The meaning of life and The meaning of love

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this ih my opinion , by author faisal fahmi marpaing , don't wory for the meaning of you , thanks

Submitted: March 31, 2015

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Submitted: March 31, 2015



Poetry works: faisal fahmi Marpaung (FATE AGENCY)
Courant beginning:
Hello, all greeting me yes, the less work the middle of the night to write wrote kerjanyadan sometimes played in the original .I fantasy when it's quiet but near as I know, my name is faisal fahmi dehhhh ampuuunnn Marpaung, I was actually derived from the forest god, Cieee Cieee, but I disguised as human, human being who has a very high imagination, I'm not too bright and not too stupid, anyway ya know lah. Here I just want to share the work I wrote that you want to read, what I wrote hopefully useful for all of you well, I'm here to explain that fact to be a poet in the saga was not hard, just pour the results of our imaginative minds, because the pour the results of our current mind then, no longer is no obstacle for us berkereasi actively and freely, do not forget to also read the poem I want my poetry is yes, yya yes yes although a little sore eyes read it yes but it should be appreciated dong result of my writing, once Again thank you for that already want to read, Kalok want tambuh please free too, if you want to pay jugak not anything I'll live my hub cation the account number is easy, not milk ehh not mean, very hard hard very aja kok .. not hard : D I did not come along with friends lohhhh, I work alone and do not cheat. Yes, this is what I what their nampakkan of my way to write yakan? yes, right? bilanglahh iyaaa the catchy.

Love the all-holy will of God in our human anugrahi
I will miss sayangmu me only people who do not feel sayanglah no get sayangmu
And the only people who do not cintaklah are not in love with you, O my beloved mother father
I put behind me only you are holy.

Where will the location of your heart, O love, heart break our relationship
I love you but you never loved me,
I want only hatikita interlock with each other in the event of separation between us just who dare death
I'm not willing for the sake of heaven and earth oath almost dead I fall in love
Love that set them might have to lean unto love each other flowers fills our soul, I love
Thou, O flower goddess.
I tuliska n word love is only for you an idol of my heart

I did not mean to hurt your feelings but I would know that my love so deep
The depth of the canyons of the ocean, the extent of the desert
Ferocious jungle
High steep cliffs
The extent of the universe I face your eyes and I love you

A mistake I did probably just dropped my heart to you
However, this may not forget, I really miss you figure that was still chatting to me
I do not want you owned hearts who want to hurt
I was the one that deserves careful with your heart

It is most holy God who makes us both couples faithful to the end of this
I love stacking words one by one slowly for the sake of your heart and my heart slowly so fused
Indeed, our love is not as noble noble love of god, and almost as noble love of mother
And as noble father's love.

Father and mother I'm saying it because you have put me into the world
Forgive wrong and hard to you because I'm, I'm just a man who had no power
Pujaaan Thou, O my father and mother, etched in your heart that belong together
Father and mother infinite love for my lord and to you

Nothing can separate you love apart the lives separated from the body
Indeed, only you're the most expensive part of my body and my love
You fence myself I often cry when his will fear at a time when small
Father and mother I love thee pity poor me.

I want a loving heart akanya
Dating a feeling that the heart is able to vibrate itself without prompting wherever he would go
Hearts love almighty god almighty power under perfect
God is glorious created the whole universe and its contents following the occupants also arrogant

O slave allow me to write the words that never beautiful of the word of god
Were never great in the eyes of the beholder any insane, even though it is impossible
I would point out that the article did not make a dream for ever tiger into a cat not accomplished
I say hello from the soul that was hit by the holy spirit is not directed without the intent and purpose

Whoever he is I do not care, however he was, I could not
I would not advise going to his business, but I want to see the results of his
I appreciate his work with a full shape and soul kubaktikan
Tonight will not deserted fingers were supposition he wrote the word crazy

An article that I thought of all the maha maha kunamakan words "heart bearer"
I would not know my heart that intends to direct these hands move penulisini
Not like me, but be aware of this fact that there is no definite gone through
I will complain to God, but I realized I was not a strong man of faith

I still do not care about what you think your waffle sacred
Just me and my god can understand this heart wherever I want to take it away
Mungkinsebagian different in nature angels were confused about my behavior
Alone write without a clear direction, but nevertheless there is no definite

I embrace the angels who support my writing, I pin her flowers
Results petty mind, the results of a simple hand joke
Kubalut fingers in the development of liver ordered to write the word
What are you reading will be difficult you translate with wits sahaja
Because we are not comparable and imagination adventure really been different nature

Tonight I alone bertemankan ditempayan water, ink and paper
What was about to write that way fikiranku, nothing could pave
What people said I think is like the wooden lever arms
Wrapped in the wind like a deserted taken by thousands groaned rain derasss

I was able to quit my bad habit of sucking toxins in tobacco
Being able to buy but could not sell it, toxins and poisons this
What's in my mind so that I smoke poison them, would I die
Died young or old does not matter to me the origin of the world a favor, do not unthinkable hell

Love is the life that can live between two different hearts, lives
Which is able to foster a new spirit in the world to be
Star and sun rays which both have an unrivaled
In yet mighty power of love

I want to ask the Stars who can answer asked from here
Star shines just could not say anything
Who I dumb or you star, why not talk when I've
Invite storytelling, you deaf not to hear ya ??? Ready said a Who created me
Then I'll tell myself will protest you fikiranku disorders

I was stranded on a small island and soulless body here
I possess only green seeds grow in my boat
I can not go back because the boat can not sail the seas ketengah
I would die without eating and I will cultivate this land of green seeds isolated
Then will come the life after death

Calculate how high the sun to the earth
Calculate how wide the moon and the plains and that this
Calculate how many people can the sunlight
Calculate the cost to pay for all of it to you to him and engage me

For the sake of property who does not want to do anything that is good and bad
Not necessarily a god could give many treasures, just no chance alone
What might God is poor because there are many servants who are not
Maybe you are a fool with his own waffle with crazy behavior

I was standing among the poor beggar
Shabby clothes they wear, there's nothing for them rich as possible
This gift of god, or gods trials, or just a game
Maybe this is destiny opportunities taken for granted

How far were you running with the wind speed though
God still had eyes to see you run and hide behind the bandits
I am confused how to deal with that god did not see me again, so that God forgot me
Mungkincaranya nothing, but nothing mustahilkan him

How where pulak way of expressing love in my lord
Maybe with constant prayer can also yes
But what is this I hear with my prayers just rabble
God heard the greeting of his servants without exception just as mu

If the bitter taste of your love may lie
Love what bitter when amorous
Love what bitter when bersayang
Love what bitter when met dijiwa

When my sister asked the love of what
Just like asking a bird where
Just like asking a fish to swim through which
Just like asking why the stars shine

Love the bone-chilling night breeze
Lose sharp sword, pointy needles lost
Defeat the strength of human love child
Just love the place sematalah god bersujod

The good thee still be counted my lord master teacher
however virtuous hard-earned god son counted
counted tool broken heart becomes unable to discuss kindness
because kabaikan like water in the ocean

unfortunate fate street children, who were born from human
humans are lowered, which made him independent way
why people can not be a child, because of his behavior
behavior bums, who are not virtuous have.

 why life can be like this, because the first was not like so
Why join fate like this, because the body so forget yourself.
have you done it yet? ujur age? similar like the well
Do not want to die in suroh body, because the body had not obedient
Why not obedient body, negligent because first worship
Often remember anyway, but often stay nevertheless
Rota new parents regret, that too is near death

Cemana my son to climb the mountain but was not willing to step
Had to climb the mountain, apadah story.
Puan did not want to help, casually talking about the ee
Why? Kerana thee never polite

You got gold? Do you have a heart?
What right do you pledge to pay gold ink.
Nyawapun not immune brought up.
Why arrogant pulak, why deny pulak
Friendly Keith certainly beautiful, honest not necessarily lucky
The good you are, the better my lord,
Poor you, worse myself
Servant whether thee, in point is lost
Was about to be led into the abyss
Oi fate servants from across the country
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------
(Edition 2) servant ride
Who's got the world, he who so god
Who has the boat, he who so nakhodanya
Who has the heart, he who provides body and soul,
Who has died? Land may return
I ride in the world, should kukayuh boat to be balanced.
At the boat I row, so that no water enters gap.
Hearts in my body belongs to whom? Mine may not be
Who's got the land? Can I buy it by heart?
Kuapakan land? I'm confused because I'm going to sleep there.
Sleep forever alone ...................
I still ride? with whom?
The Lord? Will he kutumpangi? He's not a boat
He is not careful, he's not my type?
Lord may be the only way to surrender ..
Want to run where? I also just can ride alone
Could I have a whole
If where you want to ride, there is a boat to ride
But you have to ride this sea melaewati,
On whom? In your master that on the seabed
At the master in the sky.
No matter where you paddle boat, as much as possible to not ride
. okay maybe with this breath I no longer ride
But have you asked? would you like a small child riding
Which sits across the ocean?
Are there small children waiting for me across the ocean?
If there is, tell him to wait for me until I got there,
Maybe it could come to a sudden you never got there ... ..

© Copyright 2018 faisal fahmi marpaung. All rights reserved.

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