The Running Tear

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Adelina, a kind and lovely girl from a small town of nowhere is in love with a country boy, William. However, an accident puts the just started romance to a horrific fate. Will the couples reveal their affection in time before it's too late?

Submitted: June 28, 2012

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Submitted: June 28, 2012



The Running Tear

There he goes again, walking by my street to school with his moving blue Vans, beige skinny jeans, and a teal v-neck t-shirt. He was my knight in shining armor, my love. I have tried every chance to be near him and let him notice who I am, a pure and kind girl. I’m not trying to brag, but that is what everyone tells me, so I’m taking their word, hoping that it is fit for William. Thinking about out relationship as my eyes followed him with my walking feet, a car suddenly honked. I looked to see a bursting black truck speeding at me.

I woke up in the dull-lighted hospital. Next to me surprisingly, was William laying motionless on the faded bed. Observing his every scratches and blood, I was shocked. I was fine except for a few bruises and cuts, but I was in a well state compared to my love. Noticing what had happened, a sharp pain ran through me.

As if William sensed my emotions, he then weakly opened his eyes and told me in the most hushed sound, “I love you, Adeline.” I went speechless, to awed to make a sound. However, his eyes were still on me.

Then, without a clue, the doctor came in with a really ragged, but not torn, white coat. He mutely stared at William with an intense look. As the stare got deeper, I got more confused, but when the sound of the electrocardiogram suddenly burst through the air, I turned lunatic and rushed over to shake him awake.

“William! Don’t leave me!” I bellowed. “You stay with me Will!” The scenery of that dull room turned more lurid as it sided with the noises of the monitor and my cries for my love. The sound of beeps abruptly turned into a high pitch of horror.

With the touch of pain and love, I scorched out my confession, “William, I love you! I have always loved you! I have dreamed one day to be yours. And not you’re dead! You’re dead! YOU’RE DEAD! You are lying here like a piece of wood on this bed because of me! It is my entire fault! I killed you!”

I kneeled there besides William’s bed, weeping. Then the doctor smirked and slowly paced towards us. Glancing up to see the pitch black eyes of his, I backed away. The doctor gave out another frightening smirk. He then unlocked the bed and pushed William out the room without hesitating. I struggled to stop him, but his muscular arms swung me across the room and vanished out. I rushed toward the door again only to find it locked. I panicked and then tried to escape out the window for I was terrified. When I looked out the window, I saw a land of debris and smoke. The environment was covered with muddy dust and out of the blue was a land of debris and smoke. I gasped with the most shaken sound while my jaw trembled with fear. Only when a sound of a door clicking did I turn around. However, my view was only a moving door.

“Well, well, well.” A hard tone called from the corner of the room. “So you are the kindest girl in this town, huh?” It was the doctor. He was leaning on the wall casually, addressing me with no eye contact. But on the other side, I glared at him firmly. He seemed to have felt my stare for he shot up from his position and headed towards me with the dark pupils focused on my heart. As he did, the ragged white cloth slowly sank into his skin as hot bubbly lava rushed to cover it. When the coat finally vanished from sight, the lava transformed from bright red, to mahogany, and then muddy black, all in five seconds. My whole body stiffened but my muscles screamed to run. The only thing moving in the room was the heavy breathing of my heart beating like a seesaw, and the thunderous footsteps of the devil.

I sensed my death approaching me. All I thought of was William, my love, our love. A bucket of tears leaked through both of my desperate eyes. As for the doctor, he exploded into speed with his sharp and pointy enormous yellow teeth showing and pounced on me. That dark devil forced his teeth inside me. My next though was death. However, strangely enough, when those sharp teeth pressured against my skin, I felt a force inside me that propelled the devil back to the corner. My senses staggered, too stunned to think about what to do next.

Then a sweet, but rushed, familiar voice inside me yelled, “Run! Adelina, run and hide! If you don’t run now you will die! I don’t want you to die! I love you!” I followed the instructions rapidly for there was something about the voice that made me wants to trust and listen to the beautiful melody.

Running across some endless hallways and turns, I picked a door to which I thought was secure according to my instinct. As I entered the hollowed room, my cold and icy stiff feet made a shattering pitch. I had no clue what to do next so I just hid inside the colorless room. Tears didn’t come to my eyes but fear was in so much presence that it filled the whole room and was leaking outside the door. I didn’t know what to do and what to expect. My brain still isn’t taking in from all that impossible scenes that have happened within the last hour. No matter what humid summer day it has been, the freezer had been powered inside me. I worked hard on my difficult breathing. Inhale and exhale- I instructed myself. Thankfully, my brain was also still conscious enough to tell me to calm down or else I would just panic and freak myself out to death. Of course, I eventually calmed down and just tried to comprehend what had happened.

If you were looking at the room’s portrait right now, you would be seeing a little girl hugging herself like a toddler to their favorite blanket and sobbing in and out as if she was a damsel in distress. Usually in movies, that little girl would be whimpering for her love like I am whimpering for William. I’ve heard stories about how when a loved one dies, they would turn into an angel and protect you of danger. My happy side, or what has been left of it, wondered if William was looking over at me right now, protecting me from the devil. 

However, I getting away from the devil didn’t last very long. From the dark room came shockingly the only light source to the room and in the middle of it was a hideous shadow. After it was a brutal shriek and that screaming shriek shook me into a deep slumber.


“Wake up Adelina! Wake up! My Elli, please wake up now!!!!!” That same familiar voice yelled inside my head. “Open your eyes now! Don’t you dare die! I love you!” With those words, my eyes shot open with the monster an inch away from me.

Both of us remained motionless but it was I who first broke free. His hand automatically reached out to grab me. With his one pull, my jacket ripped off, revealing the thin blouse showing my bare chest. I ached for help and then it happened again, a train of pain went into the devil as he saw my bare chest. I can tell that it was in extraordinary pain. My eyes flashes as its hand reached for the blazing knife and flung it at me, not wanting me to get away again. I blocked it with my hand, causing it to bleed like a river, gushing to the ocean.

Once more, I fled, but very gradually. My vision pinpointed at the monster slurping the blood, my blood, off the ground. As it continued following the trail of blood which was leading to me, I sprung out of sight. This time, I didn’t stop for any rooms. I just kept running and running- escaping. The task was not easily done, however I did, but not on my own. It was a good five minutes before I ran into the corner, the corner where I saw William.

“This couldn’t be!” I muttered with disbelief. “Oh! I get it! I died, didn’t I! That will be why we’re together.”

Then he put his fire hot hand on my neck and his dark ruby lips next to my ear and whispered, “My Adelina, you haven’t dies. I haven’t died! We both are still alive. I was just under the devil’s curse and now because of your love, we broke it.”

“We haven’t died? But the devil…” I staggered, “Oh William, do you even have any idea how much I mourned over your dead body! You must never leave me! Never again!!!!!”

“I swear I won’t,” responded William, “now come. I found a way out of here.” I tried to follow but something was so indifferent about him that I hesitated. “Oh love! Just about an hour without me will make you doubt me? I’m disappointed.”

“No!” I rushed out to answer. “Of course not, I’m just still scared from the devil. Just go now before it catches up.” Once again, he grabbed my hand and pulled it towards a direction. It was so odd. There were so many things that were so weird about him. The one that bothered me the most was that he didn’t even notice my bleeding arm which is in unimaginable pain right now. But it might just be the curse that is still wearing on him.

We entered a dark room but there was a light in which William turned on right away, without exploring. My mind was in the clouds. The room contained of needles and tubes. How would a room like this help us out? I just stood there glancing at every angle of the room, not noticing William. And when I do, he was strapping me onto a squeaky wooden chair.

“This will secure you so you don’t bounce out during the ride.” William spoke. I was helpless in objecting to his actions. My eyes beamed at him blankly, not knowing what to do. I looked at William’s hands tying down the last knot. When he was done, he kneeled down to kiss me but instead, he brushed his lips towards my heart. I gave one look and then shriek. The teeth coming out of William’s mouth were sharp, enormous and yellow. Recapping my memory, those were the same teeth as the devil’s teeth. This thing besides me wasn’t William, it was the devil!

Two times I have run away from the brutal creature, but now, I’m strapped on this stupid old chair and I’m going to die. My first thought was that at least I get to see William soon. As the teeth sank into my bare skin, I let out a horrible wail, so quaking and loud that it shook the whole building. I felt the slurping of the devil to my blood. Perhaps it was a minute but it felt like a whole year of excruciating pain. Then, to my disbelief, at the doorway was William, the true William. I could tell that he was my love for the way he stood there, just so bold and beautiful.

The devil turned away from my dying body to my love. I would rather it take on my life a thousand times than my William. However, the devil crouched toward William who now has a surgical knife in his hands. My eyes only allowed me to watch on and off the killing of my love, but it was more than enough.  I tried to break free of the ropes but even with my full strength, I wouldn’t be able to do it. Amazingly, I saw the devil get one stroke of blood after another. But painfully, I saw the devil’s claws wound the pale skin of William’s. After what seems the most dreadful battle of my life, William won victory over the devil. His whole body was covered with blood and volcanic dust. Only this win was not the ones that shine of glory and pride. This was a fight filled with two lovers’ poison.

William sat by my side and slowly broke the hold of the rope to me. With his warm hands supporting my neck, we shared a silent connection that had the dynamism to power all of Earth and beyond. William didn’t bother to tell me that things were going to be alright for he knows that I’m not that cloud-minded to believe that I’m not going to die.

Our connection made a story no two lovers can ever do. I fought with my very best to keep breathing. Perhaps out connection did make the two of us one.

“Love, don’t suffer. Let go already.” William sang in my favorite melodious voice. “I love you.”

And so I let go. My eyes filled with liquid sorrow as I gathered all of my breath to answer him one last time, “I will always love you, William.” As I closed my eyes and took one last look at William, the tear came out. The running tear.

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