The Strongest Family

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During this whole Conrad Murray case, it seems like people were trying to demonize Michael as the bad guy. And during all that, it made me feel like there was no one I could turn to during that time, but then I realized that there were so many fans that felt the same way, and it's because so many of the fan's are like family, they all feel the same thing, and also have lost an important person.

Submitted: November 07, 2011

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Submitted: November 07, 2011



The lies are coming out everyday

I try to close my ears to tune them out

But the sensless words are everywhere.


I don't know who to turn to

I have no feelings what so ever

But then, I see something that gives me hope.


I see people that feel the same way as me

They also want to close out the lies

But they have come together in numbers.


They are the army of love

THey represent the greatest love, that was here on earth

Although he is gone, they still fight for him.


And after weeks of heartache and pain

It's finally time for fate's hands to come down

No matter what happens, we'll always be the strongest family.


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