Yolo and Swag

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I think I might be late with this one, but I was waiting for the perfect moment to do this. Yolo and Swag, to me were overused this year, and I hope we won't be hearing it anymore, although I'm sure Justin Bieber will be saying Swag, but who really knows. These are just some of the insane reason's these two words were used.

Submitted: October 25, 2012

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Submitted: October 25, 2012



I ate some peanuts, but I'm allergic to them Yolo!

Was there a hospital close by when you ate them.


I read my History book to Chapter 20, swag.

I think anybody could read to chapter 20, what makes you so special.


I kissed my friends boyfriend Yolo!

Be prepared to lose that friendship along with some teeth.


I got my wisdom tooth taken out Swag.

Are you still under some of the medicene?


I fell into a volcano Yolo!

Were you alive when you said this.


I can say nothing else, but Really?!

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