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This is about how a 16 year old kid, Robin became a loser to a winner.The twist in this tale is followed by it's sequel "IMPROVISED WRITING OF SUPERNATURAL ABILITIES".

Submitted: June 30, 2010

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Submitted: June 30, 2010



The Soul of Rabindranath Tagore


In a lovely afternoon, I and my friend Govinda were sitting on the red bench beside Tagore’s Museum. Govinda asked “Yesterday, I heard that young poet Shahjahan lives in Jessore, which is our village” and I replied “yes, that’s true; let me tell you his story”.

Six Years ago, 14th January 2003, There was a spectacled, slim boy named Robin (Robin’s ‘n’ cannot be pronounced in this story). He was simple and sweet as a chocolate and he wears white Panjabi regularly and always takes his blue shoulder bag as a regular bag. One day, Robin and I went to the grocery store, we brought some vegetables, when we have returned to our houses, Robin sat down and started to read some books. Suddenly, three boys went to Robin’s house and when I was about to come to his house, I saw them. Then I was hiding inside the thick walls. “Your poems are good!” said one of the three boys sinisterly. “Oh-h-h, thank you!” stammered Robin nervously.The two boys laughed at him and Robin has started to weep and cried “MADHAV! THIS IS TOO MUCH!” Madhav angrily said “Being so smart, na! IDIOT AND SAIKAT HIT HIM AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!” I can not come out because Madhav would hit me too. Madhav took a large bamboo stick. He hurt Robin severely and the three bullies went out. Then I came out of the thick walls and saw Robin, filled with blood and unconsciousness. Then, I took off his spectacles and took a bandage, cotton and some liquid medicines. I took off his shirt and prevented him with the cotton and medicine. After the evening rose, Robin gains his consciousness. “MADHAV YOU!-’’ cried Robin angrily. I said “It’s me dost, Mehraab! You got hurt many times from Madhav and why don’t you fight him back?” Robin said “Dosto, amar mair ditte iccha nai” He meant that he does not wish to fight him back “Don’t you remember, he persuaded you for cheating and everyone does not like your poem but I like your poem, you have to improve my friend” I said.Robin said “I will soon improve my poem, my dear friend”. We came out and we are playing football in one hour. I have suddenly seen a door, locked with a golden lock. “Why is the door locked?” I asked strangely.Robin replied “It must be the old room of Tagore. Whatever, I heard that only the true poet can open the door. Let me see if I can touch the door”. When Robin touched it in a sudden, the door was automatically unlocked without any key.Then he entered the room strangely and quietly. He suddenly heard a squeaky sound and he said “Who is it?” I was hiding quickly at the thick walls. “Aaj Amader Chooti!” said a bold voice. Robin asked “Is it Tagore?” The bold voice replied “yes, I am Tagore. I have heard many of the conflicts happened to you. Today (for your virtue) I will possess your right hand and tomorrow I will possess your left hand”. The Spirit of Tagore quickly entered inside Robin’s right hand and Robin slipped and lost his sense. I ran quickly and suddenly saw a girl with ‘salwar kameez’. “Nahida!” I cried.“Robin is unconscious!” Nahida asked “Why?” I replied “He’s possessed!” Nahida anxiously said “Let’s go! What are we waiting for?” We ran towards his house and after we reached his house, I knocked the door. “Mehrab baba is that you?” Robin’s nurse asked. I said “Yes, I am”. The nurse opened the door and we asked “How is Robin?”The nurse replied “He have to take rest for two weeks until he is not cured”. “Mehrab, Come in my friend!” said Robin in a loud voice. Nahida and I went to his room and I saw him lay on the rich bed.“Nahida, Long Time No See” said Robin in a weak voice.
“How are you?”
“I am also fine” said Robin.I said “Madhav is a bully, he bullies even girls too. He wanted to poison your mind to bully others”.
Robin said “I will take my revenge with my upcoming poems”.


The trees grew big and the sky turned dull grey.At home, Robin and I were discussing about the poems. After two minutes, the rain started and we felt cold. Robin went out and took me to Nahida’s house. We saw that Nahida felt cold and miserable and Robin put a blanket to Nahida and warmed her. Then I said “my friend, you are so kind and helpful, I will never forget. If you become a famous poet, will you forget me?” Robin said “Nope. I will never forget you”.He patted Nahida beautifully with his hands. Nahida slept and the evening rose, Robin took a torch light and put all the poems in the trees and walls.

Meanwhile, when I reached my house I saw two men side by side and one girl in the middle and I hid in the bushes. When I saw them clearly, I whispered to myself “Is it Madhav’s partners in crime! What are they doing with the girl?” I saw the girl took Saikat to her house and I saw Idiot was crying. I came out of the bushes and Idiot thought that I was a black ghost and scared of me. Then he ran away from me and I threw some bricks on him. I went to my house and I changed my parrot colored shirt. Then I went to sleep.At midnight, when I woke up, I saw every villager running excitedly, even the minister. “Hey let’s go!” said Nahida suddenly. I asked “What happened?” She replied “Let’s go and celebrate with Robin and his poems”. I said “So what re we waiting for? Let’s go and celebrate!” We ran towards Robin’s house cheerfully and when we reached, we saw the minister was knocking the door. He was fat, stubborn looking but friendly and pony tailed mustache. When Robin opened the door, we saw that the villagers pulled him and dancing around. I saw his glasses slipped and it turns out to be broken. Now he looked better than before. I saw his eyes, flashing like a bulb and his eyes turned little bit clear I saw that the villagers praised him. He said “ALL HAIL SHAHJAHAN”. Then the minister took Robin to the minister’s royal chair and he said “Experience matters, the age doesn’t matter. You are no longer the fool Robin anymore and you are right that my son, Madhav is a fool.”I saw Madhav was sarcastic of Robin’s poems. Then, I ran over the crowds and I asked “May I take Robin to my house?” The minister replied “sure!”Then Nahida, Robin and I went to my house. “It’s safe here!” I said. We have planned that we have to give an itching powder to Madhav’s regular shirt but I did not spoke of it very loudly to them because if Madhav hears that. Then we went to Madhav’s house secretly and when we reached, I saw Madhav was pulled his ear by his father and took him out and his partners in crime were sitting romantically. Suddenly the same girl came and took Saikat to her house. Then, the house became empty and Robin, Nahida and I took an itching powder from his father’s room. Then we put an itching powder on Madhav’s shirt. When we ran away, Madhav came back. Then he wore the regular shirt and a blazer. Robin and I saw him walked far away and suddenly one girl and two boys were passing Madhav and we were hiding in the bushes. Then Madhav suddenly jumped and danced in front of them.Madhav shook his hand and took his other to his hips and his legs were jumping like a grasshopper.The girls laughed at him and Robin came out. Then Robin kicked Madhav’s hip and he slipped. Robin laughed and threw him to the river. He tore his Panjabi and I saw his normal body turned out six packs. He went to house, bear-clothed and black jeans. The Next day, Robin took some money from the minister and took me to the book-publishing press. When we reached the press, we saw Madhav’s eyes were injured. “Forgive me Robin Bhaiya! I shall not do it again” he begged. Then he took his walking stick and passed us. When we entered, Robin asked the publishers to read his poems. When the publisher read Robin’s poems, he said “Your themes are more like Tagore! WONDERFUL!” Another day, Robin took today’s newspaper and saw all his poems are published. Then he called one of his cousins from America. “Hey Julie, How’re you?” Robin asked.
 “I’m fine! I think you have turned smart, Mr.Shahjahan Robin. When I read your English poems, I felt like, you are Tagore. Bye dude!” she encouraged.
“Bye” Robin said. Robin was surprised that even in America; his poems were published and then he slept in his bed. Later on, Tagore came out while sleeping. He said “you are not in your old-self anymore. You got a gift from God, goodbye, Robin”. When he woke up at the evening, his eyes became clearer and he has muscles. He became taller much like an adult.

“This is how he became rich and he recently live in Dhaka, marrying Nahida” I told Govinda. Suddenly, a huge car came and I saw a man, wore a blazer and took his beautiful wife towards us. “Mehrab! My friend! My Jaan! How can I forget you?”He hugged me. I saw Madhav’s partners in crime were weeping for the girl they loved. They howled like wolves because the girl ended up married to Madhav. I recently do a job to take care of Robin’s old and rented house as a Tagore museum. The soul of Tagore is inside us.
 This story was about when we were fifteen and now we are twenty-five.

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