He's Married ?!

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Some of the women in the leaf village know that Sasuke is married, while some refuse to believe it.

Submitted: November 19, 2012

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Submitted: November 19, 2012



"What do you mean he's getting married?!"


"Wow Kisame a little slow on the update, actually he got married a week ago, now he and Sakura are on their honeymoon".


Kisame stared at her two friends and wondered how they could be so calm, after all weren't they also in the fan girl club who were crazy about Sasuke.


"Ami, Tomo why aren't you mad about this after all weren't you two crazy about Sasuke after he came back to the village".


Tomo looked at Ami with an amused look on her face "Well we were crazy about him mainly because of that bad boy side of his, but now that he's settled down we're okay".


Kisame just stared at them as they went back to drinking their tea " I can't believe you guy's, first Sasuke get's married, not only that but to the most unattractive woman in the village I mean what does he see in her ?!"


Ami put her hand under her chin in a thiking stance "Well Sakura's kind, caring, helps others and she never gave up on Sasuke when he left the village".  Ami answered to Kisame who looked really red.


I can't believe this". Kisame said as she left the cafe, leaving Tomo and Ami baffled and amused.


Five Weeks Later


"What do you mean Sasuke's going to be a father ?!"


Ami looked up from her cup of tea "Do you live under a rock when big news happens Kisame, Sasuke and Sakura have been back for a while, and well turns out that the honeymoon was well productive". Ami said with a sly smile whle Tomo tried not to choke on her tea.


"And you guys are okay with the this?" Kisame asked them, who once again where silent and calm.


Tomo tried not to get annoyed at Kisame's questions "Of course were okay it's about time the Uchiha clan to come back, and make their mark in the leaf village".


That answer didn't seem to satisfy Kisame as she left the cafe more angry then before "Should we tell her that Sakura is expecting twins ?" Ami asked as she saw Kisame angrly walk away.


"No" Tomo said as she took a sip of her tea "It'll be fun to see how she reacts to finding out Hinata gave birth to a baby girl a week ago".


"Okay seriously does she live under a rock or something ?"

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