Better Children For The World

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Something for this generation to think about.

Submitted: November 26, 2012

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Submitted: November 26, 2012



Have you ever heard the saying "Let's leave a better world for our children"? But looking around, this world doesn't seem to be getting any better from what I'm seeing. I heard this on K-Love a Christian raido station, one of the guys said "Instead of leaving a better world for our children how about we leave better children for the world". That got me thinking that this generation from my point of view is the blessed generation that gets to see the second coming of Christ. I have been all over the internet and seen some videos of people talking about how easily influenced this generation is, and I have to agree when ever something new comes out from an artist, for example if it's just a word like Swag or Yolo people instantly cling to it like it's their lifeline. After a few weeks of watching videos of people talking about this very influental generation it got me thinking, if an artist used a very silly word like cinnamon for example in a song, would everybody start saying it after every sentence, and all I have to say is I pray it will not happen. But aside from this half of the generation I am happy about the other half that is just being themselves, yet they are making a difference with their lives which is living for Christ. In the world where everyone saying "You have to be this or that, to become what you want to be". But the thing is they already are what they want to be, which is a warrior of Christ to spread the love of Jesus around, and to spread the news around that you just need to be yourself intead of following a trend that is just going to end as soon as it began.



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