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This is a story for the love or art.

Submitted: May 13, 2013

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Submitted: May 13, 2013



Hey Miss Robin,
Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you had an awesome day!!!

My names Dallas, I am 18 now O.O"  I've moved a lot in my life, never really fit in anywhere, I would get bullied by the way I looked and acted, I just loved to be crafty and look at life differently than others, that is where I got isolated from people because I wanted to get away from being judged.
 I came across your nail art channel on youtube one day, I swear I was so amazed by watching your video's, I spent the whole day in my room just watching video after video, I never knew it was possible to make awesome art on your nails, I remember going downstairs and searching for paint, I found a couple colors,  I think I spent over an hour on one nail trying to get my smurf to look good, redoing it over and over until I felt it was presentable.I was very proud of it.  xD. I posted it on your fanpage and you commented on it, I was like :0 She actually saw it. That gave me the biggest smile ever, I remember telling my mum "She actually saw it mum!, She replied to me". I saved up my money and bought some acrylic paint and brushes over some time. I used my sisters as my test subjects, and painted on just my left hand when no one was there. From then on I have been posting nail designs, I have over 130 pictures of different designs I've done, pretty much all of them inspired by you!

Now back to how it impacted me, since then people had started to notice my nails, they would ask about them and compliment them, I would tell them about you, it helped me to open up and talk to people again, because all I wanted to do was to let people see the art. I have also started expanding my art, as to why I haven't posted much lately I started drawing on paper and digital art. I never thought I was good enough, people always judged me for being different, but I have come to realize, I would rather be different and be happy with liking weird and awesome art than try to be what I am not, try to be something I am not to please others. Nail art and art gives me a way to express myself, to show how I feel, to tell a story without words. and most  of all I love art to inspire others, maybe someone will see it and it'll make their day and smile? to me that smile is worth so much, because it all goes back to when I found your Youtube channel and started watching your video's and was happy and smiling. Now  to be honest I haven't gained full confidence in my creativity, I still do not think it is good, people always tell me that it is, I don't see what they mean. but I do it because I want to express myself through it, it takes me to my own little world and I get taken over my the monster inside of me that explodes what I feel I guess. It's not even weather you're good in it, it's how it makes you feel, how you can learn and improve yourself, because if it makes you happy then you should do it.I really do believe it has made me a better person from when I discovered you Miss Robin, you gave me the motivation and acceptance that I always wanted, you we an important part of my opening up, you helped me smile again in my life, gave me something to look forward to each week (As I still do look forward each week to watch your video's) and most of you helped me realize that I love to draw!

I really do want to thank you for all that you have done, even though it seems like such a little thing, it means a lot to me. because you impacted my life with sharing your art and techniques. I could not of asked for a better teacher.

I know that you will continue to inspire many more kids just like me, and I will be sending them your way if they want to learn also. Again Have a happy birthday! I hope you got spoiled. :3

I have my pictures scattered between facebook and pinterest. xD  so here are some links to my pinterest.

The nails -

My other art -




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