Knight in Shining armour

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This poem While about romance and having someone teach me that there are good people out there. It came from my distrust of just about everybody due to an abusive bio dad. the main idea is about someone coming along and teaching me that there are better men out there then my father

Submitted: March 09, 2019

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Submitted: March 09, 2019



Knight in Shining amourBy Faith Florek



Black hart,

Emotions buried deep,

Composed, unimpressed,

Ice queen,

Cold and unforgiving,

Walls so high no one can climb,

Feared, respected and yet dissed,

I leave a trail,

Of broken hearts,

Crushed souls,

And fallen smiles.


The mean names

That they call me,




Hard to get,


I don’t let it show,

But they cut me to the core.



But they don’t see,

What’s buried deep,

They don’t see,

That I hide,

Behind a mask,


I’m in pain,


My soul bleeds,

Behind my walls,

My heart is cracked,


The reason I hide,

The reason I play ice queen

I’ve been hurt,

A slash to my soul,

A jab to my heart.


My walls were built,

To keep me from getting hurt,

My walls were built,

To keep my heart from shattering,

My walls were built,

To protect my soft soul,

To keep me strong.





Over time,

Walls crumble,

And walls fall,

Some don’t realize,

That there is another way,

To get to me.


Go for the weak points,

Every wall has them,

Knock my walls down,

I’m tired of being alone.


Pull me into the light,

Heal m broken wings,

Teach me,

That not all people are the same,

Teach me,

That not everyone,

Is going to hurt me.


I’ve lost my hart,

Behind these walls,

Who is brave enough,

To help me find it.


Who is brave enough,

To approach me,

To try,

To help,

To save me,

From myself,

Before it’s too late.


Gentle kind words,

A frim steady hand,

A light in the darkness,

A choice,

A new path.


Who is brave enough,

To be the cure,

To the disease,

Who is brave enough,

To shine a light,

On my darkness.


Who will be,

My knight in shining armor.



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