Shield Recruit Survival Tip #72

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Zombie Apocalypse training is neither a joke nor an optional course.

Submitted: March 07, 2016

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Submitted: March 07, 2016



Agent Michelle Nelson looked at the paper that had been hanging outside her locker, and reading it over she thought it had been a joke until she saw Director Fury's signiture and the letter telling her to go see him. Standing outside his door Agent Nelson took sometime to compose herself before entering his office. Knocking on his door, Michelle was suprised to see that Coulson had opened the door, and let her enter the room. Looking around Michelle also noticed that Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Maria Hill were also in the as well, and it just made Michelle all the more nervous. "Is there a problem sir?' Fury who usually sat at his desk, but was now standing against it.

"Well Agent Nelson, before you got here we were going over your file and it seems that although you've been an agent for two years you have never completed the Zombie training exercise would you care to give a reason why?" Michelle was silent, because out of all the training that she had done to become an agent, Michelle completly left off Zombie training because the actuall thought of it was crazy. "Well sir to be honest I thought it would be unnessecary". Everyone was silent in the room, save for Tony's breathing which was starting to sound really heavy. "Dispite what you might think of the training course Agent Nelson, it's still required by S.H.I.E.L.D that you take this course". Said Coulson in his authoritive tone that was only second to Fury's.

"I understand sir, but...""Michelle!" Everyone jumped a little when Tony shouted her name. Turning to look at him Michelle had noticed for the first time how he looked a little pale. "Please listen to Fury, this course is not a joke with the work that we do, who know what might happen." Michelle stared at Tony, and was about to give her say but decided against it what could she say to Avenger. Without saying anything Michelle nodded her head at Fury, and although he didn't say anything he gave her a few sheets of paper. "Here take the papers to training room c tommorow morning, and you'll be able to complete the course by the afternoon. Looking over the papers Michelle saw that the papers were where like the rest of the course requirements, which was basic questions and senerios. With nothing more to say, but there were a few thank yous from Tony and Bruce, Michelle left to go about her day. Finally having the room to themselves they all turned to Tony. "You okay Tony?" Asked Bruce who calmly put a hand on his shoulder.

Tony percked up at the contact. "Yeah its been a while since I've had something to eat I was starting to get hungry again". 

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