The Lone Fighter

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Trunks goes through his daily routine, while thinking about the past.

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



Waking up with a jolt, Trunks looked around to get a picture of where he was, and finally noticing that he was back home where the danger was still precident and the thoughts of being killed were on people's minds every single day, and those feelings were going to be there until Goku and the others found a weakness to the Androids, that was the only way that this nightmare was going to end.

Looking at the clock that was on his nightstand Trunks saw that it was just barley two in the morning, getting up and stretching his sore muscles which was a result of training and helping his mother move in a dozen boxes of supplies for the time machine, well at least his soreness didn't come from fighting the Androids, he was sure glad about that.

Going through his drawer Trunks got his clothes ready for the day to come, one might wonder as to why Trunks was up so early, when the world is being ravaged by to merciless killers and half of the world's population dead, and of course with most cities being destroyed there wasn't much to do, but worry, which only made you anxious and tired.

Turning on the  water to a scalding blistring heat Trunks went under the water, for Trunks this was the only thing that made him numb from everything going on around him and if this took him away from a moment, then all was good, finally after 5 minutes Trunks turned off the water it could have been more but his mom wanted to wake up warm.

When finished getting dressed Trunks did his daily routine which was go outside and watch the sun rise, which to him seemed to be the only beautiful thing on this planet, well if the smoke from the destroyed buildings didn't get in the way, while looking at the sun rise Trunks wondered how long it had been since he had went to the past, was it two weeks ago or was it yesterday, when all you think about is survival time gets away from you, even thinking of how long the Androids had been in control was to hard to think about too.

Gretting Bulma when she woke up, Trunks when it was safe decided to take a little flight, without telling Bulma, which he didn't need to because Bulma always knew.

Leaving the runis of West City Trunks finally came to a little flower meadow, which unlike the rest of the planet was unscathed because of the graves that held the fallen Z-Fighters, bending his head down, and weeks of controlling his emotions Trunks silently let it all out.


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