He's a Godfather ?!

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Yet again Kisame is confused about what is going on in the leaf village.

Submitted: December 05, 2012

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Submitted: December 05, 2012



"He's a godfather?!"


Tomo gave a quick nod, while she was cleaning her kunais.


"When did this happen?" asked Kisame who was wondering why she was barely finding out about this.


"Well, let's see Naruto's daughter is about two months old..so you do the math". Said Tomo who was starting to clean the kunias with a bit mor aggressivness.


If Kisame did not stop asking questions, she was going to find out how sharp this kunai was becoming.


"Okay, so Sasuke is the godfather to Naruto's daughter is there anything else that I don't know about in this village?"


Tomo stopped with her cleaning, wow Kismae really did live under a rock, after all the last time they even had a desent talk was a week ago, and something special really di happen.


"Okay, let's see Sakura of course is pregnat, Hinata's doing fine raising her daughter, well everyone is doing fine, oh yeah Kiba is engaged after dating the love of his life for two years". Tomo said with a love sick smile.


"Wow, that's great for Kiba!" Said a very suprised Kisame.


"By the way can I ask you another question?"


"Sure go ahead", as Tomo went back to cleaning the kunais.


"Where's Ami?"


Stopping at what she was doing Tomo gave a nervous chuckle "Um remember what I said about Kiba getting engaged?"


Kisame felt nothing, but her eye started twitching "Oh come on" ! 



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