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Notebooks, Loves the smell of books, Overthinking everything.

Submitted: February 10, 2019

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Submitted: February 10, 2019



You love notebooks your collection is huge, to say the least, you have notebooks in your bedroom, living room, and even the kitchen and even though you'll say that you will fill in a notebook there is still one from five years ago somewhere in your pile. Whenever you are bored or distracted you will scribble on any paper that you can find, usually it's one of your notebooks which upsets you because you want to fill it with words, not scribbles. You collect highlighters and pens although it's not much of a problem as with your notebooks, you definitely should take some of the pens out of their packaging already.  Cardigans are your favorite fashion choice for the fall, it's that little chill in the air that wearing a cardigan becomes comfortable, there have been times when you fell asleep because of the warmth. Of course with the season turning into fall you have to have scented candles, even the ones that smell like pumpkin and cinnamon to get you into the upcoming holiday spirit. 

You like leaving notes on the margins of your papers, thankfully they aren't anything important just little scribbles of friends and families names along with the occasional phone number. You love muted colors especially ones that correlate with the fall weather such as rose red, dark colors always set the mood for fall. You love the smell of books there is just something about holding a new book that brings a sense of nostalgia to you, and you also might get some strange looks as well. You don't know what it is about yourself, but whenever you go you feel very out of place especially in public places such as cafes, which you can't be in more than ten minutes. You have a habit of overthinking, which might be why you feel out of place because you start thinking that people around you are saying anything about you when in reality it's just something in your head.

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