Gun Control Explained

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How can we keep our schools and society safe from Mass Murdering Shooters? Some communities are already doing it. What steps the Federal Government is proposing for Gun Control and how it should protect you?

Submitted: January 27, 2013

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Submitted: January 27, 2013



Gun Control Explained

by FaithfulPatriot

The Horror.  The Government needs to do something.

Every time a horrible mass shooting occurs, people complain to their government representatives, "We've got to do something to stop the killing of innocent people (or children).  Everybody wishes these tragic events had not happened or had been prevented but what can government really do?

The history of Mass Shootings in the United States.




A careful study shows that mass shootings have not increased.  When the figures are adjusted for an increase in population, they actually show a decreasing rate.

There will always be criminals and crazy people in our society.  A very small percentage will be involved in shootings.  Already there are 20,000 laws on the books nationwide but some people clamor for more without thinking this situation through.

Unscrupulous politicians continue to use such tragedies to promote their personal agendas.  Even President Obama convened a dialog on gun violence and then presented a one way lecture replete with his Chicago style solutions.  Chicago had 513 homicides in 2012 (up 15% from 2011) and was the twelfth deadliest city for gun violence to live in.

What Are Possible Defenses Against Mass Shootings?

Gun Bans.

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees the rights of citizens to bear arms.  This makes Gun bans difficult to legislate.  But, gun bans have been tried and the results are plain to evaluate.

In 1934 the US government severely restricted the possession of fully automatic weapons, the kind you squeeze the trigger and it fires until it runs out of ammunition.  Since then only one crime has been recorded committed as using a machine gun.

Assault Weapon Bans.

What is an Assault Weapon?

Real Assault Weapons are automatic firing weapons used by the military.  In civilian life we see AR-15, semi-automatic weapons being classified as Assault Weapons.  The military does not use these weapons because they are too slow and have lower capacity magazines.  But our politicians have tried to ban AR-15's because they look like the military M-16 automatic rifle.  They just look scary.

Politicians have also classified as Assault Weapons all rifles having a tripod, a shoulder strap, a bayonet mount, or a muzzle flash suppressor.  None of these features enhance the firepower of a firearm.  It shows how savvy these politicians really are.

Politicians now want to regulate the semi-automatic weapons.  Semi-auto is one trigger pull, one shot.  Semi-auto is the most popular because less effort is made to operate the firearm and more concentration can be devoted to hitting the target.  In contrast, nobody is discussing regulating black powder firing weapons or one and two stage firearms.  During the American Civil War, cartridge weapons made their appearance.  Think of the Colt .45 Peacemaker, used in many cowboy movies and television shows.  First, you had to cock the trigger back, which rotated the cylinder of five or six rounds, and then you had to pull the trigger to fire.

Limiting Magazine Capacity

During the Clinton administration, a federal gun control law was enacted for ten years.  It limited the number of rounds in a magazine to ten.  Many handguns had been built with capacities of 14 or 15 rounds in them and could no longer be legally used.  An exception was made for Law Enforcement and Military use.

The use of firearms in crimes did not decline during that ten year period but the number of weapons taken from criminals which contained magazines stamped FOR MILITARY OR LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY increased dramatically.

If Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Guns

Criminals are no respecters of the law, that's why they're criminals.  The shooter in Aurora, Colorado, movie theatre drove past eight closer theatres to get to one with a sign posted NO GUNS.  He knew there would likely be no Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) civilian or off duty, armed police officer present.

Cities with strict gun control ordinances, such as DC, Detroit, New York City, or Chicago have very high rates of crime because the criminals know their victims are likely unarmed.  The terrible assaults in Norway and Mombai took hundreds of lives each, because their nations have largely disarmed their citizens and the police were not trained to respond.

Concealed Carry Weapons License

After a background check, and in some states a low level firearms proficiency demonstration, a civilian is allowed to carry a firearm in a concealed capacity.  They may not carry where there are signs posted No Guns, in federal buildings, or in schools.  This is why schools are popular targets.

In Columbine High School, a school resource (police) officer was present but was out of position to defend against the two attackers as they killed one teacher, twelve students, and wounded twenty four.

Recently, a Colorado school had a false alarm but was put on lock down due to a threat.  The school resource officer was AWOL and not available for defense.  The principle, two teachers, and the janitor obtained CCW licenses.  Colorado has an exception to the federal No Guns law.

CCW holders are not police officers and are not meant to be civilian marksmen.  They are speed bumps to the crazy zombies.  In the Clackamas (Oregon) Mall, a gunman shot three people.  A CCW holder took cover behind a mall column and aimed his weapon at the shooter but could not get a clear shot.  Seeing him, the shooter retreated and, in hiding, took his own life.  With these mass murders and their fantasies, once serious resistance is encountered, such as police sirens or the sight of a man or woman with a pistol, the fantasy dream bursts and they either kill themselves or surrender meekly.

The Wisdom of Our Political Leaders

In Florida we are allowed to use lethal force until the treat to life has ended.  If you shoot and miss and the criminal runs, the threat is over.  If you shoot and knock him down, regardless if he bleeds to death, the threat is over.

Governor Cuomo of New York said, "You don't need ten rounds to kill a deer."  No, one well placed hit will wound a 150-200 pound deer, who will bleed out after running 100 yards or so.  Longer, if it was not a well placed shot.  Similarly, a crazy zombie on drugs may continue to come after you after one shot.  If the situation warrants firing, five or seven rounds is as good a preventive measure as one round and the outcome a lot more certain.  People have been recorded being shot six times and walking up to the ambulance for assistance.  People who have survived gunfights have never regretted having too much ammunition.  When it comes to self-defense, Cuomo is either wrong or stupid.

In a Virginia speech promoting the President's gun control measures, Vice President Joe Biden mentioned how smaller magazines required more reloading time and perhaps could have saved just one child's life.  With this speculation, he justified limiting every magazine capacity in the country.

The Internet contains many stories where armed civilians stopped a crime or lessoned the death toll (before police arrived) of crimes in progress.  These kinds of stories never make it to the National Media because it does not fit their Liberal narrative.  If Joe Biden and the administration really wanted to stop crime they would legislate in all 50 states and DC to loosen restrictions on Concealed Carry Weapons licenses.  This has been proven to save lives.

An armed society is a polite society.

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