Plastic Barbie Doll

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Just what i think about preps and goths... how they interact and stuff plus my feelings as well.

Submitted: September 17, 2008

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Submitted: September 17, 2008



Plastic barbie dolls
dressed in pretty clothes

have money,
adored by all thats around them

spoiled by getting whatever they want
and never think of anyones feelings

always stuck on themselves
thinking the world should only see them
but what about the goths,or other people?
They hurt more than these pathetic wannabe dolls

They have real emotions
feelings for others
and cope with the scars on their hearts

They have a horrible life
yet anyone who knows about this world
only sees the plastic barbie dolls

Thinking the world is perfect
that everything is peachy and nothing to worry about

OH BOY they are so wrong
its a hellhole of a world

Kids being abused each and everyday
yet no one helps them out

They hurt more than ever
feeling that they are alone

like no one cares about them
and feel like they dont have a voice at all

But years to come
their knight and shining armor
comes to rescue them

Pick them back up
after falling for the millionth time
feeling like they failed in this life
and dont want to go on with life

Till that one special knight
proves them wrong
Showing them the world in a different light
that yes life is hard but it can be good as well

just need that special knight in your life...and not these dumb barbies
who think they have a life.
HA.. i laugh at them
watching them in school
just primping away and think they are the stuff

When in a few years
they are going to be stupid barbie dolls
that cant support their children

and reflect and see what they did
to the kids that were goth, that had pain in their lives

saying they are freaks
OH they are so wrong
we have more than that

we have understanding and wisdom
that takes this pain away.

people who know what it feels like
not wanting to go on with life..

inspired by we are broken by paramore...:)

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