My Sister's Wedding Poem

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My sister got married almost a month ago. I wrote her this quirky poem... =)

Submitted: June 22, 2010

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Submitted: June 22, 2010



Today's your awsumtastic, fabulicious, supercalifragilistic...

Long story short, it's your wedding day.

Up to this day it's been very adventuristic,

But now it's time to show the world, to convey:

Together it will be more fun,

It's time to shine brighter than the sun.

Getting married is a big thing I guess

Although I have no experience with that

I see that it can put people in a lot of stress

You did pretty good going into combat

Put in a lot of hard work

Didn't quite go berserk.

Enough of that:

I wish you both a great life,

And I'll tell you the same old thing:

I hope you'll be a great wife.

I hope you'll always wear that ring

And what else I really wish for both of you

Look to God, no matter what you do.

Have fun together

Be totally crazy

Don't worry about the weather

If you want, you can even be lazy.

Just never forget:

Be happy, don't fret.

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