The Closing of the Day

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Written while i was feeling at peace with the world...i can still look back and remember the tranquil silence and peace....

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012




I am in the middle of the bush completely alone.

Dusk is falling and the birds are calling their goodnight songs to each other, from tree to tree.

A gentle breeze ruffles my salty hair and the skin on my hands is rough and dry from all the salt I have handled.

The sunset is affecting all the colours of the bush around me,

as well as getting cooler the dew is setting in,

ready to be evaporated by the warm August sun tomorrow morning.

The leaves in the tall gum trees make a swishing noise and comfort me,

they sound like the trees outside my bedroom, when my window is open on a warm summers night.

Everywhere golden light bathes half the bush. The one with the brightest light as if lit up by a spotlight, is not yet willing to give up the warm evening sunset, trying to soak up the last of it's glory. The dark side of the forest having already accepted it's fate and waiting......waiting.....

for the night times activities.

An eagle circles overhead searching for it's last meal, preparing to snatch a small rabbit on it's way home to it's rapidly increasing family.

I try and hold onto this beautiful evening, try to remember the tranquil silence, the beautiful swishing of the golden trees. I try to write it in my memories, in my mind so I will remember the perfect peace I am feeling. Tomorrow I must go back to the city, back to my home.

The crickets and small flies buzz over the long grass for a reason I am yet to find out.

The daisies quiver with excitement,

The whole forest now still as if waiting with it's breath bated,

because now the light is fading....

fading.......sinking into a black abyss.


and is gone.  

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