Getting Back What Was Mine

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When everyone around you is dead, and no matter what you do the outcome is still the same. You will never get back what used to belong ot you. Based on the song Healing Incantation from the movie Tangled and from the fan made Hetalia game Heatoni

Submitted: February 22, 2012

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Submitted: February 22, 2012



Flower, Gleam, and Glow

Let Your Power Shine

Make The Clock Reverse

Bring Back What Once Was Mine.


Italy sat motionless in the middle of the bloodied floor, with his friends circled around him, he felt so tired, that he wanted to join the eternal sleep the other's were in, but he knew it would never happen, that no matter what he did, no matter how many time he warned them, the outcome would be the same, he would always wind up alone.


Heal What Has Been Hurt

Change The Fates Design

Save What Has Been Lost

Bring Back What Once Was Mine.


Click, Italy heard the sound of the door unlocking, but as hard as he tried he could not bring himself to sand up to finally leave the nightmare that he was in. Finally getting up to his feet, Italy slowly walked to the door, and after what seemed like an eternity he fianlly reached the door knob, and with a twist opened the door, but not before looking back at his fallen comrades, and no matter how long he looked at them Italy knew that they were all gone.


What Once Was Mine.


Dragging his feet outside Italy hit the ground, tears stremming down his face, how could have this had happened, why did they have to come here. What was he going to say to the other countries, what was he going to say to the other the other countries, what was he going to do about himself, he couldn't move on, as if mother nature felt sorry for him it began raining, but in the roar of the rain came a faint whisper "Please, one more chance." 



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