Im Alice i swear

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hey so this is just a poem i came up with while listening to alice by avril lavigne,good song btw, and yeah i saw alice in wonderland today by tim burton and its awesome i recommend you go see it

I don’t know where I am I must have hit my head This cant be real Nothings right In this world

All the animals talk Im not the right me The drinks make you shrink And the food makes you grow

I remember now It’s all a dream It’s the nightmare That’s haunted my every dream I want to wake up but I can’t Ive always been able to awake

Oh please help me its real It was never a dream but a memory I called it wonderland With the hatter and the hare And the unbirthdays for all The white rabbit that’s always late The hare would say you’re all late for tea! But now im older I have responsibilities Having to slay the beast and return home But before I leave the blue caterpillar asks Who are you one last time? And I reply Im Alice

Submitted: March 07, 2010

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