a bad dream

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i came to my favorite park where i found a rotten corpse. my emotions started to run wild and my body came to an end and instead of running back home i lead myself to a soulless tunnel where a unimaginable, terrifying creature manhandled me and tried to kill me. i woke up due to the sounds of my alarm clock going off, realizing "it was just a bad dream".

Submitted: November 30, 2018

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Submitted: November 30, 2018



Entering the bright, cheerful park. The sun was basking in its nest. Cheerfully galloping through the park to arrive at my favorite spot. The grass was dancing in waves with each gust of wind, only to spring up as fresh as a bunch of flowers right after. The old trees were bordering the fields like guards of the sounds of the busy city and creating a peaceful place for the small creatures that lived there. As I was joyfully glaring at the pleasant view, I saw two frightened children run out of the squeaky playground gates, where my favorite spot was and down the other side of the hill and the parents were fearfully running right after them. I slowly walked towards my spot and I see nothing but a sparkly view.

I then turned 90* to my right and I see something strange. Looking closely and attentively... there it was; a rotten putrid corpse. The dead essence came running inside my nostrils and made me squint and the fresh green grass reaching its death bed. Shaken and terrorized, my breathing rate started to slow down as if the corpse was trying to steal my oxygen. Breathing and breathing but the air just wouldn't go in. It felt like my lungs were filling up with water and there was no space for air in them. Then the rising panic, the dizziness and the need to get low on the ground started to appear.

I looked up as I was gasping for air, all of a sudden time stood still as I watched the ocean blue sky turn grey. Looking back and forth, my flight mode switched on and I furiously bolted out of the park. As I was running the sound of the street lights crackling echoed through my ear, and my heart palpitated rapidly. Tears came falling off my eyes, and I kept thinking about my mother and father and how I just wanted to be at home where I would be safe and sound, but instead my legs lead me to an unlighted, shadowy tunnel. I stopped and stared and asked myself why I was here and not home, but I had no clue.

Drip! Drip! Drip! The sound of the sludgy, unclean water dripping from the ceiling panel.

Crkk! Crkk! Crkk! The sound of the tunnel lights flickering.

The whole atmosphere overshadowed me. Confused and frightened I looked over my shoulder and suddenly a frost-bitten and dark hand grabbed me from behind and threw me across the other side of the tunnel. Bruised and broken I lied there still, shivering in fear and my face covered in salty tears. Its face was covered in darkness; all I could see was its wrinkly fingers with sharp, pointy nails. It came towards me, I cried and cried but it didn't care. There was only one word to describe this beast; heartless.

It grabbed my throat and pulled me up and opened its mouth and it started to consume my soul and...

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

I open my eyes and turned off my alarm clock. Realizing it was just a bad dream. I got out of bed and my heart and mind felt at ease and I also felt sweaty and my clothes were sticking onto my body. Walking towards my mirror I said to myself;

"It was just a bad dream"

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