The Book Of Heart

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Her heart is wounded
so deep
so much blood.
but need to endure the pain,
just to convince the people around her that she's okay.
even though the truth is.
she's out of blood.
slowly dying..
and still smiling...

For Grandma

Your hug is so warm
Your hug is like a butterfly in my stomach
Your hug made me dance so sweet
Your hug makes it all better
Your hug is full of love
Your hug that I barely miss
Your hug made me burst into tears.

But sometimes it's okay to cry, right?
Because your hug reminds me of
someone I love....

-Fairy Sparks




Now it's your time to leave

Maybe we argue sometimes,

When you're asking me if I'm going to cry, If you leave us..
I'm always saying ''Ofcourse I'm not.'' But I can't help it
Because I love you..

It's just a month but for me it feels like a year.
You've done enough to us.
Now it's your time to leave..

I cry,
Because I love you.
I'm not just saying it.
I really do..
I let you go 
Because I want to let you free...

-Fairy Sparks



If I could Just


My body is tired,

My heart is breaking

My soul is crying,

My head wants to rest.

It's like..

I wanna lay down

and burried my self to rest.

-Fairy Sparks


Better Alone


I'm alone

I'm lonely

I'm hurt

I need someone to talk to

and to lean on.


I'm still here smiling and strong...


I know god has a better plan for me 


-Fairy Sparks






My heart is hurt and broken,

My body reach it's limit

My brain and head are tired working

My heart is going to explode

And I feel like I'm dying..

-Fairy Sparks





When I'm with you I feel safe

I don't know why it's like this

I know that you're not mine

Seeing you with other makes

me feel loveless

I knew it's just a booth.

You are playing so much emotion,

on the point that I

Don't know if it's true or not.


-Fairy Sparks



The One who calls you



They said the only one who will never broke your heart

is your father.


when I was born

my father already


break it.

and you told me

"I will never ever broke your heart baby..."

That promise

I always kept that

but then,


You start doing it.

breaking my heart


into pieces..


-Fairy Sparks





We're too far away from each other.

we have different time.

You are famous

and I am not.

I'm just a fan.

You don't even kow that




even though it's like that..

I'm still here

Loving you

for a




-Fairy Sparks




You who turned me



You said you love me..

But why?

why did you stabbed me

back and forth

You said you will never leave me,

But why?

why did you leave me?

I'm begging for you not to leave me.



with nothing..

You said you were my protector

my guardian.

But why?

why did you let them hurt me?

It's okay for me


if it's just them..

But it's you!


who turned me into

black angel.


-Fairy Sparks


what took you so



Mom, what took you so long?

what took you so long to realize that 

you're missing us.

what took you so long to admit that

you can't be alone for so long

what took you so long to be sweet

as like this.

what took you so long to pick us up here?

what took you so long to realize that

you can't live without us

what took you so long to say

I love you..


-Fairy Sparks




Just like a blubble


I always got scared

My heart always beats really fast

I know this isn't right

I'm too young to felt this

kind of heart ache

My mind is always full of problem

I'm tired

I want to live happy

just like what other girl do

I want to escape just like a bubble


-Fairy Sparks



Still not alone

I'm just a girl,
Everyone bullied me
Everyone hurt me
Everyone is making fun of me
Everyone leave me
Everyone laugh at me
I can't do nothing
even though
it's like that.
I know
I'm not alone
I have a god
who's always there
by my side.

-Fairy Sparks


My Love

My love,

Everyday I always have fun

Every night i drink

our children and grandchildren

are rude to me;

I always flirt with other girls

but did you know why i'm like this?

i'm doing it just for a pass time

I miss you

why did you leave me?



you know that you're my life

I'm crying everynight,

I can't think of anything

but you

what is my worth here?

here in this world

if you're not here

my life is meaningless

without you.

My love wait for there in heaven,

Until we meet again.


-Fairy Sparks



Dreamer Ain't Prisoner

I want to be free

I ain't prisoner

I dtill need to feel what life is.

I'm still a little girl,

A little girl who wants to feel to be happy.

I'm still young for this kind os situation.

I still need to feel the love

the love of my guardian.


Just a little love

Why it's always me who needs to sacrifice?

Why it's always me you always abandoned?

why it's always me you always push through bad things

why it's always me?

why it's always me?

who needs to beg for your love...




Submitted: March 18, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Fairy Sparks. All rights reserved.

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