Horrors and Enchantments

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What you see as horror can be someone else's enchantment.

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



Stephanie couldn't remember where she was, but all she could see in front of her was nothing but darkness and what appeared to be a set of cordoors, that apperred to be like a maze. "Hello can anybody hear me?" Stephanie shouted out, but all that replyed back was the sound of her echo. As she kept walking and trying to find a way to get out of this maze, Stephanie tried to think back as to how she even got to this place. But the only thing she could think of was that she was with her friend's Vanessa and Anise on a nighttime car ride, even though the weather was cold it seemed to be a good idea until the car broke down. And Vanessa decided to go out for help, and considering Stephanie was out voted from the rest of the two it was a no win situation, but as they were walking down the road they had the feeling, that they were being watched but Vanessa dropped it saying that it was just because, that they were walking out at night.

But the more they continued to walk, they more they could hear noises from the woods surrounding them, and it wasn't long until the three were freaked out till the point that they were running. And during the time that they were running, they felt that someone was running after them, and they weren't sure what it was, but the more whatever it was kept up. Stephanie wasn't sure what happened next, but the next thing she knew was that she blacked out and woke up to where she is now. "Hello, is anybody here?" there was still no answer, but why did she have the feeling that she was being watched. "Do you think, that she should be killed now?", said a figure in what looked to be like a control room "No not yet Selena". Said the figure who was leaning against the wall, "Let's let her live for a few more minutes".

Selena looked towards her friend, with a scowl on her face. "My hunger can't be held back Angelica, I need to eat now, and you know how annoyed I get when I don't eat". Leaning off the wall Angelica walked towards her rather annoyed friend, and put her arms around her "Don't be so impatient Selena, we'll get to eat, and she'll just be like her friends or what is left of them". Angelica said as she turned to a corner of the room, and right at a bloody pile of what used to Vanessa and Anise. Walking towards the pile, Angelica started digging through it "You know, this is why I love full moons, you never know what is going to happen. Angelica said as she finally found what she was looking for, an eyeball.

Examining it Angelica let out a little laugh "Each full moon, is an adventure with every person we meet or kill I should say, but each one with their own diffrent taste." said Angelica who ate the eyeball, while blood was dripping down her mouth. "Don't you agree Selena." Angelica asked while licking the rest of the blood off her mouth. Selena who just gave a smirk turned to look at the monitors, just in time to hear Stephanie yelling out for help again. Looking at Angelica, Selena gave a puppy dog look, and never being able to resist, Angelica gave a nod of approval "Go ahead have your fun, but save some for me."

Angelica yelled out as Selena went to kill Stephanie. After several minutes Selena finally found Stephanie, and of course with Selena's speed, she easily caught Stephanie. Angelica smiled as she heard the screams and growls, poor thing though, Stephanie had the right idea from the very beggining she and her friends should have stayed in the car.


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