A Girl’s Best Friend

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Everyone has that one special thing that you loved when you where a kid. Well what happens if the thing you love, you no longer have.

Submitted: February 28, 2018

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Submitted: February 28, 2018



A Girls Best Friend


On my fifth birthday, my grandma took me and my sitter Rachel to build a bear workshop.  We were both so excited and couldn’t wait to get started.  We then chose to make the same bunny, which made my grandma laugh.  As we were making the bunnies, the only thing Rachel and I could think about was the dresses, outfits, and shoes that we could pick to put on the bunnies.  I can’t remember what Rachel put on her bunny, but I remember I put an outfit on mine.  The shirt was pink and white stripped and the jeans had a pink flower pattern on them.  


When I got home, I showed my mother and was so excited about the bunny.  The joy however was shortly lived as about a year later, our neighbors house caught on fire and burned part of our house two.  My bunny was destroyed in the fire and the only thing I had left was the bunnies pants.  I had the pants because I put my bunny in it’s nightgown for bed so the pants were not on the bunny, but I never found the shirt.  


My mother, brother Ricky, and I went to the Agope Family Shelter in Lebanon until my mother could afford to get a new house.  We spent about five months there until we were finally able to get a new house and when we moved in, things were looking up.  In a few short years, I turned seven and my grandma took me again to build a Bear for my birthday since neither of us could remember what happened to my bunny.  This time I made a dog that was brown and white, with some help form my grandma I named her Taffy.  She told me to think about pappy eating laughy taffy.  I chose a beautiful red dress with some sparkles on it with a pair of red sparkly shoes.


Again my joy was short as about a year or so later, my grandparents got a divorce and I could no longer see them. I kept Taffy all those years as a way to remember the fun times I had with grandma.  Later, I went to build a bear and made the traditional Girl Scout teddy bear that can only be made by Girl Scouts every one hundred years.  When I named her, I named her Rachel since I was no longer able to see my sister and I remembered the fun we had when we were kids.  When I turned about thirteen my mother threw Taffy and Rachel away.  She said I was too old for stuffed animals and it was time for me to grow up as I had three kids to take care of now and had no time for fun.  Till this day, I have the bunny’s pants, Taffy’s dress, shoes, some other outfits I got for Taffy, Rachel’s Girl Scout Uniform, and some other outfits I got for Rachel.  These things however are not enough to remind me about the two animals I made that meant a great deal to me, but as usual my mom doesn’t care about sentimental value.


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