Fangs and Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Faith is a normal girl looking for love but what she found was something much more complicated. she found love but she also found problems and an awful twist that will make your head spin.

Submitted: February 18, 2014

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Submitted: February 18, 2014



Chapter 1

As I was walking down the alley, I saw nothing but the stars and the moon. It felt as If I wasn't in an alley. It felt like I was in a topless metal box. I was scared and soon came to realize that I didn't know who I was. I thought about it real hard but couldn’t figure it out.

"Hello. Is anyone out there?" I yelled. "Can anyone hear me?" It was no use. No one can hear or see me. It was hopeless to try and cry for help, so I just laid there, crying. I woke up the next day in a warm, soft bed. I was either in someone's house or in my house. I didn't know but didn't care. Not that I needed to know at the moment. When I got out of bed I found myself in pink and purple pajamas.

The more I looked around, the more I got confused and scared. I thought about calling out to see if anyone was in the house with me but I changed my mind. Instead I looked around, trying to see whose house I was in or find out who I was.

I walked out the room I was in to find 8 dead animals. I looked in horror as I walked pass the dead animals. It was revolting to look at these animals. I wondered who or what killed them. I almost puked. I couldn’t move. I felt like I was paralyzed. But since I didn’t know what to do next I left the house.  I carefully went over by the door. I walked outside and something tripped me. I fell over a trash bag with a note on it. I looked around before reading the note to see who could’ve left it there.

'Here are some clothes and a phone. I will call you at eight to schedule our next date. I’ll explain everything when I see you. Stay safe and out of sight.'

I held the note in my hand just a little while longer. Reading the note once more. I wondered what the person wanted with me. I put the note down and I looked through the bag to find some clothes that were two different colors, black and blue. I finally got to the bottom of the bag to find yet another note. 'By the way, your house is right down the street. It’s the house in black. Stay put.' I grabbed the bag and walked down the street like the note said. When I finally got to the house, it was as big as a mansion.

As I walked up the stairs outside my house, I saw a key on the mat by the door. I picked it up and went in my house. I looked around and found about eight bedrooms with six and a half baths but oddly enough, none of them had beds. I chose my room and went in. When I put the bag on the floor, I changed out of the pajamas I had on into a blue half-a-shirt and a black mini skirt. 'What am I doing here' I thought. I looked at the clock and it was right and right then is when the phone rang. The phone rang about three times before I answered it.

Chapter 2

"Hello?" "Meet me in the park in thirty minutes, I’ll tell you everything you need to know". He hung up before I can say anything. I looked at the clock and it was only 8:02. Only two minutes passed and I had twenty-eight minutes till I had to meet up with him. Thinking out loud to myself I said ‘what am I going to do till then'. Walking out the room, I went to the kitchen and got me something to eat. When I finished eating,

I looked at the clock and saw that twenty-five minutes had passed. I had three minutes to get to the park so I got a black jacket and left. The park was around the corner from my house so I got there in no time. "Are you going to come closer or just stand there"? His voice sounded different from when he talked on the phone. I walked up to him and he turned to me and smiled.

"Your name is Faith, you’re twenty-five years old, and you’re a vampire. My name is Jasper, I’m twenty-seven years old and I’m a vampire too. The animals you saw in that house were our... dinner.”  “I chose this little town because not a lot of people get around out here. Plus the forest is just outside of town so it wouldn’t be hard to hunt". He smiled at me. I tried to say something but couldn’t. The next thing I saw was black. It was the next morning when I woke up. I was back at my house and he was there with me.

"W-what happened?" "You fainted after I told you everything you needed to know so I brought you back home and thought I’d hang out for a while". He walked over to me and helped me get up. He looked into my eyes and asked me if I was okay. He took the silence as a yes so he let me go. I had to lay back down and think about the facts. 1.) My name is Faith, 2.) I’m a twenty-five year old vampire, and 3.) I’m being followed by a handsome twenty-seven year old vampire named Jasper.

After that, I started freaking out. "OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD!!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? IM LOSING MY MIND.THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS VAMPIRES. THERE IS NO SUCH THING"!!  I was pulling my hair out and everything. I just couldn’t believe that vampires were real. "Calm down. Now, I know that this is hard to believe but you have to believe me. Vampires are real and we are vampires"

 He held me and looked in my eyes. He showed me that he wasn’t lying. Vampires are real and we are vampires. It was crazy how this could be real. I couldn’t believe my ears. I always thought that these were myths but I guess I was wrong. I just had to consider it. But how? How can I cope with the known fact that I was a vampire? I looked at him while I was still in his arms. I realized that he was about to kiss me so I got up before he could. He just stood there but a couple more seconds past and he was moving again.

Chapter 3

“So Faith, now that you believe me what shall we do about it? I mean you lost your memory two days ago. We’re worried about you. We didn’t know if you were okay. We didn’t-“ “What do you mean ‘we’? Is there more vampires? More creatures?” I looked at him in fear and concern. I couldn’t see being in a town almost all my life and not once been in contact with a vampire. I had so many questions to ask him but it just couldn’t come out the way I wanted it too. I managed to say it. “How many more are there?" "There are over three hundred vampires in the world but in this town there is only about give or take eighty vampires including me and you.”

He paused for a minute. “ Look, this isn’t really a lot to take in. You kind of got the whole ‘you are a vampire’ thing down. Just relax. You have to find something that you are comfortable with doing. So while I find the rest of my family, you relax and do something to past the time. Just whatever you do, don’t sleep. If you sleep, you’ll have nightmares and 'A' will come and take you and trust me. You dont want that to happen again”. He looked like he was hurt in some way.

 I think he was about to cry until I came up to him. I wanted to comfort him but he just pulled away from me. It seemed to me as if he didnt want me to comfort him. Without a word, he left out the door. I thought about what he said, ‘If I sleep, I’ll have nightmares and if I have nightmares, they’ll come and take me’. Who was they and why did they want me. I waited for him to come back but he never did so I decided to take a shower and relax in peace.

I guess I was in the shower for a long time because when I got out, Jasper was pacing back and forth. “Faith, are you okay? Are you hurt?” His questions came out fast. I couldn’t answer them all so I simply just looked in his eyes. “Jasper, calm down. I’m okay. I was just relaxing in the best way possible. I didn’t know you were here. You just came in so quietly.” “I came to check on you. I got worried that you’d fall asleep. Or if they tried to take you again. ”

He smiled that sweet and sexy smile. I couldn’t help but smile back. My smile disappeared when I came to my senses. “Wait. Who is ‘A’?” He looked confused. “You said that if I have a nightmare that ‘A’ will come and take me. Who is ‘A’?” He walked towards me with concerned eyes. “They are the people who don’t like our kind. Who don’t like what we can do. Nobody knows who they are for sure but whenever they take one of us, they would leave a note just saying ‘A’.


Chapter 4

He pulled a note from out his pocket and showed me. The note just said ‘A’ with a red kiss mark on the bottom. “This is the note from when they took you two days ago. When they took you, I didn’t know what to do. I never thought I’d see you again. But when I heard you cry for help, I ran as fast as I could to try and save you. When I finally got to you, you were sleeping so peacefully, I didn’t want to wake you until I got you to that house so you can eat” He chuckled. “Jasper?” He looked at me, still laughing.

When he looked in my eyes he saw that I was confused. He stopped laughing and came to my side. “Are you okay?” “I’m fine I just want to know, why do you care so much for me? Is it because I’m the new vampire or is it something more?” I looked at him while he searched for an answer. He let go of my hand and walked around the room we was in. I could tell that he didn’t want to tell me the answer to that but he could look at my face and see that I wasn’t going to let this go.

“The reason why I care for you so much is because...we’re married. You are not a new vampire. I turned you but before I did it, I asked you to marry me. You said only if I turned you into a vampire. I loved you too much to let you go, so I turned you.” He put his head down like he was ashamed. He looked like he made a wrong decision. I went to him and picked his head up and saw that he was sorry. “How long have we been married?” “We have been married for five years. Tomorrow will be our anniversary and I wanted to spend it with you.”

“I tried to remember the wedding but I couldn’t. I couldn’t remember anything. Only thing my mind would go to is the day I woke up in that house. “How come I don’t remember anything from after two days ago?" I looked at him with this angry look on my face. “I know you’re mad but I can explain. When 'A' takes you, they don’t just take you. They erase your memory and leave you trapped in a chamber. They erase your memory so that you can’t remember when you got turned into a vampire.”

He looked relived and ashamed at the time. I went up to him and stared into his eyes. He was amazing. I kissed him and held him tight. When I looked up at him, he looked sad but happy. "What's wrong?" "You're remembering. Everything that they erased, you’re remembering. ” He smiled at me. I was remembering things. I remembered our wedding. I remembered our first date. I remembered how we met and everything. I was so happy that I cried. I kissed him again. I felt his cold hands on my body and just realized that I was still in my towel. I forgot I didn’t get dressed after my shower because he distracted me. I pulled away from him and all he did was laugh.


Chapter 5

“You really forgot that all you had on was a towel?” “YES!! I thought I put some clothes on after I took my shower but you distracted me” He smiled from ear to ear before talking again. “You know, I kind of like you naked. You’re so beautiful and sexy.”

 I looked down for a second. I was afraid to take the towel from around me so I pictured my body through the towel. I was pretty sexy. I had it all. My curves, my hips, my body is what I like to call ‘The Perfect Hourglass’. I looked up at him and I saw that he was staring. ‘I want to make love to you’. I looked around to see who said that. “I didn’t think you had that gift.” He seemed so happy at that. I had a gift?

 “What gift?” He walked up to me and looked into my eyes. “You can read other peoples mind and they won’t know about it.” I looked at him the same way he looked at me. He was just so beautiful. I couldn’t help myself but to kiss him yet again. His lips felt so good. His body to mine made me warm. We were warm and about to get warmer. I took my towel from around my body.  I stepped back so he can see my perfect body.

He licked his lips and came to me. He put his hands back on my body and started kissing my neck. He kissed and sucked my neck for a few seconds then he went to my breasts. He sucked my nipples, he squeezed them, he licked them and everything. Next thing I know we’re by a bed in one of the rooms. He placed me on the bed and started taking his clothes off.

I felt like he was stripping for me. He stripped until he had nothing else on but his boxers. They were black and blue with pretty signs on them. I told him to keep it on because I wanted to take them off myself. He came to me and laid there with me. He looked in my eyes and said he loved me. It felt like I was alive for that very moment. I longed to feel my heart beat. To hear what our heart beat would sound like in harmony.

I told him I loved him too and then I kissed him. I put him on his back and then got on top of him. I kissed his lips, went down to his neck and licked it. I sucked and licked on his chest. I got him to moan. I finally got to my destination. I reached his boxers and took them off with my teeth. I’ve always wanted to do that. I took his boxers off and started pleasing him the way he pleased me. Once I was done, he moved me up and we finally got to business.


Chapter 6

When we were done, we just laid there, wishing we were alive so we could fall asleep in each other’s arms. I told him I loved him and he said the same. We were lovers once lost and now he have found and saved me. I got a call from the phone he had given me. I looked up and he smiled. He told me to get it and that everything was going to be okay. I got up to answer it. “Hello” “Faith, are you okay?” I didn’t say anything. It was Jasper on the phone.

“Faith, I can hear you breathing. Talk to me.” “Where are you?” “I’m with my family out of town. I was calling to make sure you’re okay.” I was shocked. “You’re not with your family, you’re here with me. I just...” I looked back at the bed. The person who looked like Jasper was gone. All that was left was a note. “Faith, I’m on my way to you now. Don’t go anywhere. Just stay on the phone with me.” I went to pick up the note. It said ‘A’. “Jasper, hurry. I’m not alone”

 “Who’s there with you?” I heard someone behind me. I didn’t know if I should look and see who it was or to tell Jasper. “Faith, I’m almost there. Don’t worry. I’m in town.” I could hear her getting closer so I turned around. It was a woman behind me. Before I could scream she knocked me out. “I have your wife. She’s more gullible then I thought. This time we won’t erase her memory. This time...WE KILL HER.” Jasper ran as fast as he could but when he got to Faith’s house, he was too late. “Damn it. How can I let this happen again? How can I let my wife get kidnapped by them again? This is all my fault.” Jasper just laid on her bed and cried. He cried and cried until he looked up. He saw a message in the wall. It said ‘Jasper, I love you.

I remember what happened and what I can do. I’m unique and special. I’m not like other vampires. I have multiple powers.’  “Including making doubles.” Jasper looked up startled as he saw Faith standing in the doorway. “What? How did you get away from ‘A’?” Faith laughed. “I’m not like any other vampire. I’m one out of ten vampires that has multiple powers. I learned that I can make a double so I used that as my advantage.” “But how did you know it was a trap? How did you know it wasn’t really me here with you?” “I’m not stupid.

When I came out the shower, I saw you pacing back and forth like you was nervous. At first I thought you were just being crazy until I looked into your eyes. Those wasn’t your eyes. Your eyes are blue and crazily amazing. The eyes I was looking into was brown and really unattractive. That’s when I decided to make a double of myself. Pretty cool huh?” I realized that I still had my hand of his face so I quickly removed it. He smiled and kissed me. “I’m just happy you’re okay.”


Chapter 7

He hugged me tightly like he never wanted to let me go. Not again anyway. “But he did tell me some things that made a lot of sense. He told me that we have been married for five years and that our anniversary is tomorrow, that the people that take people like us are called ‘A’ , and that ‘A’ erase your memory when they take you.”

He looked at me like I was crazy but realized that these things were useful. “No wonder you didn’t remember anything when I got you. I thought you just bumped your head on something but I guess not. And it’s true. Our anniversary is tomorrow and I was going to take you out. To your favorite restaurant.” I didn’t know that vampires went out to fancy places like restaurants giving the circumstances. “Yeah. But technically it’s not the kind of restaurant normal people go to. It’s a restaurant just for us.” I didn’t say anything. I just held out my hand and let him lead me to ‘my favorite restaurant’.

When we finally got down the street from the park, the place was beautiful. It was like a mansion on top of a mansion. It was big. The outside had big roses and orchids, it had a big fountain, and it was black with blue around it. “What do you think? After the attack it was pretty messed up, so I had fixed it. But I made it better” “I love it. It’s beautiful. Wonder how it look inside.”

We walked inside to find that it had been messed up. The beautiful roses were now crumbled and the vases were all broken. The white tables were broken in pieces and the walls all have something written on them. It was unbelievable. All the hard word he did was ruined. I wanted to cry. Two of the walls had ‘A’ and a kiss on it. The other two had violent drawings of how they were going to kill us. “I’m sorry for this mess. I know how much you love this place and to see it ruined...”

I placed my finger on his lips to silence him. “It’s okay. As long as I’m here with you, can’t anything ruin my day.” We kissed and we went for a walk. Leaving the mess for someone else to find. While walking in the park we saw Jasper’s family. “Jasper, I don’t think I’m ready to see or meet your family. What if they don’t like me? What if they don’t like how I dress?  I was all kinds of worried about meeting his family. “Faith, don’t worry. I talk about you nonstop when I’m with my family.

They know all about you. And you forget, we’ve been married for 5 years. You’ve already met them and they love you. You have nothing to worry about.” He was right. I HAVE already met them. I was going crazy for nothing. I was ready to walk up to them when all of a sudden smoke appeared. Black smoke came from nowhere. The smoke was there for only a few seconds. When the smoke cleared someone was in it. That someone…was me.

Chapter 8

We couldn’t believe our eyes. Right there was another me, just looking around. Jasper and his family looked at me then the other me. “Jasper? Is that you?” She spoke for the first time. “What are you doing with her and why does she look like me?” Jasper let go of my hand. He walked up slowly to the other me. “Is that really you? Is that really my beautiful wife standing in front of me?” I couldn’t believe my ears. I got mad and yelled. “Jasper!!! What are you doing? Why are you speaking to her like she’s your wife when you know I am?” He looked like he felt bad. Only because he did.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry I lied to you about all this.” I couldn’t believe my ears. “The truth is that this is really my wife. She died about 5 days ago. That’s when I met you. I tried to date you but she kept coming up in my mind so I made you look like her. I couldn’t live without her and ‘A’ refused to kill me. I’m sorry I made you believe all my lies but I didn’t know what to do.”

I was shocked. This wasn’t my life. I was living a lie that he made me believe. “So you’re telling me that I’m not your wife, you didn’t turn me into a vampire, and that I’m nothing to you.” I had tears in my eyes that quickly turned to hate. “What the hell is wrong with you? How could you lie to me like that and make me look like your DEAD wife? If I’m nothing to you, then why did you go through so much to keep me safe?”

“That’s not entirely true. You may not be my wife but you daughter.” I stood there shocked. There was no way I was his daughter after everything we’ve been through. My eyes widened. He kissed me and I kissed him back. I thought I was going to puke. I felt sick.

“You’re not serious. You would lie to your daughter AND YOU WOULD KISS HER.” “Jasper, you kissed our daughter!! How could you do something so repulsive?” I had tears in my eyes. I couldn’t stand to be there looking at the truth. I ran out of the park and back to my house. I cried and cried until I went into a deep daydream. A knock on my door and the constant ringing of my doorbell knock me out of my daydream. It was morning. I didn’t want to get up but who knows, it might have been important. When I opened the door, it was Jasper.

He looked like he came from being tortured. “What do you want?” “What happened to you yesterday? After that call, I got worried so I rushed to get over here and that’s when everything went black. Next thing I know I’m with my family while they’re still passed out. I thought about waking them up but I heard you say my name like you were in pain or in trouble so I ran right over.” I looked so confused. I just had to ask. “How many people are involved with ‘A’? “About thirty.” “And how many are in packs out of that thirty?” “There’s ten in each pack. Why are you asking?” “Because I know who is behind this.”


Chapter 9

We went to wake up his family and then we tried to figure this out together. “I know who’s behind this. It’s really obvious. Since there are 3 packs of ‘A’ and they don’t talk to each other, they will make a lot of slip ups. Just last night, before ‘Jasper’ tried to save me, some people of ‘A’ tried to trick me by turning into Jasper and making me fall in love with him but that failed a lot by the color of his eyes. Then during the walk in the park, a whole pack of ‘A’ tried to trick me by making another fake Jasper, the ‘real’ Faith, and a whole fake family.

It would’ve worked if Jasper would’ve never came to my house the next morning and explained everything that happened. So I made up an idea that since there is nine of us, we shouldn’t go anywhere without all of us knowing and stay in packs of three. We should also have a secret password just in case one of the packs of ‘A’ try and attack us without the others knowing. Now, does that sound promising?”

They all seemed confused. Like, they didn’t understand what I was saying. But just then, Jasper came to my rescue. “This might just work guys. Plus, she is part of the family. Family look after each other no matter what. She’s my wife and if she dies, so do I.” His family looked around at each other and smiled upon one another. “Now, since one more problem stands in the way, I think we need to fix it.” This was going to be good.

“Since Faith got her memory erased, she don’t remember neither of you so I think this calls for an introduction again. Faith, these are my parents; Tristan and Ella, my brothers; Joshua and Kevin, and my sisters; Rose, Angel, and Paris.” They all had brown hair except for Angel and Paris. They had red hair. Tristan, Joshua, Rose, and Paris had blue eyes. Everybody else had brown eyes. They were all pale white. I guess like vampires should be.

 “So, we figured out our secret word but what if ‘A’ try to figure it out. What will we do then?” Jasper had a point. We can’t let them know that we know it’s them. They might attack and I’m not ready to fight just yet. We came up with a fake word to and this time we made sure to trap ‘A’. I looked at everyone with a smile on my face, “Well its official. Our ‘secret’ word will be love lasts. Because nothing can break up true love.”

The next thing we did was divide into three groups. The first group called ‘Team Cold-Blooded’ was me, Jasper and Angel because we were the ones that are always ready to fight anyone and everyone. The second group called ‘Team Blood-Thirsty’ was Rose, Joshua, and Kevin because they were the ones ready to suck the blood out of anyone who don’t like them. The last group called ‘Team Deadly’ was Tristan, Ella, and Paris because even though they were nice, they still could rip you to shreds without you even knowing.

Chapter 10

Now that the teams were made we broke up and started looking for a safe place to relax in peace without having to keep watch every fifteen minutes. We all had phones to contact each other so when it gets too late we can all meet at our secretive place underground. We continued to look for three more hours. My group didn’t have any luck but we did have luck with finding food. Rose’s group didn’t find place either but they found sheets for us to lay on.

Thankfully, Tristan’s group found a very secluded place to rest our bodies for the time being. “This is Team Deadly. We have found a place. I repeat, we have found a place. It’s by the park across the lake. Let’s meet there in fifteen minutes.” “Team Deadly, this is Team Cold-Blooded. We hear you loud and clear. Tell the others and get going before the worst happens.” “Okay. See you there. Team Blood-Thirsty, this is Team Deadly. Meet me and the others in the park across the lake.” “Okay. We’ll see you there.”

By the time Team Blood-Thirsty got there, the others were already there. “Where the hell have you three been? You were supposed to have been here fifteen minutes ago. What happened?” nobody said anything for the time being. Even though everyone else knew what had happened, maybe we were wrong and needed an explanation anyway.

“Just come on. Team Deadly, one by one think the secret word and Faith will decide. If she nods, get behind her. Otherwise, come with me” Tristan stepped up first since he was the leader of Team Deadly. Tristan -‘Vamp for life’. I nodded. Ella –‘Vamp for life’. I nodded again. Pairs –‘Vamp for life’. Nodded again. Team Deadly was okay for another day. Next was Team Blood-Thirsty. Rose was first. Rose –‘Love Last’. I didn’t freak out like I normally would. I just simply looked at Jasper.

“Rose, Joshua, and Kevin. Please come with me. I have to talk to you. Tristan and Ella come with me. Angel and Paris, you stay with Faith and go to the place. I’ll meet you there.” Jasper ran off with them to set things straight while me, Angel and Paris ran off to the secret place. It was long before I got worried after they had been gone for over eight hours. It shouldn’t take that long to settle something out unless you got hurt or killed.

 I went looking for them while Angel and Paris were sleeping. I ran as fast as I could to get to every place they could’ve gone to do whatever they had to do. It was nerve racking but I finally found them. They were where I would least expect it: the park. I wanted to scream but I contained myself and just simply walked over there. “What is taking so long? Why haven’t you came back?” It was quiet. “Hello, I’m talking to you.” Nobody said anything. So I thought I would go over there and give them a piece of my mind. Too bad it was a trap.

Chapter 11

I got caught in a trap. How can I be so stupid? Of course it was a trap, Jasper would never stop talking to me. Even if it came to it. I got caught in a trap and I knew what would come next. I just hope Jasper would get the point soon. Jasper soon came back with the people he left with but this time with the right people. He went into the secret place and found Angel and Paris but no sigh of Faith. “Angel, do you know where Faith is?” She just woke up from her nap and was laying on the cough when she shook her head no. “Where is Paris?” “She’s in the other room.”

Jasper quickly ran to the other room and found Paris. “Paris quick, where is Faith?” “Well, when she thought both of us was sleep, she snuck out the place to look for you. She was talking to herself. Something about you taking so long and something might have happened to you and so on and so forth. She wanted to save you with her powers so she left and went to go find you.”

Faith put her life on the line for him and after all this time he was doing the same. He wanted to find her but didn’t know where to look. She could’ve been anywhere. She could’ve even been kidnapped by ‘A’. He had to try and look for her. Just before he went out the door, Angel started screaming. Everyone came running to her side to see what was wrong. She was glowing and was high up in the air. Jasper wanted to save her but Tristan held him back.

“Don’t do anything. This is a good thing. It happened to you when your powers were coming in for the first time. Actually, it happened to all of us when we first got our powers.” Jasper looked up at his sister. She was in so much pain, she was crying. Finally it stopped and she was left laying on her bed. “Let’s give her some time to rest. We’ll check on her in about thirty minutes.”

Thirty minutes passed and Angel was out the room yawning like she just woke up. Next thing they all knew, she was holding her head screaming. It lasted a few minutes. “I saw Faith. She’s in trouble.” Angel closed her eyes to try and remember what she saw in her visions. “She’s in a cage and chained up to a wall. I need a paper to show you where.” There were no paper to be found but Paris found a white cardboard box she could write on and a marker. “She’s in this really dirty place. It looked like it was a restaurant.

The people from ‘A’ is guarding her. But this time they teamed up. All three packs, all thirty people, watching her.” Jasper was shocked. “I know where that is. That’s the place I was going to take Faith for our anniversary before it got ruined.” He looked at his family. “Please. She needs help and I can’t go against thirty people alone. I need your help. Help me save my wife.” They all agreed and started training for the fight of their lives.



Chapter 12

They trained for what seemed like eight hours. They were ready. Except for Paris and Kevin. Since they were the youngest, they didn’t have their powers yet so they couldn’t help even if they wanted to. So they had to stay there until everything was back to normal. They didn’t put up much of a fight to go and fight the battle. They just did what they were told and sat down and watched T.V, while the others went to the place Faith was held captive.

With their powers, they got there in no time. Once they were outside of the place, Jasper made his face go hard. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t keep that face up for long. He only held for about thirty seconds before tears started coming down his face. His family felt sorry for him. They surrounded him to hug him and let him know that they love him. The hug got cut short by someone with a deep voice. “Oh. Isn’t that sweet.” They all turned around and they couldn’t believe their eyes.

It was their best friend of fifty years...James. “James, how could you do this?” “Isn’t it obvious Ella? Everyone had or has someone to love. Everyone has someone that cares. Everyone but me. I never had true love. I never had some that cared so much for me. Like you have Tristan or how Angel had Matt. I never had what you guys have. And since Jasper’s woman was easy to snatch, I went for her.”

“YOU BASTERD!!!” Jasper ran up to him only to be fooled. “You fool. Did you really think that I would come out there without bodyguards? You know...I kind of knew you would fall for my trap. You really are that stupid.” With that he was gone and Jasper screamed. He was so mad that he let James get in his head. “Okay. This is what we’re going to do. Mom and dad, you are going to knock out the guards at the door. They have about five guys. You can handle them right?” “Honey, do you know us. We are the best fighters out of this family. Only from experience but never-the-less. We can handle twenty guys if it came to it.”

Jasper couldn’t help but to smile. His smile only lasted a few seconds before he continued his plan. He made it seem very easy to get her but in was going to be the toughest battle in his life. He counted to three. “One...Two...Three!!” Tristan and Ella was first to run up there because they had to take out the guards. They rest of the team was right behind them. It only took about thirty seconds to wipe out the guards but they did it.



Chapter 13

Once they got inside, everything was separated. On the left there were bodyguards. In the middle there were booby traps. And on the right they had weapons hanging off the ceilings and the walls. Jasper and the rest couldn’t believe their eyes. Since they only had six people they split in twos. Jasper and Angel went down the middle, Rose and Joshua went to the left, and Tristan and Ella went to the right. But then come the really hard part...getting back Faith. They got past the lobby and they thought it was the end of it. But boy was they wrong. That was just stage one. That building as four stories and on every floor, they had something in their way. After they got past the lobby, they went on the second floor.

“Guys, this is crazy. If James has every floor booby trapped then we won’t get Faith at this pace.” “Jasper’s right. I say that since we only have three floors left. Your mom, Joshua and I will stay here, Rose, Jasper and Angel, you go to the third floor. Once every floor is clear, we all go to the fourth floor and kick some ass. Everybody got it?” “Got it.” They all looked determined to fight. And that’s what they did. Tristan, Joshua and Ella stayed there while Rose, Angel, and Jasper went to the fourth floor.

Ella got trapped by eighteen guards and Tristan and Joshua almost got killed by twenty-five walking time bombs. They were trapped in a room with nothing but guards, bombs, weapons, and nothing but air. Instead of going at it by there selves, they worked together. Ella used the bodyguards to activate the bombs off of Tristan by luring them both into a room. Once everything was in, she teleported out of there and in fifteen seconds, the bombs went off and the second floor was cleared.

Jasper, Angel and Rose’s floor didn’t have anything. No bodyguards. No weapons. No bombs. No nothing. All they had was a built-in pool. They instantly knew it was a trick. So Rose threw a something bloody across the room and in an instant, a shark came up and ate it. They knew right away that this wasn’t going to be easy. They couldn’t go around because they would get electrocuted. They ried to think of a plan but couldn’t think of one. “Use your powers. Rose, you can float everyone across the room. You just have to try very hard.” “Ok mom. I’ll try.” She tried and she did it. She got her family across the room with no problem and they went to the fourth and final floor.

Once they all got up there they didn’t see anything. Just Faith sitting in a chair tied up and James standing next to her. “If you want her, come and get her. I won’t fight and try to keep her. I’ll let you take her with no fight required what-so-ever.” Jasper got Faith with no problem. “If you were just going to let her go then why put all those obtiscales? Why did you make it hard to get her?” “I was under a spell by ‘A’. The only reason why they let me go was because they thought that you was going to die. That’s it. Please forgive me.” They thought long and hard and they finally came up with an answer. Faith stepped up and said “We forgive you but you will not be trusted so easily. You will have to earn it.” And with that they went to their houses. Is this the end of ‘A’? Or will they be coming back for more?

© Copyright 2020 Faith Ambrose. All rights reserved.

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