Sarah. They fell down and closed their eyes.

After the attack was over, Rahid saw them dead and called his other friend, Promollam. They were shocked by saw them, blood stained. In 23rd February, Rahid and other leading students went to the location where they were attacked and constructed a Shahid Minar. Rahid said "In the memory of Jarif Ahmed, I will be a professor of Debate". Rahid met a female Journalist named Harmana Rahima from BBC. She was a Bengali and also known to be a famous journalist. Rahid and Harmana went to their village and saw all the poor people without food, skeletal children and some are ill. When they saw that people were sad. At night, a Pakistani Soldier came to one of the tents and took all their food. Rahid took a knife and caught the soldier. Harmaana was impressed that how Bengals are brave. After that, Rahid joined Dhaka University as a lecturer. Rahid and Harmana got married. In the marriage night, Rahid was remembering that Jarif, Sarah and Promollam played a prank:

'Rajakars came to the university. Jarif hid himself. When Sarah
wore a widowed white colored sari, Rahid and Promollam hid
themselves in the forbidden library. The rajakars tiptoed. Sarah
saidin a horrific voice "I am a ghost". Jarif made a wolf sound.
When the Rajakars ran away to the Library, Rahid and Promollam
laughed in a roar voice. Rajakars ran away. When they were
together they booed the rajakars'.

He smiled. Suddenly, the group of boys came to the tent. Everyone hid themselves. The group of boys came out when the soldiers came and shoot all the soldiers. Many of the soldiers were killed. Rahid felt something that he never dream. He felt someone was alive and also felt the war will be ended.


Two students, Alif and Rahmat sat on the hostel room where Jarif used to live in. Many of the professors were traumatized by thedeath of Jarif and Sarah. No one told everyone the truth and Alif was one of the students curious about their stories. The duo walked on the corridor. He saw a handsome man who wore a brown blazer and had squared spectacle.

"Professor Haque,in 1948 batch, who died in Ekushey February" asked the duo. The man replied "nine honorable students died in Ekushey February". Alif asked "Jarif and Sarah! after their fourth years in 1952!" The man replied "Yes, but a secret! don't tell anyone! I am actually, the Professor of Political Studies but I am pretending to teach you how to speak in Urdu Language. I am actually, Professor Jarif Ahmed and I pretended to be dead for everyone in this world because when the Pakistanis saw us pretending to be dead, they went away and when I woke up, I saw Sarah unconscious and I took her to the jungle and used water bottle to make her conscious and at night, all the way to the jungle, we saw a candle light and tents and I saw all the people, poor and needy. Sarah and I helped them. That time, my son was born. I came back as a lecturer by another name, Haque as a lecturer.Then I took a break to do my PHD in US.I was successful. The principal and I were planned to help everyone of you secretly.We got married and no one knew it. Your Biology professor, Mrs. Rabea is Sarah. I returned as a professor to help the Bengals.My job is also that". Alif and Rahmat were surprised and kept their secret not to tell anyone. "I hate politics!" said Alif.

"No, hating Politics is not enough. I used to hate it too but when the war begun, we are used to it" said Professor Haque aka Jarif. All the student went out with guns and bamboo sticks. The students hit the soldiers and shot them. Suddenly, the government stopped the war. "Quit our Bangladesh and get out!" said the government in the meeting. All the Pakistani traders went away. It is 16th December. Jarif said "I am still alive and she is Sarah.I am Jarif, the Professor of Political Studies. I always give you notes but I never make any presence and my assistant, Rahid is pretending to teach Political Studies but he was an assistant Professor but he was actually a debate professor and Sarah is my wife, she will sing a song and she is the professor of Biology and I now have an eleven year old son whom I raised in a hidden village. We have to honor our Freedom Fighters such as Motiur Rahman,Zia Ur Rahman and Sheikh Mujib our Dhaka University Students who died in Ekushey February as Salam, Jabbar, Rafiq, Shafiq, Barkat and other honorable students. Honor them and my wife, Sarah will sing for them. JOY BANGLA! Now we call it Bangladesh and the Liberation War is over!". The crowd also gave the same slogan. Sarah came out of the Public and sang a song.

'Amar shonar Bangla
Ami tomai valobashi'

All were charmed by her voice and Jarif sat along with his eleven year old son, Rafil Hamid and hearing Sarah's charming voice.

© Copyright 2017 Fahmid. All rights reserved.


Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



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