I Had Never Stopped Loving You (Extreme Horror Contest)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

“Pontianak” is one of the most famous, scariest and violent ghost in the Malaysian culture. Sightings reported involved a long hair lady dressed in white dress. Ever wondered what it is like to get involved with such a fearsome ghost???

P.S. This was written as an entry to Alexandra's Extreme Horror Contest. I hope all of you would find this an enjoyable & chilling read. ^.^



At last I understood what the Pontianak wanted us for.

The temple was dilapidated. It prevailed in the midst of the thick forest, like a dismal hut assembled to be battered by the winds of Pulau Ubin. I noticed it from two hundred metres away, the wooden silhouette of its scrawny walls beckoning me to enter. In this desperate night, my pounding heart and crumbling legs recognized this ruin as a haven. I needed a place to hide. The Pontianak was coming. No! They were coming.

I could feel them coming.

Yet I hesitated at the doorstep of the temple. It was late. What if the temple is locked? Please be open! Please save me! I don’t want to die… I could not even bear the possibility of locked doors. If the door handle refuse to budge, it’ll be the end of me. I would just bawl my guts out and let them find me. Then everything will finally be over. I wanted it to be over…

But still, I wanted to be alive. I am young. My whole future is waiting for me as patiently as always. I could not disappoint it right? I had no other choice. I was alone. Even if I was not, no one could help me. Only the Gods could.

I crept up the wooden stairs; every step creaked lazily under my feet. My dry, gasping breath resonated like a tornado in my ears. My trembling hands found the knob and I turned it. “Goddess of Mercy, please be kind,” I whispered.

The door moved! It actually opened! I was overwhelmed by the relief and the sweet scent of burning incense. Inside was nearly as dark as the threatening forest outside. If not for the candles illuminating from the altar, I would have crashed into the huge urn in the centre of this tiny temple. Cobwebs decorated the aged ceilings and sinister corners. Desperately, I combed the temple but my efforts were in vain.

Deserted… There was no monk living in here. I was still alone. Why? What have I done to deserve this?! My body trembled uncontrollably with my sobs. I must not dieDaddy and Mummy are waiting for me at home. I’m scared

My knees fell down onto the cold, hard ground. My eyes gazed at the small statue of the Goddess of Mercy on the altar. Mummy was the first to introduce me to Buddhism…

Mummy, why do you always pray for guidance?”

Darling, I pray because I do not want to make wrong decisions in my life. As human beings, everything we do will lead to something else. That is the outcome of our decisions. You must always remember that for every effect, there lies a cause. Whether this outcome or effect is pleasant or not depends on the cause.

I finally understood what mother meant. KarmaThis is my karmaI had brought it all upon myself… I was the one who initiated the ritual. My selfish desire to answers had cost lives. My friends would never be back. My love had gone too… Everyone was killed in this wretched night. Their divine faces, those belonging to my precious friends and dear Mike were etched in my mind. My heart ached for them. Their initial hesitations to the rituals were crystal clear. I could hear them once I closed my eyes…

“Leigh, are you a hundred percent sure we’ll be ok?” Kate furrowed her pretty brows. Amongst our gang of four, she had the weakest guts.

“Of course I am! What harm could possibly come out of just questioning? Don’t be such a wimp.” I was getting impatient. Mike glanced at me briefly. His face held a mix of bewilderment and sadness. Our eyes met for a moment. The sorrow in his eyes tugged at my heartstrings.

Please don’t look at me like that... I was devastated! Mike was my ex-boyfriend. We had broken up six months ago due to insecurity issues. Yes, we had been happy but he never said he love me. His feeble excuse was actions speak louder than words. But so what? I still needed to hear the three blissful words from him. What was so difficult about saying “I love you”? No matter how I had protested, Mike never uttered those words so I decided to stay as friends with him. This was the first time I had seen him since our break-up. Kate was the one who suggested this camping trip at Pulau Ubin. The moment I saw Mike again, I knew my love for him was going strong. In fact, I yearned for him even more. Maybe he has a new girlfriend already?

“I trust Leigh. We could do this.” Nick’s voice interrupted my inner struggles.

“Thanks Nicky!” I smiled at my best friend. He winked at me. We exchanged meaningful glances. Nick knew exactly what I was seeking for. I had wanted to ask the Pontianak if Mike and I could ever be together again.

“Ok. Since Nick agrees, I guess I’m alright with this.” Mike gave his approval, putting an end to Kate’s complaints.

By tying red string to a dagger and stabbing the dagger to one of the banana trees near our camp site, we started the praying rituals to the Pontianak. As we held on to the other end of the red string, the loose string was becoming taut.

“Oh no… I can’t believe I am doing this.” Kate whined. Her face was losing its luster. She was getting pale. My heart was pounding rapidly in anticipation. Every second felt like an hour.

“Shh… We need to concentrate on our questions. Keep thinking of what you wanted to ask and hold on to the string. According to the legends, bad things will come if the string snaps halfway. Focus is the key!”

Mike’s hand grazed past mine momentarily. As we were all sharing the same string, we were sitting closely as a group. The moment we touched, warmth was sent into my body like waves of electrical nature, crashing down all other senses.

All of a sudden, loud baby cries pierced into our eardrums. I flinched in my seat. The loud cries were accompanied by the scent of Kemboja (a type of flower) creeping up from our backs. The floral fragrance was slowly fading away as the cries were getting softer. An awful stench was filling up our nostrils. The air was still.

“I believe she’s here.” I could hear soft baby cries coming from behind Kate. The poor girl was petrified, hanging on to the precious red string.

“Please let me know if Mike and I could be together again,” my inner voice pleaded with the Pontianak.

Suddenly, the red string was being tugged in all directions. The pulling force was monstrous and erratic. I immediately regretted initiating this ritual.I was wrong. It was a taboo to enquire on the affairs of the heart. In my desperation, I had forgotten about the basic rules. The violent forces pushed me into realization.

Oh no! I’m sorry! Please stop! Danger was lurking. We were in a precarious situation. My heart was no longer pounding. It was leaping in my chest, trying to jump out of my body. Kate gasped. Fear was written clearly on her face.

The red string broke.
SHIT! We’re in trouble!

Kate passed out. We nudged her several times and her eyes finally fluttered open. “How are you feeling?” Nick was anxious for her.

A smile was forming on Kate’s lips. Something was very wrong with her. There was a hard glint in her eyes which conveyed nothing but depths of cold. “I had never felt better!” She cackled. FUCK! Kate’s voice! That was not her voice! Kate retrieved her pocket knife and stabbed Nick in his leg. She’s possessed! Mike restrained her as I pulled Nick out of the tent. We had to escape!

We were running all the way. I had no idea where we were but Nicky and I never stopped. Somehow, we knew we’ll be dead if we stop. But I had no say. Fatigue was grabbing me, forcing me into a deep sleep. I struggled to keep awake but an unknown force was invading my soul. I fainted…

By the time I woke up, there were two bodies beside me. One belonged to Nicky and the other was Kate! Their stomachs were dug up. Blood tainted the grass a dark red. The night was no longer green. My friends! They died! I was sent into an emotional rollercoaster. Instinctively, I dashed about aimlessly.

“Where do you think you’re going?” That was Kate’s voice!

I spun around…

AAAHHHH!!! A hand grabbed my arm. I let out a shrilly scream, hoping someone could hear me. Please save me! Somebody please!

Another hand came around my mouth to gag me. “Hush! It’s me, Mike.”

Mike?!! He’s not dead! I’m not alone! Tears of relief trickled down my cheeks as I looked at his handsome face. Mike was smiling at me. I threw my arms around him. He embraced me tightly as he used to.

“Mike, Kate… Kate… She tried to kill me… Her soul tried to kill me!”

“I know. They are coming after me too. We need to hide.” Mike was pulling me towards the back of the altar.

“Wait! I wanted to pray.” I was desperately trying to light of the joss sticks. Damn it!

“Be faster Leigh! They’re nearing!” Hurry up! Light up!

Phew! At last, one of the joss sticks lit up. After a quick prayer, we hid behind the altar. Goddess of Mercy would save us right?

ARGH! My stomach was acting up. POOOOTTTT…. Damn! I farted! They can find us now!

Mike glared at me. He pinched his nose instinctively. I’m so sorry! No words were uttered. My eyes had conveyed my apologies. There was nothing but blessed silence. My aura hung thick in the air, amidst the heavy reek of burning incense. Already, every inch of my body was trembling. Tears streaked down my face. Haaaa… Death was breathing down my neck.

BOOM! The door snapped open. They are here

Hungry cries howled through the temple. Urns, candles, statues came crashing onto the ground. The ravenous winds smelled for revenge. Joss sticks were strewn all over the chilly wooden floor. My joss stick! The only one my fumbling hands had managed to light up was tossed like a used tissue. All hopes had perished. Our pursuers were getting impatient.

Behind the altar, Mike held on to my hand. I flinched. Why are his hands icy cold? Those were the very hands I had coveted for the past six months but the circumstances in my fantasies were a far cry from reality. This is reality!

“COME OUT NOW! I KNOW EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE!” That was Kate. Her screams seized my breathing. Where can we hide now?

“FUCK IT! LEIGH, QUIT HIDING!” No… Not Nick too! Why Nicky?! My sweet dear Nicky! Aren’t we best friends? Why has everyone changed when they’re dead?

I gazed at Mike. He was hugging me tightly. Why had I broken up with him? I was so stupid! I could not stop trembling. Something unpleasant was stirring in the pits of my stomach. I’d better not fart again!

“Leigh, I’ll go forward and divert their attention while you escape from the back door. There’s one at the back nearer to the right side.” Mike whispered into my ear.

No! NO! Please don’t leave me alone! I shook my head fervently. I tried to speak but no words could come out. Mike pushed me towards the back door and gave me a reassuring smile.

“I’d protect you.” He uttered and left me.

I was all alone once again. I dashed madly in the deadly forest. Oh God, please save us!

OUCH!!! I tripped and fell. I dropped one of my shoes. Slowly, I crept back.Ah! My shoe! Wait! There was another shoe. A foot was inside this black Nike shoe…

“Surprise! Happy Birthday Darling!” I had bent down to kiss Mike.

“Wow! How did you know I’d always wanted this pair of black Nike shoes?” Mike was beaming in joy…

No, Mike!” I moaned. This cannot be happening! A dark puddle of blood had formed around Mike. He was lying on his back with his mouth and eyes open and flies were crawling all over him. I held his hand. It was icy cold.

Wait! His hands were icy cold just now! Oh God! No…. Mike had already died before I’d met him in the temple!


I turned and ran. My wobbly legs kept stumbling. SHIT! Something grabbed my foot! I tripped!

NO! Not another dead body! Who else have they killed??!!

This motionless body had long black hair; hair which had been brushed to shine for many years. Her fingernails were painted a sweet shade of pink; her favourite colour. Her fingers were curled round a handle. The handle belonged to Kate’s pocket knife and the blade directed at the body’s stomach. It was a clear case of suicide.

The body belonged to meI’m dead??!! What was happening???

“You were the one whom the Pontianak possessed. You killed all of us, including yourself. Nicky and Kate came after you for revenge.” That was Mike. He was standing a metre away from me…

So it was me??!! I was the murderer! NO! WHY ME?! But why? Why did Mike try to help me?

The wind whistled and I shivered in tune. I stood there looking at his eyes, wondering if he loved me. Mike, have you ever loved me??? Tears were stinging my eyes, threatening to fall.

“I tried to protect you because I had never stopped loving you…” Mike whispered.


Submitted: May 31, 2009

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OMG!! you did it again! this is great fantastic, i love it!!!!
Aww i knew he loved her lol so scary and sweet end lol loved it. great writing. you always amaze me with your writing.
i guess i just lost the challenge because you are the winner!
is this Pontianak (slp?) real mythology? i very interesting the plot, and I sure didn't expect the twist at the end. great work

Sun, May 31st, 2009 10:21pm


OMG! Your comment is so awesome! I haven't read your entry yet but I bet it must be damn fantastic. I will read yours after I finish up & announce winners for my own challenge.

With regards to the Pontianak, it is real! I mean I believe it to be. There're rumored sightings of "her". I was quite afraid while writing this so I took so long to finally wrote it. I'm gonna post a picture of a Pontianak sighting soon. >.<

P.S. I love your compliment so much! Thanks Jenn!

Tue, June 2nd, 2009 11:55pm


This was absolutely brilliant! I loved how you tied the memories in and then the twist at the end was so unexpected! It was scary and romantic and then funny when she farted!

Excellent work! You really deserve to win! :)

Mon, June 1st, 2009 1:29am


Wow.. You flatter me schati! It was so wonderful & magnanimous of you to say that! This challenge is so full of strong competitors like yourself! Lol.. I don't put in too much hope but may the best entry wins!

P.S. Thanks for reading it. I love your entry too! ^.^

Tue, June 2nd, 2009 11:51pm

Art of Life

I like the ending with the twist, didnt expect Leigh to be the one who killed them all. i also like how u managed to create the atmosphere without really bringing in the Pontianak as a character. Well done! =)

Mon, June 1st, 2009 3:10pm


Thanks! I'm glad you liked this short story. ^.^

Tue, June 2nd, 2009 11:39pm


i love the ending!! and your writing...wow! so envious!! lol, but really great job, youve got a great vocab!

good luck in the contest!!



Sun, June 7th, 2009 5:19pm


Aww... Thanks Alexandra! I'm glad you love the ending! ^.^

Sun, June 7th, 2009 7:04pm

yuu shindemura

whoa jiahui-chan! haha like you said, you never limited yourself to any writings!XD you can really do horror, too, there's no denying it!XD

the twist at the end was really unexpected! though there's a puzzle why the main character seems looking for her friends, it didn't revealed the vital part--- very awesome, far more brilliant!XD

see, haha take that, Mike does love her!^.^

yeah that's the kind of creature i'm searching for. Malay and Philippine myths are very similar! that's why i know what a pontianak is. i have her in my backyard hahah lol. ^.^

keep up being what you do best, jiahui-chan! placing NO LIMITS for your writing skills!

Tue, June 9th, 2009 5:59am


WOAH! Having a pontianak at your backyard sounds creepy! Haha... Anyways, I think you might have misunderstood my story a little. The protagonist, Leigh, was running away from her friends (ghosts) as they're trying to kill her. She wasn't looking for them. I hope I cleared up the confusion.

Mon, June 8th, 2009 11:15pm


Great story!

Personally, I think you should remove the definition from the sentence with 'Kemboja' in it. Since the story is written from the point of view of somebody familiar with the scent of Kemboja, it seems odd. Maybe instead you could describe the scent.

"Our loud cries were accompanied by the sharp, cloying scent of Kemboja creeping from behind our backs. Its floral stench slowly faded away, along with the cries."

Or whatever. I thoroughly enjoyed it though! Excellent, chilling story! :)

Thu, June 11th, 2009 12:57am


Haha... Thanks for enjoying the story. From my research, the Kemboja is a nice smell. But the nice smell of Kemboja gets replaced by a very horrible stench when the Pontianak is near. Anyways, thanks for the suggestion. ^.^

Wed, June 10th, 2009 7:47pm


sooo great you so definately beat my crappy story >.

Fri, June 12th, 2009 10:55pm


Gee.. Thanks! IT was GREAT of you to read this! ^.^

Sat, June 13th, 2009 5:40am



Sat, June 27th, 2009 4:57am



Tue, December 29th, 2009 12:21am

Midnight Rose

This was an awesome story. You are definitely amazing! :D

Sat, August 15th, 2009 11:20pm


Thanks!!! =D

Tue, December 29th, 2009 12:13am

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