The Wedding List.

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One Hundred seats, Two hundred list of people to invite.

Submitted: May 18, 2015

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Submitted: May 18, 2015



When I was little, I enjoyed being a bridesmaid/flower girl. As I got older, weddings started to scare me. Never liked to attend anyone's wedding. Now, y'all gonna say, it's because I didn't have any proposals but HELL no. I had many and turned them down until Mr right came along. As I look back, I wonder if I was cross phobic about the uncomfortable attention brides get or just didn't like the whole wedding vow process standing in front of all your loved ones making commitments to each other in a pure white outfit like your sin free. Yeah, I hate the whole dress in white, spending a lot of money on make-up which will transform you to look different from who u are or the thought of inviting people who never even got in touch with you over the years until you invite them for your big day. 
So my journey started, Mr right asked me to marry him and I said yes. One phobia out of the way, I started planning my wedding far away from my family, in a busy city where time is money and all my friends needed to work and couldn't spear much of there time to help me choose an outfit. But that aside, I managed to organise the whole day in my backyard. Now, we had to choose 150 people as the marquee I hired could only accommodate that much. I now had a challenge. My hubby comes from a close net family, he had 80 family/friends to invite. I was left with 70 seats, I had also 100 people in mind to invite but, this wedding wasn't about how many people we had that day, it was about who was close to us over the yrs. We wanted our day to be perfect just for us with our close families and friends. Very intimate to suit us. So we picked our 150 family and friends. It was just how we both wanted it to be. I realised, we over work our brains to do the less important things other then focusing on the important. My phobia was cured. I hired a chancellor while I was planning my day. She taught me, not to worry about other people, I worry about me, my husband to be, my own family am planning to have. The rest will just fit in. She taught me to be different, it was ok not to wear That Make-up I dreaded, the jewellery that will weigh me down. Yap, I did that. It worked, I wore no make-up, jewellery, and my hair was just simple. (Just how I wanted it to be.) My hubby to be was very and still now is supportive and loving to me on how I choose to look. That's all I needed. Much as I would have liked lots of my family to attend, I also know, it was very far and all wouldn't be in position to attend. So the few who came made my day. Those who didn't attend or weren't invited, I don't hate you, I just wanted a close and intimate day with the people who supported me over the yrs.. My day was about my own cycle of unit. a day we shared with our close families and friends without any malice.. make your day just to suit u..

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